Family Vacation to Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic 2024

The Dominican Republic like any other Caribbean country is a favorite destination for young people, newlyweds, as well as couples with children for the best vacation! And not surprisingly that this tourist attraction, especially Punta Cana, hardly knows what bad weather is.

And you can weave in azure waters all year round! The island seemed to come off advertising booklets – blue skies, snow-white sand, and turquoise sea. The beauty of local nature and rich history conquers everyone who arrives on these lands. Don’t wait and plan your family vacation to Punta Cana!

Why Punta Cana is the best for a family vacation?

Punta Cana has everything for a wonderful holiday with family. The children will be delighted with the soft white sand of the magnificent beaches and the warm clear water shining in the sun. There are aquariums with exotic marine inhabitants, and places for paintball and zip-line, rafting, and swimming with a mask.

The Dominican Republic is small but it is able to provide a huge amount of positive sweeping emotions and pleasant memories to the whole family because there is nothing more exciting than seeing tropical landscapes and feeling a light breeze on your skin! There is only to choose an adventure from the list offered by this welcoming country.

In addition to the bright sun and warm sea that is so vital for growing children’s bodies, this paradise oasis has created all conditions for young travelers to feel comfortable.

Family vacation to Punta Cana

Family vacation to Punta Cana

Children friendly hotels in Punta Cana

Perhaps we should start the list of advantages of the Dominican Republic with sincere welcome, with which the service staff meets small guests. Hotels operating under the “All-inclusive” system will definitely offer a comfortable baby cot, and in the restaurant – a baby chair. By the way, there will be no problems with nutrition. The Dominicans carefully considered the children’s menu, which is quite diverse and consists only of healthy meals.

Some hotels in Punta Cana have children’s clubs, where you can leave a child for the whole day. During this time your kid will be swimming, playing, and even learning the basics of Spanish. Animators will take up interesting competition programs, while parents having dinner or enjoying spa.

Also at the disposal of tourists, there are children’s pools and “frogs”, designed for babies. And if you have to leave the hotel, you can hire a babysitter. When choosing a hotel it is worth paying attention to the availability of discounts, which apply to the accommodation of the whole family. This option is quite popular here, which can’t but rejoice.

The Punta Cana coast is a series of long pearl beaches at the eastern tip of the island. There are enough beaches without waves, so parents can be completely calm for children rearing near the water.

Ocean sands in Punta Cana

Ocean sands in Punta Cana

The highlight of this resort is that swimming in Punta Cana is possible immediately in both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They are separated from each other by a symbolic band. This is what double happiness looks like in the Dominican Republic. And it is worth noting the fact that Dominicans are measured and unassuming. So you can come here for silence and grace without thinking.

Resorts and excursions near La Romana

The Caribbean resort of La Romana, located near the capital, will also provide a comfortable Dominican holiday with children. Prices in local elite hotels are quite high, the conditions for rest are very favorable – from the relapse on silk beach sand on the bank of the pacified sea to organized trips to orange and lemon groves, to uninhabited islands, to the bohemian village of artists Altos de Chavon.

A great time for the whole family can also be spent in a large entertainment complex near the resort. Family hotels 3-4 stars are available in Juan Dolio Resort with picturesque, small lagoons, piggy corals, and developed resort infrastructure.

La Romana, Punta Cana

Seaweed in Punta Cana

The Atlantic Coast Resort Area of Puerto Plata is notable for its endless beaches, hotels for every taste, wide recreation opportunities, landscape beauty, which is so breathtaking in the Dominican Republic. Rest with children is most favorable in protected from the saltwater winds by rocks, quiet and pacified Sosua.

Water activities for families in Punta Cana

Snorkeling, bathing, excursions to the uninhabited islands of Saona and Catalina, and amusement parks are available outside the hotels. The “La Toma” amusement park in San Cristóbal, a city very close to the Dominican Republic capital, is a favorite place for family holidays in the south of the country.

Cool, refreshing crystal clear river water with fish, swimming pool with slides, playground, pleasant music, shops with food and drinks – all this makes the park a great place to rest with children. Also, when planning a holiday in Punta Cana with children, be sure to include in the cultural program a chocolate tour to El Seibo Province.

The “Seaquarium” in Punta Cana guarantees a wonderful time on the board of the modern snow-white catamaran. In addition to dancing to exotic music, the service offers an amazing underwater adventure: participants are given special helmets, wearing which, you can simply walk underwater, coral reefs and enjoying the society of rocks and tropical fish.

Snorkeling on Catalina Island

Snorkeling on Catalina Island

Rafting on the Yake del Norte River is a wonderful variant of a family adventure when the whole family works as a team. Despite the difficult thresholds, the experience is absolutely safe, as the latest equipment is thoroughly tested, and everything happens under the control of professionals. Rafting is a surge of adrenaline and a fun adventure capable of further rallying the family.

Full day at Bávaro Adventure Park

The city of Punta Cana is rich in interesting places. The Bávaro Adventure Park is known for its six safe, over-tree ropes. Flying over the jungle on a rope is a real adventure for adults and children from the age of eight, providing a tide of adrenaline and a desire to repeat the exciting flight over and over again.

Children from ten, after a short briefing, will be able to climb 20 meters above the ground with their parents on almost real wings and enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding nature with a flight simulator. The children will be amazed by the unique impressions that the descent from the mountain in a huge plastic ball will give them. You can also ride horses, jump trampolines, and play paintball in the park. In the park, there is a beautiful lagoon with a large waterfall!

Zip-Line at Bávaro Adventure Park

Zip-Line at Bávaro Adventure Park

Swimming with sea creatures at Dolphin Explorer

The most interesting thing about these waters is a sunken submarine that can be explored. Quite near Punta Cana, almost in the open ocean, is the wonderful Dolphin Explorer, an amazing lagoon where a large number of dolphins live. In a pool of dolphins, children can get closer to these smart animals. There are also harmless sharks, friendly sea lions.

The transfer service is free! In addition to the actual performance, you and your children will be able to swim with dolphins for at least half an hour. In the end, you can also buy photos and videos of this awesome adventure! Note that children with height up to one meter can enjoy it for free accompanied by adults.

Swimming with dolphins

Dolphin Explorer in Punta Cana

The “Reef Explorer” in Punta Cana is a family adventure that will take half a day. Here you can swim with eels, sharks and skates, dive underwater with a mask and tube, go swimming on a kayak, relax in the shallow waters of the natural pool of Bavaro, get a massage or just soak on an inflatable mattress. First-class bar service will offer you fresh vegetables, sandwiches, and fruit juices!


We hope you have found useful information about a family vacation to Punta Cana! It is difficult to list in one article all the entertainment that the resort area of Punta Cana offers. We can only say that you and your children will never be bored there! Remember we are happy to help you organize entertainment, excursions, rent apartment, and other services! Choose Everything Punta Cana to make your vacation the best ever!

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