Best Bávaro Adventure Park Tours 2024, Punta Cana

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Bavaro Adventure Park – All You Need to Know

Punta Cana isn't just about sprawling beaches and turquoise waters. It's a playground for thrill-seekers with heart-pounding adventure parks offering a world of exciting activities. Punta Cana has several large adventure parks, including Bavaro Adventure Park, which covers over 44 hectares and has 5.5 km of ecological trails. The park combines natural beauty with exciting activities.

Why Visit Bávaro Adventure Park?

  • A wide array of activities across 15 attractions, from serene to extreme.
  • Participate in the Super Combo Tour, a favorite among guests. This action-packed day includes a Buggy Tour, Zip Line, and Horseback Riding.
  • It is a unique blend of adventure and nature, perfect for family outings or solo adventures.

Special Features of Adventure Park

  • Waterfall Pool. Unwind in a large, refreshing waterfall pool after your adventures.
  • Eco-Tours. Participate in environmentally friendly tours that showcase the breathtaking scenery of Punta Cana.
  • Family-Friendly. The park caters to all ages, making it perfect for family outings where children and adults can enjoy various activities.
  • Special safety briefings and equipment are provided to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

Best Activities of the Bavaro
Adventure Park

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking to explore some of the Dominican Republic's best natural landscapes, Bávaro’s Adventure Park Tours in Punta Cana provides an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out – book your adventure today!

1. Heart-pumping Zip Line Adventures

  • Feel the rush with 6 zip line circuits over lush landscapes, including a special Mega Splash cable landing in a refreshing pool.
  • Experience the unique Himalayan Bridge that adds an extra thrill to your aerial adventure.
  • Each ride offers a bird’s eye view of over 44 hectares of natural beauty.
  • Experience the thrill of the wind rushing past you as you fly through the air like a bird.

2. Off-Road Buggy Adventures – Explore on Four Wheels

  • Get behind the wheel of a powerful buggy and navigate through the picturesque coast of Punta Cana..
  • Splash through mud puddles, climb hills, and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.
  • Visit the famed Cabo Engaño, the easternmost point where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Enjoy the bespoke trails designed for the ultimate off-road experience.

3. Horseback Riding – Connect with Nature:

  • Take a leisurely ride through ecological trails spanning 5.5 km, surrounded by untouched nature.
  • Perfect for families and groups looking for a relaxing yet engaging activity.
  • Saddle up and explore the Dominican countryside on a guided horseback riding tour.
  • Trot along scenic trails through lush palm groves and discover the island's natural beauty.
  • Learn about local agriculture, visit traditional villages, and experience Dominican hospitality.

After your adventures, unwind in a large waterfall pool with more than 400 square meters of water surface.  The pool is a perfect spot to relax and refresh, surrounded by the park's natural sounds and sights. Available to all visitors as a tranquil conclusion to a day of excitement.

Prices for Tours at Bávaro Adventure Park

The prices range from $99 to $199, with several packages available that combine different activities for a full day of adventure. These include various combinations of buggy rides, zip lining, and horseback riding, among other unique experiences. Below is a detailed breakdown of the average prices for various adventure tours offered at Bávaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana.

Bávaro Adventure Park Average Prices

Tour Price Info
Buggy Tour & Zip Line & Horse Ride $169 Combo of buggy riding along the coast, zip lining over ecological trails, and horseback riding around the park, with Dominican lunch included.
Polaris & Zip Line & Horse Ride $199 Polaris off-road ride along the coast, a zip line circuit with six lines and a refreshing pool landing, and a relaxing horseback ride.
Bávaro Adventure Park Combo Tour $99 Adventure through Blue Cenote Lagoon, Jungle River, and relax in a Waterfall Pool. Includes a Dominican lunch.
VIP Polaris Ride & Horseback Riding $169 Exclusive Polaris ride with coastal views and horseback riding in nature, including access to a waterfall pool and lunch.
Polaris VIP Ride & Zip Line $169 A thrilling Polaris ride and zip lining adventure, capped with relaxation in a waterfall pool and a local lunch.
Adventure Buggy Tour & Horseback Riding $139 Buggy ride through unique landscapes and horseback riding, with a visit to a waterfall pool and lunch included.
Buggy Tour & Zip Line $139 Experience an exciting buggy ride and zip line adventure with scenic views, including a stop at a waterfall pool and lunch.
Single Buggy Tour $99 Off-road buggy tour visiting Cabo Engaño with lunch and relaxation at a waterfall pool afterward.
Polaris VIP Ride $149 Scenic Polaris ride along the coast with a visit to Cabo Engaño, ending with lunch and relaxation at the waterfall pool.
Zip Line Adventure $99 Zip line excursion featuring a 6-line circuit with views of the park, including waterfall pool relaxation and lunch.

The price variations are due to the different types of equipment used (e.g., standard buggies vs. Polaris), additional experiences, and combining more activities within a single package.

Key Benefits of Bávaro Adventure Park

Diverse Activities in One PackageEnjoy a combination of thrilling activities such as a buggy tour, zip line, and horseback riding all in one day. This variety ensures a fulfilling experience with something for everyone.

Unique Scenic RoutesUnique off-road routes on the buggy tour that takes you to Cabo Engaño, the easternmost point where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, providing breathtaking views.

Adrenaline RushThe zip line activity offers an adrenaline-pumping experience as you zip down a 6-line circuit, including a Himalayan Bridge and a Mega Splash landing in the water, surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery.

Connection with NatureHorseback riding through the park allows for a serene connection with nature, riding through lush, untouched trails and enjoying the calming environment.

All-inclusive ExperienceThe tours include round-trip transportation from local hotels, a Dominican lunch, and access to hydration points with potable water, making it a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Safety and ComfortDetailed security briefings and provision of necessary safety gear ensure that guests have a safe and comfortable adventure.

Refresh and RelaxAfter a day of excitement, guests can relax in a beautiful waterfall pool, providing a perfect end to an action-packed day.

Cultural and Souvenir OpportunitiesGuests can immerse themselves in local culture with a typical Dominican lunch and have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs at the park, making it easy to take memories back home.

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The Best Time to Visit Bávaro Adventure Park

The best time to visit Adventure Park in Punta Cana is during the dry season, from December to April. Here’s why:

  • Expect sunny, dry conditions with minimal rainfall, perfect for outdoor activities such as ziplining, horseback riding, and exploring the park.
  • Despite peak tourist season in Punta Cana, Adventure Park tends to be less crowded than beaches and other resorts. This means shorter wait times for activities and the chance to enjoy the park at your own pace.
  • Temperatures during these months are pleasant, in the low to mid-80s Fahrenheit (about 27-32°C), ideal for staying active outdoors without overheating.

Bávaro Adventure Park is the Perfect Spot for:

  • Families appeal to kids over six and adults with its array of activities that make for an adventurous and bonding experience.
  • For those seeking thrills, the park offers exhilarating activities such as zip-lining, buggy tours, and horseback riding. These adventures take you through ecological trails and offer stunning views of where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Nature lovers will find a serene escape in the park's ecological trails and horseback riding tours, immersing visitors in the unspoiled beauty of nature.
  • It's also a fantastic place for friends to gather, offering a variety of activities that promise a fun and exciting day out.
  • Active vacationers will enjoy the blend of physical activities and picturesque scenery, perfect for those who prefer to stay on the move.

Pros & Cons of Bavaro Adventure Park Tours


  • Variety of activities: Offers ziplining, buggy tours, horseback riding, and more in one location.
  • Family-friendly: Suitable for families with children, providing activities that cater to all ages.
  • Good value: Full access packages provide better value for multiple activities than individual bookings.
  • Engaging staff: The tour guides and staff are friendly and helpful.
  • Added amenities: Includes amenities like pick-up/drop-off service, lunch, and access to scenic spots like the Cenote and Dominican Village.
  • Safety measures: Comprehensive security briefings and necessary equipment are provided for all activities.


  • Cost of extras: Charges for lockers, bandanas, goggles, and photos can add up, increasing the overall expense.
  • Prohibitions: Restrictions on personal items like phones, cameras, and inappropriate footwear might inconvenience some visitors.
  • Physical demands: Some activities may be too strenuous or unsuitable for those with health issues or physical limitations.
  • Environmental factors: Activities can be affected by weather conditions, leading to temporary closures or cancellations.

Comparison table of Adventure Park
tours in Punta Cana

Tour Price Time Pros Cons
Buggy Tour & Zip Line & Horse Ride $169 7.5 hrs Combines multiple activities, including lunch and safety gear Not suitable for pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions
Polaris & Zip Line & Horse Ride $199 7.5 hrs More premium vehicles include lunch and scenic views Higher cost, not suitable for certain health conditions
Blue Cenote Lagoon, Jungle River & Waterfall Pool $99 2-4 hrs The shorter duration includes lunch, focuses on relaxation Additional costs for transfers from some locations
VIP Polaris Ride & Horseback Riding $169 6 hrs Includes premium Polaris ride, lunch, and scenic views Not suitable for certain health conditions, additional cost for personal vehicle
Polaris VIP Ride & Zip Line $169 6 hrs Combines thrilling rides with zip lining, includes lunch Health restrictions, additional costs for personal Polaris
Adventure Buggy Tour & Horseback Riding $139 3.5 hrs Shorter duration, lower cost, includes lunch Not for pregnant women or with certain health conditions
Buggy Tour & Zip Line $139 6 hrs Exciting off-road and zip-line experience includes lunch Health restrictions, extra costs for lockers and personal items
Single Buggy Tour $99 4.5 hrs The most affordable option includes lunch and a scenic tour Limited activities, extra costs for personal items
Polaris VIP Ride $149 4.5 hrs Premium off-road experience includes lunch Health restrictions, higher cost for personal vehicle
Zip Line $99 3 hrs Thrilling zip line experience, shorter duration, includes lunch Health restrictions, extra costs for lockers


Frequently Asked Questions about
Bávaro Adventure Park

How high are the ziplines in Punta Cana?

The ziplines are about 800 m high.

What to bring to the buggy tour?

You should bring light and comfortable clothing, closed shoes, a towel, a bathing suit, sunscreen, a change of clothes, and some cash for extras like souvenirs.

What to bring to the zipline tour?

Essentials include light clothing, sports shoes, a towel and bathing suit, sunscreen, a change of clothes, and cash.

What to bring to the horseback riding tour?

Wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes. Also, bring a hat, sunscreen, towel, water, cash.

Can anyone participate in the activities?

Most people can participate, but there are restrictions for those with certain health conditions, pregnant women, and children younger than 6 years.

What safety gear are provided?

Safety gear includes helmets, harnesses, pulleys, safety lines, and, in some cases, life jackets.

What happens if it rains?

Attractions may temporarily close due to weather conditions. It’s best to check with your manager for the specific rain policies.

Can I take a camera or a cellphone to the activities?

Cameras and cellphones are not allowed during the activities for safety reasons.

What happens if I show up late?

Please arrive at the pickup location 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are running late, contact our manager.

What clothes should I bring to the Adventure Park tour?

Light, comfortable clothing suitable for physical activities and closed, secure shoes are recommended.

Where can I keep my personal belongings?

Lockers are available at the park for an additional fee, which range in price depending on the size.

What is the best excursion in Punta Cana?

The perfect excursion in Punta Cana really depends on what you enjoy doing! Here are some fantastic options to consider:

  1. Saona Island: Imagine a day filled with sunbathing on pristine white sands, swimming in crystal-clear turquoise waters, snorkeling among vibrant marine life, and savoring a delicious buffet lunch. Saona Island offers all this and more, making it a perfect choice for a relaxing day out.
  2. Adventure Park: It is the place to be if you’re up for some adventure. From soaring through the treetops on zip lines to swimming in refreshing cenotes and meeting friendly monkeys, it’s a great way to dive into the natural wonders of the Dominican Republic.
  3. Buggy Adventure: For thrill-seekers, the buggies promise a heart-pounding experience. Drive through rugged landscapes, splash through mud puddles, and race across beaches in your dune buggy.
  4. Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve: This park is a gateway to understanding the rich indigenous culture of the Dominican Republic. Explore the lush jungle, visit an authentic Taino village, and cool off in a serene cenote. It’s a deeply enriching experience that connects you with the country’s heritage and natural beauty.

Is there a shop to buy souvenirs at the Bavaro Adventure Park?

Yes, you can buy a variety of souvenirs at the park’s shop to remember your adventure.

Is there food or beverages for sale at the Bavaro Adventure Park?

Yes, the park offers Dominican lunch, and there are hydration points throughout the park. Additional beverages and snacks might be available for purchase.

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