Punta Cana Local Food Stands

The Dominican Republic has the best selection of tropical fruits and veggies. Punta Cana local food – Is one of the most popular search inquiries in Google search. So we can assume that a lot of people who go to Punta Cana are foodies. Everything grown here is organic without being force-ripened, irradiated and free of pesticides. Apart of local markets and grocery stores everywhere in the country you will find roadside food stands and vendors with freshly squeezed fruit juices, coconut water, smoothies, coffee brewed from locally harvested beans, snacks, nuts as well as lots of food trucks with Punta Cana local food, fruits and vegetables harvested from 10 minutes to 2 hours away.

Very often you will see roadside stands with Punta Cana local food run by local children. These children are selling cashew fruits (where cashew nuts come from), fruit jam and roasted sweet potatoes. During mango season you can enjoy hundreds of varieties of mango, which will cost you about 50 cents each. Tamarind is another tropical fruit sold on the streets also blended into juices or sweetened drinks. Many kiosks by the beach sell sea grapes, passionfruit, guanabana (soursop), sapodilla, guava, extremely juicy starfruit (carambola).

Tourists and visitors tend to dine in their resorts with international cuisine choice, but those who would like to experience real Punta Cana local food and culture will have lots of options. Dominican Republic culinary style is a combination of Taino, Spanish and African cuisines and had Puerto Rican, Cuban and Middle East influence as well. Each region has its own dishes but the majority of food ingredients are still common – white rice, beans, yucca, chili, sweet potato, plantains, avocado, fish, corn.

But also Dominicans love fast food. Here, in Punta Cana, you can find a large number of trucks, where they cook hot dogs, burgers, serve Punta Cana local food that is typical for this region such as yaroa (plantains, cheese and meat mixed with mayonnaise and ketchup), chicharrones (made of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds) or mofongo (it has as basic ingredients green plantains, pork rind and garlic). Dominicans often eat PicaPollo (literally “snack with chicken”). It is probably the most popular street Dominican food. Pica pollo is a dish consisted of fried chicken, frited potato and fried plantains (tostones). It is incredibly popular in the country.


Where to try Punta Cana local food?

Here we would like to introduce some of the street fast food places with Punta Cana local food:

1. Langosta Roja Bar & Restaurant

Langosta Roja Bar & Restaurant is one of the places to try Punta Cana local typical food. Located by the beach with an amazing sea view, the restaurant offers fresh fish, shrimps, lobsters with french fries, white rice and beans, soft drinks, cocktails, rum and liqueur.

2. Taco’s truck

Taco’s truck is a retro VW Bus food truck with Mexican fast food located at avenue Boulevard Zona Hotelera, Playa Juanillo. There they serve nachos, tacos, burritos, drinks. Same type of kitchen you can find at Don Camaron Food Truck.

3. Solo Pollo

Solo Pollo is a fast food, barbecue place at Bavaro. Rice, beans, salads, fried chicken, cold beer is at your choice.

4. Salsiao

Salsiao is an american burgers kiosk. Here you find grilled chicken wings, french fries, cold beer, burgers of a good size.

5. Mofongo House

Mofongo House is a cozy small cafe where you can also taste Punta Cana local food, especially mofongo.

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