Cap Cana Houses for Sale: Villa Cayuco 11 -
Smart Investment in Real Estate in DR

Villa Cayuco 11Villa Cayuco 11

Villa Cayuco 11 – A project like no other in Cap Cana

Embark on a new chapter with this under-construction villa, ideally situated in the heart of world-class luxury.

Just 6 minutes from the sandy shores of Juanillo Beach, 5 minutes from the renowned Punta Espada Golf Club, and a quick 21-minute drive from the international airport.

Spread over a sprawling 18,080 sq ft, this two-story villa is designed for those who demand nothing but the best. Villa Cayuco 11 sits in a prime location that’s already attracting tourists, making it a smart investment in the Dominican Republic.

Villa Cayuco 11 Amenities

High-quality materials and finishes, coupled with a meticulously planned layout, make it not just a luxurious place to live, but an inspiring sanctuary for emotional and creative well-being.

  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • Villa Cayuco 11 in Cap Cana – A Smart Investment in Elevated Living - Everything Punta Cana
  • First Floor (9997.08 Sqft)
  • Second Floor (6082.75 Sqft)
  • Swimming pool (2067.43 Sqft)
  • Terrace (1) (506.52 Sqft)
  • Terrace (2) (1412.52 Sqft)
  • Terrace (3) (445.16 Sqft)
  • BBQ (43.80 Sqft)
  • Jacuzzi(1) (269.098 Sqft)
  • Jacuzzi(2) (55.45 Sqft)
  • 24-hour security services
  • Service areas
  • 10 Bedrooms & 10 Bathrooms

Villa Cayuco 11 Location

Villa Cayuco 11 boasts a prime location with quick, privileged access to world-class amenities.

  • 6 min to Juanillo Beach
  • 5 min to Punta Espada Golf Club
  • 14 min to Marina Punta Cana
  • 15 min to Api Beach
  • 2 min to Golden Bear Lodge
  • 6 min to Grocery Store
  • 17 min to Blue Mall
  • 21 min to Punta Cana Intl. Airport
  • 25 min to Polo Club
  • 9 min to the Stables
  • 14 min to Casino Dominic
  • 25 min to Ojos Indigenas

Price & Payment Plans

The Pricing of Villa Cayuco 11

Type Price Bedrooms Constr. Area (sq ft) Solar Area (sq ft)
2-floor villa $5,200,000 10 18444.11 26202.00


Payment Plans

Down- payment During construction On completion
Prompt payment 90% 0% 10%
Prompt payment 50% 50% 30% 20%
Standard 20% 60% 20%
Purchase Date Handover


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Vacation Rental Yield Estimate

Manageable annual expenses make it a cost-effective luxury. Prime location in Cap Cana guarantees high value and potential for property appreciation.

Villa Cayuco 11

Bedrooms Property Value Property sqft Land sqft
10 + Service $5,200,000 18,444.11 26,202.00

Conservative Case

Peak Season Rate $9,000
High Season Rate $4,000
Low Season Rate $3,000
Average Rate $3,803
Occupancy Rate 60%
Net Annual Income $485,400
Net Profitability 9,33%

Annual Expenses

Management 25%
Maintenance $6,000
Water $6,000
Electricity $48,000
Telephone, Cable, Internet $4,200
Other Expenses & General Maintenance $24,000
Insurance $9,000
Villa Staff: Chef, Butler & 3 Maids $42,000

Masterplan & Floorplan

Villa Cayuco 11 First FloorVilla Cayuco 11 First Floor
Villa Cayuco 11 Second FloorVilla Cayuco 11 Second Floor
Villa Cayuco 11 MasterplanVilla Cayuco 11 Masterplan
Villa Cayuco 11 MasterplanVilla Cayuco 11 Masterplan
Villa Cayuco 11 MasterplanVilla Cayuco 11 Masterplan
Villa Cayuco 11 MasterplanVilla Cayuco 11 Masterplan

Cap Cana’s Investment Benefits in the
Houses for Sale Market

Prime Location

Cap Cana is considered one of the most elite and luxurious spots in the Dominican Republic. Its premium location brings higher property valuations and better returns on investment.

Security and Privacy

Cap Cana is known for its top-notch security measures, ensuring a safe and private environment. This is often a big selling point for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest in real estate.

Tourism Draw

Cap Cana’s prime tourist location also makes it an excellent option for short-term rentals, allowing you to earn income when you’re not using the property yourself.

Future Growth

Given its ongoing development and increasing allure as a tourist and residential community, properties in Cap Cana are more likely to appreciate in value over time compared to other areas.

Prestige of Villa Cayuco 11

When Elegance Meets Ultimate Convenience

Villa Cayuco is a statement of luxury and exclusivity. Ideally situated, this elite property grants you quick, privileged access to Cap Cana’s best.

With architectural finesse, top-of-the-line security, and an atmosphere of unmatched opulence, Villa Cayuco 11 becomes more than a residence – it’s a lifestyle.

Residing here is your VIP pass to high-profile events – international fishing tournaments, polo matches, and exclusive golf cources.

 Prestige of Villa Cayuco 11

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can a foreigner buy a house in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, you can invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic without significant restrictions or obstacles. The real estate market in the country is very welcoming to international investors, providing them with numerous chances to purchase residences, land, or commercial properties in this beautiful Caribbean nation.

Can a foreigner buy property through a company?

Absolutely, non-residents can purchase property in the Dominican Republic using a company. The country’s property ownership laws are relatively flexible for foreigners, and there are no particular restrictions preventing them from acquiring real estate through a corporate entity.

What are the closing costs and taxes involved in the property purchase?

You should anticipate paying a 2% transfer tax on the property’s value when purchasing it, along with an annual property tax determined by the property’s assessed value. If the property’s value exceeds $145,000, there will be an additional 1% annual tax on the amount above that threshold.

How quickly can you get the title transferred to your name?

Title transfer in places like Cap Cana could take as little as a few weeks. However, if financing is involved or if there are any legal complications, it could take a couple of months. It’s always good to consult a local real estate attorney to get the most accurate timeline for your situation.

Can a US citizen buy a house in Dominican Republic?

Yes. The country has a pretty open policy regarding foreign ownership of real estate. You don’t have to be a resident or have a local partner to purchase property.

The process is relatively straightforward, involving a notarized sales contract and title transfer, similar to what you’d experience in the U.S.

However, it’s always wise to consult with a local attorney to navigate the legalities and ensure that all your bases are covered, including any tax implications back home in the U.S.

Is it worth investing in Cap Cana?

Absolutely, investing in Cap Cana is generally a smart move. It’s a tourism magnet, attracting millions of visitors annually, opening the door for strong rental income.

Plus, the economy is on the upswing, giving the property market a nice boost. So whether you’re thinking short-term rentals or a long-term investment, it’s got a lot going for it.

Is it safe to buy property in Cap Cana?

Investing in Cap Cana real estate is generally secure due to the Dominican Republic’s favorable property laws for foreign investors. Nevertheless, ensure the property’s title is clear.

Enlisting experts to examine the property and assist you with the legal aspects is advisable. Destinations like Cap Cana are highly trustworthy due to their popularity among tourists.

Additionally, pay attention to financial aspects such as maintenance fees and consider the property’s potential resale value in the future.

Are houses cheap in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic frequently offers more budget-friendly options than real estate costs in the United States, Canada, or Western Europe.

In popular areas such as Cap Cana and Punta Cana, you can purchase newly built condominiums with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, all priced below $250,000.

Generally, housing costs can be lower compared to many Western countries, but prices can be higher in touristy areas.

Can I buy a house in Cap Cana?

Indeed, all you require is a valid identification and the option to be physically present during the transaction or designate someone with Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

Is it safe to buy property in Dominican Republic?

Yes. Buying and investing in real estate in the Dominican Republic is usually a secure choice. Areas such as Cap Cana are particularly trustworthy due to their popularity among tourists.


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