Atlántida - New Apartments for Sale in Bávaro,
Punta Cana (Los Corales)

Atlántida - New Apartments for Sale in Bávaro, Punta Cana (Los Corales)

Atlántida Apartments

Atlántida ProjectAtlántida Project

Atlántida – Real Estate Investment Project
in Los Corales, Bávaro, the DR 2024

Atlántida is the most ambitious $400 million construction project, developed in Bávaro, Punta Cana. It is located in Los Corales, where the best way to convey the atmosphere of the legendary state.

From history, we know about the mythical city of Atlantis, which was once the birthplace of higher civilization, where technology, science, and culture were actively developing.

Why in Bávaro, Punta Cana?

The place where the Caribbean islands meet

Punta Cana is a place that has developed tremendously in infrastructure in recent years. From here you can get anywhere in the world. Large airport, tourist ports, the best conditions for a carefree life.

Punta Cana has an active life along the best coasts of the Caribbean. Cosmopolitan culture, restaurants with cuisines from around the world, shopping and entertainment centers, and unforgettable nights waiting for you at the end of each day.

Atlántida apartments viewAtlántida apartments view

Experience Life to the Maximum

Atlántida apartments poolAtlántida apartments pool

Leeway and fullness of life

In Atlántida, everything is made to enjoy life to the fullest and at the same time explore new ways, enjoying the unsurpassed diversity of flora. Emotions, new landscapes, recreation areas, swimming pools – all this will take a special place in your memories.

Restaurants and social areas will allow you to spend unforgettable time with your family, and concentric pools will change your views on how to enjoy life.

Exclusive Hotel Areas

Atlántida as a Universe

Atlántida is like a galaxy consisting of separate zones with various conveniences (zones 3 and 4). It consists of a residential complex next to the river and a hotel complex – especially the classic interior of the theater, which is ideal for unforgettable performances and presentations.

Atlantida project has a structure that can give you an independent environments, heights that do not break the horizon but rather redraw it, taking advantage of all its light to provide a perfect visual balance.

Apartments terrace viewApartments terrace view

A Spectacular View

Atlántida apartments viewAtlántida apartments view

Futuristic apartment design

Innovations are used in the constructive solutions, thanks to which Atlántida has clear and organic lines that correctly emphasize the first-class finish.

Modern materials harmoniously emphasize all the benefits of Atlántida. In Bávaro these apartments for sale are harmoniously combined in places where greenery and sunlight meet with a breathtaking view!

Extraordinary Amenities

Atlantida project has a large shopping area and extraordinary amenities,
including a gym, beach club and boutique hotel.

Apartments Amenities

  • 534 apartment
  • 1, 2 y 3 bedroom’s
  • 59,055.118 Sq ft Pool
  • Security 24h
  • Elevator
  • Terraces with panoramic views
  • Private parking
  • Hotel boutique
  • Sport’s zone
  • Ecological Trail
  • Spa
  • Restaurant’s
  • Tennis
  • Green Zone
  • Shopping area
  • Beach Club
  • Gym
  • Access to club Playa Cielito Lindo

Apartments Location

  • 10 min to Hospital IMG
  • 5 min to Shopping area
  • 6 min to Bávaro Beach
  • 5 min to Down Town Punta Cana
  • 17 min to Blue Mall
  • 17 min to Punta Cana International Airport
Atlántida – Apartments for Sale in Bávaro (Los Corales) - Everything Punta Cana
Atlántida – Apartments for Sale in Bávaro (Los Corales) - Everything Punta Cana
Atlántida – Apartments for Sale in Bávaro (Los Corales) - Everything Punta Cana
Atlántida – Apartments for Sale in Bávaro (Los Corales) - Everything Punta Cana

Masterplan and Floorplan

Atlantida MasterplanAtlantida Masterplan
Apartment Typology 1Apartment Typology 1
Apartment Typology 2Apartment Typology 2
Apartment Typology 3Apartment Typology 3

Prices & Payment Plans

Prices for apartments in Bávaro (Atlántida Project)

Type Price
1-bedroom apartment (from 103.60 m2 net) from $235,000
2-bedroom apartment (from 145.49 m2 net) from $295,000
3-bedroom apartment (from 231.86 m2 net) from $460,000

Payment Plans for buying apartments in Bávaro, Punta Cana

Downpayment During construction On completion
Prompt payment 90% 0% 10%
Prompt payment 50% 50% 30% 20%
Standard 20% 60% 20%
Purchase Date Handover


Please, contact us about current apartments prices and
your benefits when choosing early payment.

The Conclusion

The procedure of buying apartments in the DR

The procedure of buying property in the Dominican Republic is standard and strictly regulated. The cost of real estate is steadily growing, so apartments for sale in Bávaro, for instance, are becoming a profitable investment. As for the transaction procedure, the purchase and sale of a property in the Dominican Republic is quite simple.

Real estate taxes in Bávaro, Punta Cana

It is also worth noting that the taxes levied during real estate transactions are among the lowest in the world. And for those who invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic, a simplified system for obtaining a residence permit is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about buying apartments as an investment
in Bávaro, the Dominican Republic

Is it a good idea to invest in Punta Cana?

The Dominican Republic and especially Punta Cana is a paradise for tourists and a place with great investment opportunities. Every year the resort is visited by millions of people from different parts of the world. This promising and actively growing market is a dream for any investor. For instance, the most attractive are new apartments for sale in Bávaro, Punta Cana.

Can you buy property in Punta Cana?

Yes, you can buy property in the Dominican Republic. You only need a foreign passport. A foreigner can own any real estate in this Caribbean country: an apartment, villa, undeveloped land, commercial facility. The exception is only specially protected areas, for example, in National parks.

Can foreigners buy property in the Dominican Republic?

Foreign nationals are not prohibited from buying property in the Dominican Republic. The main thing is to do everything in accordance with Property Registry Law No. 108-05 since April 4, 2007, and register the property in the Title Registry Office.

Can Americans buy property in Punta Cana?

In 1998, the Dominican Republic removed all restrictions on the sale of real estate to foreigners. Since then, buyers from other countries began to appear on the market – most often from the United States, but not only.

Now all real estate transactions are registered on the basis of Law No. 108-05 of April 4, 2007.

Is real estate a good investment in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic also has excellent business and investment opportunities. After all, it refers to countries where economic recovery is just beginning, where investors enjoy greater rights and benefits and there is a wide scope for investment activities.

Here are some additional advantages of the Dominican Republic:

  • All-year-round summer – warm climate and gentle ocean
  • Ecologically clean area, beautiful nature, the best beaches, the possibility of buying real estate on the sea
  • The possibility of obtaining resident status and citizenship
  • Inexpensive land and real estate abroad, the minimum payback period of investments
  • Friendliness and cheerfulness of the population, loyal laws towards foreigners
  • Unlimited possibilities for almost any business
  • The golden mean: the island is civilized (all the benefits are there), but at the same time it still has many free “niches” for business
  • Stable political situation and dynamic economic growth

Do you pay property taxes in the Dominican Republic?

Property Tax (Impuesto al Patrimonio Inmobiliario, or IPI) is an annual tax that is applied to the real estate assets of Natural Persons and Trusts. Once you obtain ownership of the property, it is required to pay taxes. The amount depends on the form of ownership (individual or legal entity) and on the price of the object. The owner must pay a tax of 1% annually if the value of the property exceeds RD $8,829,763.03 (relevant for 2022). Exceptions:

  • If the cost is less than RD $8,829,763.03.
  • The dwelling’s owner is 65 years or older, and it is his/her the sole real estate asset.
  • Located in rural areas (agricultural work).
  • Under Law No. 158-01 for Promoting Tourism Development, belonging to the first purchasers (Individuals).
  • The low-cost housing trust and the public offering trust.

Also, you should remember some additional expenses:

Realtor’s fee. The buyers can use the services of a realtor for free (since the seller usually pays for the work). Or agree on a reward if the want the agent to defend their interests (for example, for a percentage of the amount won as a result of the auction). In the second case, the amount of the fee depends on the contract.

Notary fee. In the case of a standard transaction, notaries in the Dominican Republic usually charge about 1% of the property price. If the payment goes through the accounts of a notary, the remuneration can increase up to 4%.

State fees. State fees for making changes to the Property Register and issuing a new title are already included in the notary’s fee.

Also, when buying real estate, you need to pay a one-time tax of 3% – this is a tax on the transfer of ownership of real estate.

How do I finance a property in the Dominican Republic?

It is possible to obtain a mortgage in the Dominican Republic, but there may be certain difficulties for foreign citizens. For example, the mortgage term is 20-25 years and the rate is 4-6%, which is much higher than in Canada, the US or the UK. Notably, mortgages are not available if the amount is over $2,500,000.

Is the Dominican Republic a tax haven?

The Dominican Republic is not a tax haven. It has its own territorial tax system. You can live here and enjoy beaches tax-free if the income comes from abroad.

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