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Real Estate for Sale in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic

The most popular real estate in the Dominican Republic among foreign investors are apartments and villas on the Atlantic coast as a second home or for rent out. We invite you to consider our offer – we have real estate for sale in the fashionable areas of Punta Cana, Cap Cana from reliable developers. These new construction projects in Punta Cana could be one of your best real estate investment decisions.

Punta Cana is a sun-drenched coastal city made up almost exclusively of beaches, resorts, and tourist sites. There are many entertainment and cutting-edge attractions. The spectacular golf courses are almost as famous as the beaches. Along with scuba diving and other water sports, buyers of villas in the Dominican Republic can ride horses on the beach at sunset or try their luck at the Punta Cana casino.

You can go hiking through hidden caves, mangroves and private beaches scattered throughout the area. Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the region’s main airport. It serves major carriers such as Delta, US Airways, American Airlines and Continental. When staying at the resort, transportation from the airport is provided. You can order a taxi, use local buses and rent a car.

Punta Cana as a Real Estate Investment

Punta Cana is a great real estate investment. There are many new construction projects here with affordable prices and first-class conditions, taxes are among the lowest in the world. We offer you, potential investors in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, the best projects from reliable developers: apartments with sea views and right on the beach, villas, and condos. The option of buying property in Punta Cana is great for travelers because the Dominican Republic is close to the US and Canada. Real estate can be rented out – its payback is extremely high in this area.

Benefits of Buying Homes Early in a New Construction Community

It is now very popular among investors to buy property during construction.

  • Firstly, it is cheaper than when the complex is fully built and equipped. If you want to change something, you will additionally have to spend money again. And, of course, as soon as the construction is completed, the finished property can sometimes cost 50% more than at the time of its construction.
  • Secondly, the best apartments, condos, villas (for example, with a sea view, with terraces) are bought first of all: the choice is small.
  • Thirdly, developers welcome the purchase of real estate in advance, so they offer good discounts, and sometimes profitable installments. We have lots of real estate for sale in Punta Cana. We are sure you will like one of the options!

Real Estate Taxes in the Dominican Republic

Real estate in the Dominican Republic is taxed at a rate of 1% of its value. Moreover, it is calculated based on the difference between the marginal cost and the real one. The limit value is set annually by the state. For example, in 2022 it is RD $8,829,763.03. If the value of the property is less, then you will not pay this tax. Utilities are an additional item of expenditure.

Who Can Buy Property in the Dominican Republic?

Do not think that only media people, famous actors or top managers can buy real estate in the Dominican Republic cheaply by the sea. Of course, there are enough expensive villas but cheaper apartments are quite enough. The acquisition of such apartments is quite affordable for people with average incomes.

It is especially worth noting that a non-resident can buy real estate in the Dominican Republic inexpensively by the sea without any restrictions. In terms of the law, both a citizen of the country and a non-resident have the same rights and can purchase property in the Dominican Republic. New real estate construction projects in Punta Cana offer such possibilities.

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Punta Cana

A piece of real estate anywhere in the world is a real asset that you manage. Unless some natural disaster occurs, they cannot disappear altogether. Plus, buy the right way and your property investment especially in Punta Cana can appreciate in value and generate reliable cash flow. Depending on what you buy, you can take a break, retire, or lend it to your kids and friends. All things considered, as investors have understood for centuries, all the real estate projects for sale are the most reliable investment strategy you can use. New construction projects in Punta Cana, Cap Cana, as well as in the Dominican Republic as a whole, are becoming more and more every year.

The Dominican Republic Attracts Investors
for Several Reasons:

  • Some investors have been investing in the Dominican Republic for generations;
  • This country is the fastest growing and most comfortable country in the central part of America;
  • It is the largest tourist center – up to 6 million people a year;
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Democratically low cost of land and real estate of a decent level;
  • Affordable and favorable taxation conditions. Benefits or 100% exemption from the tax burden are acceptable;
  • At the legislative level, there are no restrictions for foreign citizens to acquire and own real estate and to inherit property rights to real estate;
  • The simplest and legally transparent process of buying real estate;
  • The mild climate and the purest ecology – the holiday season in the Dominican Republic – all year round. These are the factors that make it possible to consistently rent out an apartment or villa;
  • Convenient and simple business conditions;
  • Friendly community, interesting culture, exotic nature;
  • The government of the Dominican Republic strongly supports investors in the legislative, tax, legal and economic spheres.

It should be noted that investments are distinguished by reliability, convenience, low level of risks, and availability.

The main advantage of buying new construction projects in Punta Cana is that you still have the opportunity to make your own adjustments to the layout and equipment of the apartments. Developers also offer discounts, favorable installments for potential investors. The real estate market of the Dominican Republic is very wide, it is very easy to choose an investment object. It can be an apartment in a modern residential complex, villa, house by the sea, condo, and so on.

In any case, the purchase of real estate in the Dominican Republic is a very reasonable decision. Foreigners, non-residents of the country can buy apartments in the Dominican Republic. You can even execute a transaction for the purchase and sale of a property remotely.


There are a lot of real estate for sale in Punta Cana: apartments, villas, condos, penthouses, studios. All modern construction projects have unique designs, first-class materials are used, the territory of residential complexes is secured 24/7, there are many swimming pools, jacuzzies, entertainment, etc.

Any person who has financial capabilities and a desire to develop can become an investor in the Dominican Republic. At the moment, the government of the DR is working hard to create the most favorable investment climate in the country. Analyzing the general economic situation in the world, we see that investors are leaving developed countries for developing ones. So, the Dominican Republic in general, and investments in real estate in Punta Cana in particular, has a great future.

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