Bávaro – The Best Destination For Your Beach Vacation in 2024

Without a doubt, every year, Punta Cana conquers all tourists with its beauty. But before a trip to the Dominican Republic, it is always difficult to select a particular area to stay. Despite a large number of vacation zones, Bávaro remains the most famous, recognizable and visited area of Punta Cana. But why is it that popular? And to answer this question, we decided to write an article about it.

Bávaro area is located in the easternmost La Altagracia province. Now there are the best beaches with clean and white sand and turquoise waters. But if we look back in time, we would see a town of resort workers at the same place. After significant changes, this area became the center of hospitality and tourism industry.

Bávaro Beach

Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana, the DR

Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana, the DR

You can take any list of the best beaches in Punta Cana, and be sure that Bávaro Beach will be among the top three. It extends uninterruptedly along 30 miles (48 kilometers). And it is pretty clear, the water is clean and calm, which is why parents do not have to worry when their child goes swimming in the ocean.

In addition to this, the beach is open to the public, so you can easily get there. The entire beach is equipped with amenities to make your stay there as comfortable as possible.

Things to do in Bávaro

Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic, it is impossible to ignore these paradise beaches, where you can chill in silence and have fun with all the activities Bávaro offers you at the same time. So, let us take a look at how you can enjoy spending your time on the best beach in Punta Cana.

1. Excursions and activities

  • Fishing on the boat. Scuba diving and fishing areas are famous in Bávaro because of their diverse ecosystem. Our team organizes fishing strictly in line with official regulations of the environmental authorities. So, you can feel free to observe and enjoy the ocean world without damage. Moreover, you can enjoy the ocean with free drinks on the boat!
  • Aqua park. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular entertainments. You can be sure that you will have fun with the whole family or friends in the Bávaro AquaPark. There are such activities as a zip line, paddleboard, knee boarding, slalom skiing, wakeboarding, and much more! In general, the price for a half-day with all activities and transportation will cost you about US$ 80.
  • Snorkeling. It would probably be a sin if you did not see the underwater world of the DR with your own eyes. Be sure that Dominican Republic’s coastal waters attract colorful aquatic life. You will easily spot unique fish, such as butterflyfish or triggerfish, over a seabed.
  • Buggy. Well, it is not a secret that Bávaro Beach is one of the longest white sand beaches in the Caribbean. Its duration is about 30 miles (48 kilometers). So, you have a perfect opportunity to explore the entire coast with a buggy. Moreover, if you like speed and extreme, there are also many extreme buggy day tours in the area.

2. Entertainment

  • Casinos. Surely, this activity will give you a playful mood and a vacation vibe. You have to be 18 or older to gamble. One of the biggest casinos is located in the Barcelo Bávaro Palace Deluxe. A 24-hour casino offers the best games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and much more.
  • Golf. This is one of the most popular sports activities in Punta Cana. There is “The Lakes Barcelo Golf Course” in Bávaro. Moreover, it is the first course ever built in the area. It is a well-groomed green area with 25 inland lakes, native plants, a mangrove forest, and all this will provide you with the best peaceful golf experience.
  • Bars and clubs. If you love the vibrant nightlife, then Bávaro is the perfect option for you. There are a lot of bars and clubs here, which offer you the best drinks. So, just imagine a party on the beach under the stars, what could be better? Moreover, if you do not want to leave your hotel, then we hasten to inform you that the hotels in this area also have their parties, which you should attend.
  • Restaurants. Obviously, you cannot live by the waters in the Caribbean and not taste the seafood. Moreover, we should note that the cuisine of the Dominican Republic is a must-try for every tourist. One of the most popular places is Toc Beach Bar & Restaurant in Bávaro. There are beachy vibes because the bar is located right by the beach. Undoubtedly,  you can try the best seafood dishes there. Nevertheless, the restaurant is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

What are the best Playa Bávaro resorts?

When it comes to hotels in the area, tourists always have a lot to choose from. Many of them have a private beach and stunning ocean views from their rooms. We should also mention that all hotels on the coastline are mostly 5-star and all-inclusive. So, let us take a look at the most popular resorts in Bávaro.

  • Barceló Bávaro Palace. Without a doubt, you will enjoy a stay in this luxurious 5-star hotel. The hotel has a high rating, which means that both families with children and newlyweds are satisfied with the service on their honeymoon. Probably the most amazing thing is that it features 2 kilometers of private beach and a coral reef. In addition, there is also a 24-hour casino and an 18-hole golf course.
  • Meliá Caribe Beach Resort. About 14 kilometers from Punta Cana International Airport, located this paradisaical resort. The hotel is known for its beautiful gardens. There are coconut palm trees, flamingos, flowers, turtles – definitely perfect harmony with nature. In general, the service is rated highly by the guests.
  • Majestic Colonial Punta Cana . There is no lie that from the first seconds, this hotel amazes with its size and the amount of entertainment. Just imagine, this oceanfront resort boasts 11 bars, tennis courts, a luxury spa, 7 restaurants, a basketball court, a gym, and private beach access. Probably it has all you need to have an unforgettable Punta Cana vacation.
  • Barceló Bávaro Beach Adults Only. Probably, it is one of the best options if you would like to spend your vacation without kids around. Moreover, the resort shares the 24-hour casino with Barceló Bávaro Palace. That is why we are sure that you will not be bored there. The hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool, which is surrounded by coconut trees and sun loungers. There are 3 restaurants and 2 bars, including a 24-hour Sports Bar.
Barceló Bávaro

Video: Barceló Bávaro

The best places to stay in Bávaro

In our opinion, better than a party and crowded hotel, there can only be freedom and complete privacy space. So, let us consider both options for a villa and an apartment in Bávaro.

1. Villas

Well, renting a villa means that you do not need to stand in line for food and sun loungers because the entire territory of this place will be at your disposal. Moreover, it allows you to get the same all-inclusive and 5-star services as in the hotel, but all services will be focused just on you. There are a lot of stunning houses in Bávaro. Just imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean overlooking it, step out onto your large terrace and sip your morning coffee. Does not that sound like a dream? But dreams come true with villa rentals.

Moreover, if you are a golf lover or want to have a tropical garden on-site, there are several perfect villa options in the heart of Bávaro, at the Cocotal Golf & Country Club, where you can still be close to the beach, golf courses, restaurants, and shops. In addition, most villas have a private pool, jacuzzi and cleaning service. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to get a dose of relaxation.

2. Apartments

Without a doubt, renting an apartment allows you to have a private space for a good price. Moreover, you can get the dreamy ocean view from your cozy balcony. In addition, most likely, you will have access to the pool, which is shared by other people who live in the same building.

In our opinion, it is a perfect option for people who want to save money and to taste Dominican daily life. Living in an apartment, you can merge with the beach and tropical vibe of Bávaro. In addition, you have more opportunities to go to cafés and restaurants and sample the local cuisine.


To sum up

As you may have noticed, you do not even need to leave the territory of Bávaro, as there is all the necessary entertainment for your unforgettable Dominican Republic vacation trip. Bávaro is still the most popular area of Punta Cana, so do not hesitate and come as soon as possible.

In addition, you must book your trip with a trusted company that knows all the peculiarities of the Dominican Republic. Our team has over seven years of experience in the Dominican market. All our villas and apartments are located in gated and secure areas. Moreover, we have numerous stunning housing options in the Bávaro area. That is why we look forward to the moment when we can provide you with the best trip to the Dominican Republic!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bavaro Beach known for?

Well, Bavaro Beach is known for being one of the largest Caribbean beaches. It extends uninterruptedly along 30 miles (48 kilometers). Moreover, the thing that makes it the most popular is its white sand and calm turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming.

2. Can you swim in Bavaro Beach?

Of course, you can swim at Bavaro Beach, as it has calm waters and has Blue Flag status. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your kids swimming in the ocean, so you can easily enjoy a drink while lying on your lounger in Punta Cana.

3. Is Bavaro Beach private?

No, Bavaro Beach is public. Nevertheless, we should note that public access points are limited. Some five-star hotels have their private area on Bavaro beach. Therefore, if you have booked a hotel in the area, there is a good chance that your hotel will have its own beach.

4. What city is Bavaro Beach in?

Bavaro Beach is a part of Punta Cana town, La Altagracia province.

5. Does Bavaro Beach have seaweed?

Well, seaweed is not considered seasonal in Punta Cana, but the spring months have seen the highest incidence of seaweed lately. And this is a periodic phenomenon for Punta Cana, which is practically not on all beaches. There may be algae on some parts of Bavaro Beach, but you most likely will not see them, because for tourists it is not even noticeable. Workers must clean certain areas every day. Therefore, algae is not a reason to worry about having a rest here. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in almost all tropical regions due to its climate.

6. What is the difference between Bavaro and Punta Cana?

As you can see, Punta Cana is a resort town, and Bavaro is an area of Punta Cana.

7. How far is Bavaro from Punta Cana airport?

So, it is approximately 20 kilometers from the Punta Cana International Airport or 17 minutes on the way.

8. How long is Bavaro Beach?

Without a doubt, Bavaro Beach consider as one of the largest in the Caribbean. And it extends uninterruptedly along 30 miles (48 kilometers).

9. Is Bavaro Beach safe?

Well, we should say that this is a protected area, therefore it is safe for spending your time on the beach or around. Regardless, we recommend that you keep an eye on your belongings if you are away from the sun loungers, since there are bad people everywhere.

10. What to do in Bavaro?

No doubts, there are many excursions and sports activities in the area. In addition, there are many restaurants where you can taste the national Dominican cuisine and clubs where you can party until the morning. So make sure you do not get bored there.

11. How far is royalton Bavaro from Punta Cana airport?

So, the distance between Royalton Bavaro Resort & Spa – All Inclusive and Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) is approximately 16 miles (26 kilometers) or about 23 minutes.

12. Is Bavaro Beach on the Caribbean or Atlantic?

Bavaro Beach is on the Atlantic side of the Caribbean.

13. How far is Barcelo Bavaro from Punta Cana airport?

Well, Barcelo Bavaro complex is about 7 miles (12 kilometers) or 25 minutes drive from the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ).

14. How much is a taxi from Punta Cana Airport to Bavaro Beach?

A taxi from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) will cost you about US$ 20. Nevertheless, do not forget to settle the price before sitting in the car. There is also another option – to rent a private transfer that will wait for you near the airport and take you directly to your destination. Moreover, you will know the price in advance, so you do not have to rummage in your pockets looking for the extra pesos that the taxi driver told you to pay.

15. Are there sharks in Bavaro Beach area?

No, there are no sharks in the water. And the reason for this is that the coast is surrounded by a coral reef. So, this is a natural barrier for sharks. Nevertheless, we do not recommend that you swim at night since there is a risk for inexperienced swimmers because of the nocturnal behavior of other ocean predators.

16. Is Bavaro Beach good for water sports?

Without a doubt, you can try different types of sports activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving in Bavaro. Nevertheless, Punta Cana is known for its calm waters without big waves. The best beach for water sports in the Dominican Republic is Playa Cabarete. Why? Because it is a world-class surf spot. That is why, With perfect water temperatures and consistent winds, this area became water sports paradise for many surfers.

17. What is the best time of year to go to Punta Cana?

First of all, we should say that the Dominican Republic is warm all year round. So, be sure that you will feel comfortable in any month of the year. Despite this, more often the best period is considered when the high season goes away. That is why, probably, the best time to visit Punta Cana is during the spring.

18. What is the water temperature in Punta Cana?

Well, the average temperature of the water in Punta Cana is about 27.7 °C (81.9 °F). A month with the coldest water temperature is about 26.2°C (79.2°F). As you can see, you can swim in the warm ocean all year round.

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