Benefits of Apartment Living.
Why is Living in an Apartment better?

Recently, the tendency to abandon the all-inclusive system is actively gaining momentum around the world. We have decided to explain the reasons for it and compare hotel to apartment for living in Punta Cana. Let’s look at the main benefits of living in apartments below.

1. No restriction of freedom

Surely you have often thought about the fact that with the all-inclusive system during vacation you least want to wake up to a fixed time, go for breakfast and consume the standard set offered for breakfast: an omelet or scrambled eggs that are served in hotels day after day. There could be also a reverse situation: you get up early, for example, because of the difference in time zones… And being hungry you should wait until they have a buffet.

Or at night you have been at the club, and just do not have strength to wake up on the alarm clock to go for breakfast. Now you have to wait until the lunch time for a full meal. A disgusting start of the day, is not it? You will not have such restrictions with living in an apartment.

2. You can try local cuisine

Agreeing to the “all inclusive” system, you automatically deprive yourself of the pleasure of going to a restaurant or buying something in a local supermarket or market. It is important to understand that people go abroad not only to relax. They do it also to change the scenery, to see another country, to explore its culture. But if you constantly stay at the hotel with the “all inclusive” system, you lose a huge information.

And surely you start getting bored with the hotel cuisine. Cooking is part of the culture. When you go on vacation to another country, of course, you try to visit sights, but what about the national cuisine? National cuisines had been created for centuries and have rich history. Therefore, without any doubt, the national cuisine of any country is its face.

What is the advantage of apartment living and refusing the all-inclusive system? You can chill out in a restaurant and try national local food. Or you can go to an eatery, where only natives eat. For example, in the Dominican Republic there is plenty of street food stands: from fresh fruits, coconuts, finishing chicharron, a dish prepared from fried pork skin. In our opinion, it is very foolish to change the impressions from gastronomic tourism to slavery near the buffet.

3. You can avoid unhealthy dishes

Having seen a huge variety of dishes, you will necessarily overeat, because you will want to try all the dishes that you find on the buffet, and that you liked. How can one miss this opportunity! And the free alcohol that never stops flowing in the bar, on the beach, in the hotel restaurant?

It is just worth noting that this alcohol is not of the best quality. Naturally, nobody will serve you Gold Label or Moet Chandon in an all inclusive hotel. The result is very sad: during your vacation you can not only put on some weight, but also have some problems with the stomach. You can avoid unhealthy things easily if you rent your own apartment.

4. You will never get tired

In the first days you go with interest in the hotel restaurant, choose food and try new dishes. To make your own breakfast, lunch or dinner of the prepared meals that you can choose seems really cool. But by the end of the holiday you will simply be too lazy to take a plate once again and hang around at the buffet, serving food. You will just want to sit with a glass of wine, waiting for a couple of snacks or a salad with a main dish. And then drink a cup of coffee and go to rest in the room. As a conclusion, we definitely state that it is much more pleasant and more useful to have your holiday without the “all inclusive” system.

You can choose a hotel with a buffet only for breakfast, if it’s too lazy to cook in the morning for you, or even better book apartments. Thus, your meal regime will not be tied to a specific time. However, if you want, please cook at home, here you will find a well-equipped kitchen. In case you want to eat in cafes or restaurants, they are at your disposal here. Try local or international cuisine within walking distance from your apartments. Absolute freedom – this is the biggest benefit of apartment living. That is ideal.

5. Spend more time with friends

Have you ever thought about the fact that traveling is great? And it is even better if you travel with your family or friends? Now imagine… How it would be great to book ocean view apartments in Punta Cana set right on the beach or a cozy villa, where you could stay all together. That is a great way to know each other better and have much fun. And it is really cool to have an evening making BBQ in the yard, or chilling out by your private pool.

Travelling with a family or friends can save your budget. Renting villa or apartments, you will share the cost. A friend is a best photographer. He or she knows perfectly how you want to look like on a photo and will advise you. So, you will have your perfect holiday captured in photos or selfies that then you upload to all your social networks.


The conclusion

We hope that now you will look from the other side to the all-inclusive system and you will be able to appreciate all the advantages and benefits of apartment living. Book your apartments in Punta Cana with us. Step out onto the breeze-filled terrace for evening cocktails. Enjoy an idyllic retreat where palm trees, white sand, and aquamarine waters fill your every moment!

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