Nature in the Dominican Republic –
what’s worth going to see

The Dominican Republic may not have the military might to get it veto powers, but it is the leader of natural beauty here on mother Earth. No country, big or small, can boast of being so star-studded with rich, natural and cultural scenes like the Dominican Republic can. It is an aesthetic master-piece, and Dominican nature heavily propagates its beauty with:

  • Lush and green plant matter,
  • Beautifully aged trees that date back hundreds of years,
  • Harmonic streams, adventurous waterfalls,
  • Flowery ponds with musically mystical birds and butterflies,
  • Scores of vast nature parks

To source up the photophobic nature of its flourishing natural eco-systems, the Dominican Republic also bears in her mountains and virgin beaches.

What is worth visiting in the DR?

The one single quality of the Dominican Republic that comes near to equaling the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic in tourist attraction is the impeccable reputation that its hospitality staff enjoys. Many people confess to have gone to beautiful parks like Parque Los Haitises just to experience how well the tour guides and rangers explain things.

Their personnel are refined and resourceful: an epitome of utterly well thought out culture, policy and legislation. A big majority of people who visit Parque Los Haitises speak of it fondly and with longing desire. They often claim that the home cooked food made their entire trip worthwhile. Some find it hard to decide whether it is the horse rides they loved more or the Zip N Splash adventures.

The diversity of the Dominican nature also plays a big role in attracting tourists from all over the world. The Dominican Republic is home to over 300 bird species and 5,600 plant species. The people there are big fans of nature as well. And there is a reason for it. Just look and imagine how stunning the Dominican nature is with its:

1. Dunes of Bani

Dunes of Bani

Dunes of Bani

2. Peninsula of Samana

Bacardi Island

Samana: Bacardi Island and El Limon Waterfall

3. Los 27 Charcos de Damajagua

Los 27 Charcos de Damajagua

Los 27 Charcos de Damajagua

4. Waterfall el Limon

El Limon Waterfall

Samana: Bacardi Island and El Limon Waterfall

5. Saona Island

6. Underwater world

7. Beaches of Barahona

Beaches of Barahona

Beaches of Barahona

The coastal people are even friendlier and very welcoming. They come across so many foreigners that most pick up different languages, accents and even demeanor. They care about the coastal nature eco-system and are very aware of your potential needs. The beauty of the Dominican Republic beaches is so enigmatic and saturated that it even transferred to the locals. The scenic and captivating virgin beaches, especially in Barahora province, are totally worth high quality photography and videography.

Discover the Dominican nature

Try visiting the prettiest places of Dominican nature if you would like to experience the cap of all the above attractions. The trip would really make you younger than you look and feel. It would be pure therapy and you would probably unlock your Chakra. It would be very worth it to go on a safari-open drive out into nature with a few jolly good and fun safari guards. There are numerous other National Parks which also present and serve beauty, grace and hospitality. They are specifically reserved to allow people to get in touch with Mothernature. You should see it, you should experience it, and you should definitely enjoy it. Visit the Dominican Republic.

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