About US

About Everything Punta Cana

What We Believe:

Holiday is about - Enjoy the local culture the difference
That to really enjoy a holiday in Punta Cana You must experience the true local culture.
We believe you need a host who really knows the local area. Somebody to spend time/close attention.

And if you travel that far, you should get the most out of this experience for your money.
your host has to help you to custom tailor your experiences, so you get the most out of your time & money, return home satisfied.
We believe you need experts that can connect you to authentic food, drinks, music the treasures of nature.
We believe that your holiday must enrich your life, recharge your batteries & leave you with the memories of a lifetime
We believe that Everything Punta Cana will be your tropical oasis between massive hotel prisons and the shared economy hell.

What do we want to know about to?

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Upfront-terms/ Transparent
  • Clean and tidy properties
  • Custom experience

What we stand for?

  • Great service
  • Great conditions
  • Local experts
  • Custom tailored experiences
  • Help planning

Where do we fit in this world?

Not a fungus hell - we really care about quality

Not a hotel prison - Connect tourists to local cultures

We believe to have a truly unforgettable vacation, you need a host that’s caring, honest and transparent and provides you with lean, tidy fresh looked after properties.