Cap Cana Property for Sale - Villa Lagunas 24:
A Rare Investment Gem Awaits

Villa Lagunas 24, Cap CanaVilla Lagunas 24, Cap Cana

Villa Lagunas 24 – Your Slice of Paradise in luxurious Cap Cana, the Dominican Republic

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of the Dominican Republic, the under-construction Villa Lagunas 24 beckons you to a life redefined.

Drench in sunlight by the expansive pool or unwind in the jacuzzi. The Balinese style and anti-slip tiles ensure you experience aesthetics with safety.

Every space of this villa, whether it’s the vast living areas or the luxurious recreation zones, mirrors a fine blend of glamour and exoticism.

Exclusive Cap Cana Villa Amenities

Designed with a vision of modern elegance, every inch of this property breathes sophistication. The villa’s structure effortlessly adapts to the landscape, promising an opulent and organic experience.

You will get a total of 11,769.25 Sqft, including the underground level ( 4710.07 Sqft), the first level (4828.58 Sqft) & second level (2230.60 Sqft). Investing in Villa Lagunas 24 ensures prime real estate appreciation!

  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana
  • Cap Cana Villa Lagunas 24 for Sale – New Construction - Everything Punta Cana

All Amenities

  • Swimming pool 1,354.20 Sqft
  • Jacuzzi: 228.08 Sqft
  • BBQ: 208.06 Sqft
  • 6 Bedrooms & 6 Bathrooms
  • Service area
  • Terrace

Villa Lagunas 24 Location

Villa LocationVilla Location

Villa Lagunas 24 is located only minutes away from best Cap Cana attractions, everything is within reach.

  • 10 min to Juanillo Beach
  • 6 min to Punta Espada Golf Club
  • 14 min to Api Beach
  • 7 min to Golden Bear Lodge
  • 17 min to Blue Mall
  • 14 min to Marina Punta Cana
  • 19 min to Punta Cana Intl. Airport
  • 9 min to Punta Cana Polo Club
  • 9 min to the Stables
  • 14 min to Casino Dominic
  • 25 min to Ojos Indigenas
  • 9 min to the Scape Park

Prices & Payment Plans

The Pricing of Villa Lagunas 24

Type Price Bdr Constr. Area (sq ft) Solar Area (sq ft)
2-floor villa $2,900,000 6 11,769.25 28,000.00


Payment Plans

Down- payment During construction On completion
Prompt payment 90% 0% 10%
Prompt payment 50% 50% 30% 20%
Standard 20% 60% 20%
Purchase Date Handover


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Villa Masterplan & Floorplan

Undeground levelUndeground level
First floorFirst floor
Second floorSecond floor
Villa Lagunas 24 MasterplanVilla Lagunas 24 Masterplan
Villa Lagunas 24 MasterplanVilla Lagunas 24 Masterplan

Why Villa Lagunas 24?

Modern Condos with Exclusive Apartments

The beauty of Villa Lagunas 24 isn’t just in its structure but also its strategic location. A few minutes is all it takes to transport you to the nightlife of Casino Dominic or the serene Juanillo Beach.

This Cap Cana property for sale seamlessly blends glamour and exoticism in each of its expansive spaces.

Dive into an ambiance of unparalleled beauty and luxury with Villa Lagunas 24. Because every moment here is curated just for you. Come home to luxury. Come home to Villa Lagunas 24.

Villa Lagunas viewVilla Lagunas view

The Allure of Cap Cana Property for Sale

The Allure of Cap Cana Property for Sale

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground in the luxury real estate scene, you know it’s the current hot topic!

Cap Cana properties are capturing the attention of the luxury real estate market, and for good reason. Situated on the Caribbean Sea’s pristine shores, it offers a serene coastal lifestyle.

The presence of the esteemed Punta Espada Golf Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, adds to its allure. Furthermore, the Cap Cana Marina, which can accommodate luxury yachts, positions it as a maritime hub for elite enthusiasts.

Investing in Cap Cana offers distinctive architecture, potential growth in property value, and a touch of upscale living.

Tips to Know Berofe Buying Property in Cap Cana

The Dominican Republic, with its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, attracts many potential property buyers. However, there are distinct processes and practices one needs to be familiar with.
Here are some essential tips to guide you:

  • The country does not offer traditional title insurance. Instead, the role of validating property titles falls on the shoulders of a closing attorney. Hiring a reputable lawyer is imperative for due diligence since they effectively act as your title insurance.

After closing a property deal, transferring ownership typically takes between 2 to 3 months. There’s a 3% transfer tax, and property tax is 1%. However, properties under $165,000 are exempt from this tax. Notably, electronic signatures aren’t accepted for registration; one must be present or have a power of attorney.

  • Purchasing property in the Dominican Republic is relatively straightforward, and foreigners have the same rights as Dominican buyers.

Engaging your own attorney, separate from the developer’s legal counsel, is paramount. Your lawyer will verify all documentation, ensure you’re protected, and conduct necessary checks before any significant payments are made.

  • The Dominican Republic offers programs like the Comfort Tour, which waives transfer and property taxes for up to 15 years, applicable for specific properties and their initial buyers.

Engaging professionals like realtors, lawyers, and notaries is always advisable to ensure smooth transactions and safeguard against potential frauds or errors.

While the property tax (IPI) varies, it is essential to know that there could be extra costs, such as realtor and notary fees, and a one-time 3% tax on ownership transfer.
Proper due diligence and a thorough understanding of the market can ensure a successful property investment in this Caribbean gem.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is buying a condo in Punta Cana a good investment?

    Punta Cana is super popular with tourists, so if you’re considering renting it out, there’s a good chance you’ll have a decent flow of guests. Plus, the place has gained traction over the years – more people are hearing about it and wanting to visit.

    But, like any investment, there’s always a flip side. Property management can be a task, especially if you’re not there locally. You’ll need to think about things like maintenance, dealing with bookings, and handling any issues that come up with guests. And while tourism is booming, any market always has ups and downs.

    In short, it could be a great move, especially if you have a plan to manage the property or intend to enjoy it as a vacation spot. But always do your homework and maybe chat with some locals or other condo owners to get the complete picture.

    Can foreigners own property in Dominican Republic?

    Foreigners can definitely own property in the Dominican Republic. There aren’t any restrictions. You’d just need to follow the standard buying procedures and make sure you’ve got your legal bases covered.

    Always a good idea to have a local attorney guide you through the process. If you’re considering a purchase, best of luck!

    Is Cap Cana and Punta Cana the same place?

    No, they’re not the same place, but they’re close!

    Cap Cana is a luxury resort and residential community located within the greater Punta Cana area. While Punta Cana is a broader region known for its beaches, resorts, and tourism, Cap Cana is more of an upscale subsection. Both are beautiful, but Cap Cana often offers a more exclusive experience.

    Do you pay property taxes in the Dominican Republic?

    Certainly! If you own property in the Dominican Republic, you’ll typically pay an annual property tax, especially if the property’s value is above a certain threshold. When buying property, there’s also a one-time transfer tax.

    However, some exemptions exist, especially for lower-valued properties or if the owner is 65 or older.

    Is it worth it to buy property in Dominican Republic?

    Buying property in the Dominican Republic can be a worthwhile investment, especially given its attractive beaches, growing tourism, and reasonable property prices. However, like any investment, it depends on your goals.

    It could be a good fit if you’re looking for a vacation home or considering rental income from tourists. But always do thorough research, be aware of local regulations, and consider seeking advice from local real estate experts before deciding.

    Is it safe to buy property in Dominican Republic?

    Absolutely! Purchasing property in the Dominican Republic can be smooth if you’re well-prepared. Just make sure you do your homework, team up with a reliable local attorney, and stay informed about the ins and outs of the local market. Many have done it successfully – just be diligent, and you’ll be set!

    Is it easy to buy property in Dominican Republic?

    Buying property in the Dominican Republic is relatively straightforward, especially with the right local expertise on your side. While the process differs a bit from what you might be used to, with proper guidance and due diligence, many foreign investors find it a manageable and rewarding experience.

    What is so special about Cap Cana?

    Cap Cana is renowned for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and top-notch golf courses. It’s a prime spot in the Dominican Republic for those seeking both relaxation and upscale amenities.

    Why invest in Cap Cana?

    Cap Cana represents a strategic investment opportunity due to its premium positioning in the Dominican Republic’s real estate market. It boasts world-class infrastructure, upscale resorts, and elite golf courses.

    Given the sustained growth in tourism and the rising demand for luxury properties, Cap Cana presents the potential for considerable property appreciation and return on investment.

    Where is the best place to invest in Dominican Republic?

    Some of the most promising areas include the ever-popular Punta Cana and Cap Cana, known for their luxury resorts and golf courses, continuously attracting tourists.

    Then there’s Santo Domingo, the capital city. It’s bustling with opportunities, especially in its business district and upscale neighborhoods like Piantini and Naco.

    If you’re into a blend of vibrant culture and beaches, Puerto Plata and Sosúa are emerging as favorites among foreign investors.

    With its captivating natural beauty, the Samana Peninsula is on the rise for eco-tourism. And let’s not forget La Romana, especially the Casa de Campo area, which has a reputation for its luxury homes.

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