Best Beaches of the Dominican Republic in 2024

The best Beaches of the Dominican Republic occupy most of the island of Haiti. There are also a number of small islands, and they look extremely attractive in terms of tourist recreation. As the second largest state in the West Indies (after Cuba), the Dominican Republic has a long coastline of almost 1,300 kilometres, suggesting an impressive number of large and small resorts. Since its lands are washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, travellers often have questions about some differences between these coasts, what they are, which part of the Dominican Republic is the best for a vacation, and which beaches of the Dominican Republic to visit. Let’s try to understand.

Beaches of the Atlantic coast of the DR

The Atlantic Ocean washes the northern and eastern parts of the Dominican Republic. The very first thing to say about resorts located on these shores – on them should stop their choice, first of all, all fans of windsurfing, advanced divers and adherents of other maritime activities. The Atlantic is carrying pounding waves, and if the east coast is covered by a long shield of coral reef, on the northern shores, when it happens, tourists for a few days do not risk swimming.

Geographically, the North Atlantic Coast includes the coastline from the border with Haiti to the Samana Peninsula. Another unique feature of the region is that many climatic zones are represented on a relatively small segment. On the western “outskirts” of the northern coast, it is very dry – even arid. The terrain here is quite similar, flat. Vegetation does not tend upwards either: green spaces are represented mainly by bushes. The seemingly bleak terrain is diluted by two magnificent national parks with sprawls of wild mangroves and beautiful sea views.

Samana Peninsula

Samana Peninsula

A piece of land between Cofresi and Nagua is also referred to as Amber Shore because of the rich amber deposits. Golden beaches of the Dominican Republic here are interleaved with lush mountain forests because most of the hotels on the north coast are concentrated in this region. Mountain cycling, horse riding, ocean fishing, surfing, diving, and other extreme activities have become the most common here.

By the way, as for diving: beaches of the Dominican Republic are generally considered the best Caribbean places to swim with a mask and scuba: Coral reefs and underwater lawns in this region are characterized by an amazing variety of flora and fauna (in the waters here there are beautiful tropical fish and stingrays, as well as even lamantines and humpback whales!), the relief of the bottom is very picturesque and rich in cave formations, but the most interesting and exciting came to the bottom from the surface – sunken ships of various eras.

Over the past half-century, about four hundred vessels have suffered in the region, so there is something for divers to admire. No wonder that under such conditions any resort of the Dominican Republic has a solid diving center. Experienced divers should choose the Atlantic coast of the country, while beginners can practice and gain experience in the much calmer waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Beaches of the North coast of the DR

The northern part of the Atlantic coast ends with the Samana Peninsula. It is perhaps the most picturesque part not only of all beaches of the Dominican Republic but of the entire Caribbean. This is what we usually imagine to be an exotic paradise: multi-meter deserted spaces of white sand, coconut palm trees looped over turquoise water. While resting on the Samana Peninsula in January-March, you can see whales lapping in the distance: at this time they sail here from the cold waters of the North Atlantic to reproduce offspring.

1. Puerto Plata

The Resort charms vacationers with a harmonious blend of colonial, victorian and modern architecture. The nature of this zone is very different from the nature of Punta Cana. Here you can enjoy amazing mountain landscapes, golden beaches of the Dominican Republic, and restless, ideal for windsurfing activities, sea.

Another name for these places is “Amber Coast” or “Ambra Coast.” Black amber – ambra – is found in abundance here. Magnificent beaches, water overrun by numerous shades of turquoise, lush vegetation, and a humid tropical climate eased by the winds of the Atlantic – all of which have turned the Amber Coast into a place of mass tourism.

Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata lived smuggling, and its inhabitants actively collaborated with French and English pirates. The Spanish king ordered the destruction of Puerto Plata to put an end to the robbery. Only in 1742 the town was revived by settler-colonists from the Canary Islands. In those days the most beautiful buildings of the city were built. Wooden houses in colonial style, bright flowers, multicolored tropical plants give the city an exotic and dressed appearance. In Puerto Plata, there are ruins of Columbus House and the church where America’s first Mass was. The Taino Indian Civilization Museum and the Temple of the Americas are open to visitors.

Resting in Puerto Plata, you will be able to visit the Museum of Amber, Fort St. Philip (Fortaleza of San Felipe), built in 1540 to protect against attack from the sea, Independence Park, known for its Victorian buildings, Cathedral of St. Philip, a factory for the production of rum or chocolate, where you can buy gifts. In the south-west of Puerto Plata, the mountain Monte Isabel de Toros rises, climbing to the top of which (by funicular) you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the ocean, take a walk through the botanical garden and see the huge bronze statue of Christ.

2. Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada Beach is located within walking distance of the port city of Puerto Plata, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. There are always a lot of vacationers: someone comes here for the sake of natural beauties, someone for the sake of outdoor activities, and someone just to have fun or, for example, spend a honeymoon. Like many beaches of the Dominican Republic, this place is often called a paradise by tourists. And it is no coincidence.

Playa Dorada, the Dominican Republic

Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada has a number of features. One of them is perfectly soft sand and the absence of stones under water. This allows you to move around the beach barefoot without fear of injury. Playa Dorada, as nature intended, is located behind a coral reef, which acts as a natural barrier. Therefore, there are no big waves. And this despite the fact that the wind blows almost constantly. This natural feature allows fans of windsurfing to enjoy their favorite pastime at any time. And cleanliness is good: algae and garbage are cleaned daily.

The beach is always free to visit, so here both local and tourists can relax without any problems. But it is difficult to determine the category of vacationers that would prevail here: at different times, families with children, retirees, and youth companies have a rest here. It seems that the beach has everything that is needed for a comfortable modern holiday and a carefree pastime: cleanliness, peace, entertainment, various activities and show programs.

Another advantage of this beach is its proximity to the city of Puerto Plata. This allows tourists to combine a beach holiday with a visit to the sights of this region. We recommend visiting amber mines: the cleanest stone on the planet is mined here. You can also take a trip to the Greek amphitheater next to La Puntilla Park in Puerto Plata: interesting concerts and art events are regularly held here.

3. Cabarete

Cabarete is an ideal place for tourists who prefer to spend their holidays actively. Mountain climbing, fascinating and extreme cycling routes along the mountain slopes and surfing – this is not a complete list of what awaits visitors to the island. The winds blowing around the island bring quite large waves with them all year round, which naturally attracts surf lovers. You will get an unforgettable experience while riding from a mountain on a bicycle, as well as from conquering mountain peaks.

Cabarete, the Dominican Republic


Cabarete is among the top ten favorite places in the world where tourists rush in search of an active sea holiday. Here, in the middle of summer, various windsurfing competitions are held, both among amateurs and professionals. The difference between Cabarete and many other tourist routes for outdoor activities is that there are no “planned” events. Here you will not find the common morning exercises in hotels, no joint mass games. The main condition for rest is freedom of choice, each vacationer is free to choose an occupation that he or she likes.

In Cabarete, you can often see people who sit in bars until the middle of the night, and then early in the morning they already are on golden beaches of the Dominican Republic for surfing, cutting through the blue waves. This is not surprising, nature itself dictates the human body a more active mode of rest. If you prefer a more measured and relaxing holiday, then the doors of El Choco National Park are always open for you. This is the newest park decorated with the latest fashion, which has recently become more and more popular and visited.

The park is located just a kilometer from Cabarete, so it’s not necessary to take a car, because you can admire the picturesque surroundings along the way. Lazy tourists will always find a way out: drive around El Choco on horseback or by jeep. In the park, you can find all kinds of tropical vegetation and almost no representatives of the fauna, as well as tickle your nerves in the labyrinths of numerous caves, where you can swim in underground lakes, and even swim in small boats! Cabarete and Punta Galeta lagoons are also located in El Choco.

The closest and the most famous tourist route runs to Goleta beach, which is considered to be the most beautiful in this area. Goleta Beach is an ideal holiday destination for those people who are looking for peace and relaxation.

4. Sosua

Sosua is a small town in a calm bay, with a large selection of shops, bars and entertainment. This resort is very popular among young people and single men. Not least because of the many nightclubs and bars that work until the morning, allowing cheerful tourists to “flow” from rack to rack, socialize, get to know each other and experience a “return to reality” together in the morning.

Sosua, the Dominican Republic


As a resort, Sosua began to develop more than thirty years ago and currently has a decent tourist infrastructure. Well-groomed beaches of the Dominican Republic here are surrounded by a sufficient number of various hotels, there are many offers related to diving, snorkeling and other types of outdoor activities. The city has a well-established gastronomic business, but in addition to good restaurants, there are many nightclubs, bars and discos. The resort lives an active nightlife in which not only visitors, but also local residents willingly show themselves. It is always fun and crowded here.

The most popular and lively in Sosua is the Playa Sosua, as well as the beach in the Los Charamicos area. Here you can try a banana boat ride and dive in the area of a coral reef, located about a hundred meters from the coast. All attributes for diving and snorkeling are sold and rented right on the beach, in small shops. The water is so clear that small fish and sea urchins can be seen with the naked eye.

In this small resort town, not only beach vacations and water activities are possible. And even nightlife is not everything. In Sosua, cultural life flourishes quite actively, as evidenced by the presence of museums, art galleries, and other attractions.

Casa de Arte Sosua is an art gallery with exhibits by local artists and photo artists. A visit to the gallery is an excellent occasion to compare the difference between the work of recognized artists and those whose creations are sold in local souvenir shops and on the beach. 15 km south of Sosua is a good amusement park Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures. Here, for the most courageous works a zip-line, and for animal lovers, a mini-zoo with tiny monkeys, peacocks, birds, iguanas.

Other attractions in Sosua include the Botanical Garden and the old market, as well as the Jewish quarter: as early as the 1940s, Jews who fled from Europe found refuge here. In winter, the main entertainment here is sea walks to the flocks of humpback whales, which swim here for procreation.

5. Samana

The Samana Peninsula is a paradise for lovers of secluded relaxation. A significant part of its territory belongs to several National Parks and is protected by the state. Throughout the year, off the coast of Samana, you can see dolphins and manatees, and from January to March – humpback whales, where the mating season begins.

Beaches of Samana

Beaches of Samana

The most popular beaches of Samana: the entire south coast, as well as Playa Rincon, Playa Moron, and Playa Bonita Beach in the north of the peninsula. The island of Cayo Levantado is ideal for diving and snorkeling, and you will be offered to master such water sports as wakesurfing and wakeboarding in any resort.

One of the main attractions of the peninsula (after the whales, of course) is the El Limon waterfall 50 meters high. It is located in the jungle, so it’s better not to risk and get the support of a local guide. Fun Fun Cave is also interesting, where you can admire the underground rivers and numerous stalactites. During the walk, you can meet with the bats living here – be careful!

Fans of extreme entertainment are advised to visit The Pirate Adventure Park and ride a bungee, stretched at an altitude of about 120 meters above the ground. A part of Samana Province is also a small island of Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island – this is where the first promotional video of this popular brand was shot. And if you are lucky enough to be on the peninsula in February, your path must necessarily pass through the provincial capital, Santa Barbara de Samana, where a merengue salsa and merengue festival takes place at this time.

Dominican Beaches of the East coast

The East Coast of the Dominican Republic, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, is considered the most popular and in-demand recreational region of the country. There are the largest resorts and practically no cities in the usual sense of the word. This is where the hotels with which tour operators from many countries work most actively are located.

The large coral reef stretches almost along the entire coast, protecting the land from the energetic waves of the ocean and at the same time creating excellent conditions for memorable diving. In other words, the resorts of the eastern Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic will be an ideal place to rest both for active and restless tourists and for couch potatoes.

1. Punta Cana

The resort of Punta Cana is located in the east of the country, where the Atlantic Ocean becomes one with the Caribbean Sea. Punta Cana is a place that is famous for its vast white beaches that stretch over more than three dozen kilometers. Without false modesty, we can say that this is the best resort in the Dominican Republic today. The place is truly unique, full of exotic and picturesque landscapes.

The name of the locality of Punta Cana is translated as follows: “the meeting place of all palm trees.” Does it then need to be said that Punta Cana is simply dotted with these tree species? Nowhere on the globe is there a place that could challenge the palms in their number. That is why almost all the roofs of the local buildings are covered with palm branches. Do not believe it, but even the roof of the airport!

Punta Cana beach

Punta Cana beaches

The most popular is the area of Playa Bavaro which is located 25 kilometers from the International Airport of Punta Cana, while it has a developed network with all the main cities of the country. The Playa Bavaro area is a rather famous and very prestigious holiday destination with more than 30 hotel complexes with a total of more than 13,000 rooms (the beaches of Bávaro, Cabeza de Toro, Macao, Punta Cana, Cortecito and Arena Gorda), which stretch for tens of kilometers from Macao to Punta Cana, on the coast of golden beaches of the Dominican Republic.

The close proximity to these places of the coral reef attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts, and also makes the waters of this corner of the country safer, calm and warm. Tourist complexes of the highest level offer everything you need for outdoor activities: ideal conditions for windsurfing, pools of various lengths, golf courses, various horseback riding routes. The newly built luxury hotel complexes are located at least 60 meters from the coastline (according to local law), there is more than enough place for evening walks along the beach.

One of the most favorite places of entertainment for tourists and guests of the resort is Manati Park with its diverse flora: talking parrots and dancing horses, sharks and dolphins, iguanas and sea lions, snakes and crocodiles.

A couple of words about the national fun – diving: coastal waters are very transparent, and visibility underwater during the summer season reaches 30 meters. The most popular part of the reef for swimming is considered to be the part of the reef, which is called “Marinarium,” where the eagle rays and even harmless mustache nurse sharks. The “own” sunken ship is also here: even from the shore you can consider the water-sticking mast of the cargo ship Astron which during the storm in 1978 went aground and went down.

Another active, gambling and very popular entertainment among tourists here is a jeep safari, with the help of which it is possible to move for a day from cool hotel civilization to the buoyancy of tropical jungles and to feel like a hero of an adventure fighter. Also located in the vicinity of Punta Cana is a dozen first-class golf courses, some of which, like “Punta Espada”, are ranked in various world ratings. And if someone does not like these bourgeois excesses, welcome to the world of agro-tourism: near the resort, there are several villages in which travellers will be able to touch the household of ordinary local residents and personally participate in harvesting sugar cane or other domestic fisheries.

Lovers of hanging out and dancing in Punta Cana will not have to lose heart: in addition to the discos available at each hotel, the resort offers to visit a lot of original clubs, the most popular of which, perhaps, can be called Imagine, located in a natural cave: three dance floors in the frame of stalactites you will definitely remember for a long time!

2. Bávaro

Not far from the famous resort of Punta Cana is the most refined, luxurious and prestigious resort among all the beaches of the Dominican Republic called “Bávaro”. This resort is called royal and not only because there are some of the best hotels in the world. The resort itself is famous for its extraordinary beauty consisting of large areas of white, like snow, sand and tropical palm trees, growing absolutely everywhere – both by the sea and around the pools. But different resorts have their advantages and features, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the places and then choose where it is better to relax.



Many of the delightful beaches here are private, as they relate to the respective hotel complexes. All hotels operate on an all-inclusive system, and some of the rooms have expensive alcohol and cigars.

Swimming is absolutely safe since the beaches of Bávaro are surrounded by a coral reef in places up to one kilometer. This place is almost ideal for families with children. In addition, the children will be just happy to visit Manati Park, which has more than 500 species of animals, as well as the opportunity to swim with dolphins, go to the show of horses or talking parrots. You should definitely visit this natural pearl with an abundance of tropical plants and interesting wildlife. By the way, some of these animals can be taken up.

But not only for children this world-famous resort is designed! For adults, Bavaro offers various types of water activities, as well as golf courses, tennis, horseback riding or fiery national dances in the styles of merengue and salsa.

Of the attractions that you can visit here, you can highlight the small village of Cabeza de Toro. This is a village in the traditional Dominican style, and the main occupation of local residents is art craft. You may be lucky enough to fall in love with one of the local masterpieces and purchase it. It will be useful to know what you need to bring from the Dominican Republic, since for shopping you have a huge territory, including the entire resort of Punta Cana and the nearest major city of Higuey. And the cozy village of Cabeza de Toro is a great place where you should go right after Manati Park.

3. Cap Cana

Cap Cana Resort is located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, just a seven-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport. This is exclusive, luxurious tourism, rental apartments, villas, which are famous for impeccable service. This resort has a significant place in the development of an exclusive hotel base and real estate in the Caribbean.

The harbor of Cap Cana deserves special attention. It meets all international standards and is central to the likes of the Caribbean and has about 200 yachts and 200 boats. The harbor is surrounded by a huge number of excellent restaurants, the menu of which can pamper the most demanding customers. A large selection of shops will help you find everything you need, and the famous exclusive spa centers will help you relax and fully enjoy the Caribbean holiday.

Cap Cana

Cap Cana

Cap Cana Resort is the home of Punta Espada Golf course, which architect and designer was a famous golf player Jack Nicklaus. Punta Espada has been the venue for the PGA for three consecutive years. The resort has luxury hotels such as Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf & Spa, Fishing Lodge, Eden Roc Boutique Hotel, the world-famous Villas Caleton, and Golden Bear Lodge. For lovers of secluded relaxation, the choice of apartments and villas for rent.

Pristine white sandy beaches and the sun all year round, the natural beauty of Cap Cana makes it a unique object: the ocean, beach, cliffs and tropical forests will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Beaches of the South coast of the DR

The Caribbean Sea washes the southern part of the Dominican Republic, so the two most obvious differences between the resorts here and the north and east are the lack of waves and higher water temperatures. On the Caribbean coast there is also the capital of the state – the city of Santo Domingo, as well as the famous islands of Beata and Elephant.

1. Boca Chica

Boca Chica is only 30 km from the capital of the Dominican Republic. Recently, the town is becoming increasingly popular. First of all, due to interest from travelers who prefer the real, rather than the “concrete” jungle. The resort’s feature is a lagoon one and a half meters deep, with velvety white sand that resembles baking flour. At the resort, vacationers have the opportunity to go diving, tennis and even try their hand at sailing, so last-minute tours to Boca Chica are so in demand among tourists.

Boca Chica, the Dominican Republic

Boca Chica

Conventionally, the resort is divided into 6 districts. The most popular of them is the center (Boca Chica), where most of the hotels are built. The southern part of the central region has an indisputable advantage – the road to the beach takes no more than 10 minutes. Many tourists, buying last minute packages to Boca Chica, prefer this part of the city. There is a large grocery supermarket in the northern part of Boca Chica, but the journey to the sea will take about 15 minutes.

Such areas as Bella Vista, Urbanizacion Los Jardines and Los Coquitos can’t boast of an abundance of hotels, but 2 to 3 hotels are in each of them. The areas are moderately remote from the sea (~20 minutes on foot). The price of a tour in Boca Chica does not differ much from the offers where accommodation is provided in the center. The Monte Rey area, like Las Azucenas, is not particularly valuable for travelers. There are not only attractions but also hotels.

If you prefer walking to museums and other cultural locations, then Boca Chica has nothing to surprise a tourist with. In this case, pick up tours to Punta Cana or Santa Domingo. But here is a real paradise for fans of beach holidays. Also, managers of recommend this direction to lovers of exotic nature. Despite the fact the city can’t boast of museums, it is worth buying a tour to Boca Chica for the sake of the local beauties. Near the resort are the islands of La Matica and Los Pinos. Both are with unique nature. The range of entertainment at the resort is quite extensive, especially when it comes to water sports. On the city beach in the evening, large-scale parties are organized.

2. La Romana

La Romana is a famous resort in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the southeastern part of the island, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The main distinguishing feature is the stunning beaches, coconut groves and the presence of the most luxurious five-star hotels of world-famous chains. Holidays here can be called fashionable, and the cost of a trip to La Romana will depend on the choice of hotel and the range of services in it.

La Romana, the Dominican Republic

La Romana

The La Romana International Airport (LRM) is located near the resort, so the transfer will not be tiring even for the youngest travelers. The city itself is cozy, relatively small. Once it arose in this part of the island in connection with the nascent sugar processing industry, but today it is better known as a tourist center. Last-minute tours to La Romana are a rarity, but travel managers will always help you find the tour that suits your taste and budget.

In addition to the beaches, opportunities for outdoor activities are created here. So, in La Romana there are tennis courts and golf courses, water lovers will be able to take part in water hunting, swim with a mask or scuba diving. Available at this resort and yachting, and horseback riding, and not so long ago, jeeping became popular. Not far from La Romana, Altos de Chavon is located – a city of artists and artisans – an excursion there will add bright colors to your trip.

Beach vacations in La Romana can be supplemented by boat trips because there are Catalina and Saona islands nearby. The latter is part of the National Park and a nature reserve in which you can see with your own eyes rare tropical birds, dolphins, turtles. Also on the island, there are mysterious grottoes and caves – in them, you can hide from the heat.

In the city itself, you can visit the City Hall, the Catholic Church of Santa Rosa de Lima, and also take a walk in Central Park. La Romana is the third-largest city in the country, and its favorable location attracts tourists all year round. It is easy to forget about time here, enjoying the wonderful weather, landscapes as if painted with the brush of an artist in love with nature and the sea.

3. Saona

Saona Island can rightfully be considered paradise, because it was in this wonderful place that the advertisement of the Bounty bar was shot. As you know, marketers have actively used the phrase “paradise pleasure.” Indeed, the island of Saona looks amazing: lots of palm trees, a snow-white coast washed by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. People exploring the beaches of the Dominican Republic must visit this tropical island.

Saona Island


The fauna of Saona is also striking in its diversity. Its main inhabitants: large sea turtles, iguanas, bright red and green parrots. But most of all tourists are attracted by starfish. There are a huge number of them in the Saona area! The fact is that the coast is bordered by a sandbank with a length of about 8 kilometers. Guests of the Dominican Republic are happy to see starfish, the shade of which is different. Orange and purple five-pointed animals look very beautiful. There are so many of them that in the literal sense of the word they are found at every step. True, it is better not to touch every star that comes across, as some representatives of the fauna are poisonous. It is not recommended for a long time to pull starfish out of the water. If you hold them under the sun, they quickly die.

If you book an excursion, then you will be brought to fully equipped and comfortable beaches. It is not recommended to swim independently in remote places due to the large number of midges and mosquitoes. Specially equipped beaches are comfortable and convenient:

  • There are no small biting insects.
  • There are rental points of sunbeds.
  • There are changing cabins.
  • There are beach bars serving delicious tropical drinks and snacks.
  • There is no trash. The beaches on which tourists are brought are systematically cleaned.
  • A buffet is organized. People dive into the sea, relax, have a bite, and then again enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

By the way, these beaches of the Dominican Republic are ideal for wedding photo sessions. Therefore, tourists are very pleased to order the services of a photographer who captures incomparable pictures. The island of Saona is in great demand among newlyweds, as well as couples who hold a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic.

4. Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is one of the most famous resorts in the Dominican Republic. And the point is not that it is the capital of the country. This city is a cultural center with a long history and traditions. It was founded in 1496, and its founder is Bartolomeo Columbus, the brother of a famous navigator. In addition to being the capital of the Dominican Republic, the city is the oldest settlement in America, which was founded by Europeans.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Over its long history, the city has repeatedly changed its name. At one time he bore the name of Ciudad Trujillo and New Isabella. Today tours to Santo Domingo are very popular. This is primarily due to favorable weather conditions at the resort almost year-round. The city also boasts of having interesting sights and entertainment for every taste. A trip to Santo Domingo is a great travel solution!

Santo Domingo is characterized by ancient buildings in the Gothic, Romanesque as well as Arabic styles. The must see list should include objects that belong to the colonial period, for example:

  • Osama fortress, built in 1507;
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, where Christopher Columbus was previously laid to rest;
  • Tore del Omenache – a tower built in 1507;
  • Rosario Chapel (1496);
  • Casa de Engombé is a palace whose construction was completed in 1535;
  • Casa del Almirante – another landmark palace, 21 years older than the Casa de Engombé;
  • Alcazar is a castle in the city, the construction of which was carried out under the patronage of Diego Colon, the legitimate son of Christopher Columbus.

Buying a tour to Santo Domingo is worth at least in order to see all of the above objects. In addition, there are many museums in the city, the most significant of which is the Columbus Lighthouse. You can also look into the museums of modern art of the Dominicans, the royal houses. Visit the National Museum of History and Geography – there are many interesting things for both children and adults.

5. Juan Dolio

The city of Juan Dolio is not full of attractions. Tourists come here to swim in the Caribbean, to relax on one of the white beaches of the Dominican Republic. The resort of Juan Dolio has a favorable geographical position. Not far from it is the famous city of La Romana, which offers a comfortable rest on the sea, as well as sightseeing. Juan Dolio is located near the capital. Therefore, tourists must visit Santo Domingo. Juan Dolio itself is considered as a small town. Apart from the main street, life goes on measuredly. There is no need to use a car to get around the resort town. The best option is on foot or to rent a bike.

Juan Dolio, the Dominican Republic

Juan Dolio

The resort has a fine sand beach. In total, three popular places can be distinguished: Caribe, Guayacanes, Juan Dolio. The beaches are very beautiful, they are being looked after. Tourists coming to the beaches of Juan Dolio should consider some important points:

  • Sand does not heat in the sun. Therefore, tourists can walk barefoot on the sand.
  • Corals and algae begin only after 30-40 meters from the coast.
  • In some places there is no sand entry into the water. Tourists are advised to purchase special slippers so as not to injure their legs. Such places are only away from hotels.
  • Hotels provide sun loungers and tents for all guests free of charge.
  • Almost all beaches are protected from strong winds and waves by a large coral reef. Therefore, fans of surfing prefer Caribe beach. It is not protected from strong waves. Surfers use this to enjoy skiing.

The surroundings and neighboring cities allow you to see a lot of interesting things. You can enjoy golf at the Metro Country Club. The field is designed for both amateurs and professionals. If you want to learn the basics of this aristocratic game, then welcome to the LOS MARLINS Golf School.

The cost of the lesson includes renting the necessary equipment for the game, as well as renting a special machine to move around the field. Another popular golf club is Guavaberry Golf & Country Club. There is a field with 18 holes, as well as areas for horse riding. Fans of extreme entertainment should visit the town of San Pedro de Macoris. Here on a specially prepared track, you can drive on the map. The speed is high, so the adrenaline rush is provided.

If you prefer more peaceful places, then visit:

  • Cave of the Cueva de las Maravillas. You will see the walls painted by the Indians who lived here many years ago.
  • Flower farm. Equipped paths creating a beautiful green labyrinth, coupled with a botanical garden, attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Islands of Saona and Catalina. Here tourists will find a tropical paradise. Tours are organized. For example, on the island of Saona, you will be offered to spend the whole day and swim in the company of starfish. An extended excursion offers a visit to the famous village of artists.
  • Casino located at the Barcelo Capella hotel. There are a huge number of slot machines and interesting board games. You can spend all night in this place, having a lot of fun.

6. Barahona

This place is incredibly beautiful. The wide bay, in which some of the best beaches of the Dominican Republic are located – San Rafael, Paraiso, Los Patos – is washed by a crystal-clear calm sea.

Playa San Rafael, the Dominican Republic

Playa San Rafael

Barahona, conveniently located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, shows us incredible natural diversity and unprecedented beauty. Where else can you visit the desert, drive for half an hour and find yourself in a dense forest? In Barahona, as well as Bahoruco and Pedernales, you can visit 3 different and absolutely ecologically unique places: Pit (Hoyo de Pelempito), the Lagoon (Laguna de Oviedo) and Cachote.

Everyone has to visit Enriquillo – a river that has become a local attraction not so long ago. Here lives a huge population of crocodiles, iguanas, flamingos. The road, which is worth following only because of its beauty, leads to the promenade, on which some of the most beautiful villas are built throughout the Dominican Republic, and of course, to the beach. The shores of Barahona are considered one of the best for lovers of underwater adventures and year after year is gathering many divers near its shores. It is better to come here in the dry season – the weather is more pleasant!

The beaches here are very small. There are pebble beaches, there are beaches covered with snow-white soft sand. And they are washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The best beaches are San Rafael, Paraiso, Los Patol, Saladilla, and El Quemaito. The beaches of Barahona, like the other beaches of the Dominican Republic, are unforgettably beautiful, one of them is the deserted beach of Puerto Alejandro, located behind the settlement of La Canoa. Not far from Barahona, near the village of Cabral, there is the Rincon or Cabral lagoon, in the vicinity of which you can visit many caves, see pink flamingos, turtles, Creole ducks and herons. Also here is a mysterious place – Polo Magnetico. If you leave the car on neutral transmission in this abnormal zone, you can observe the rarest optical illusion: the car itself will fall… up!

There are many unusual places to visit in Barahona: Sierra de Neiba National Park, Haragua National Park, Lake Enriquillo and Isla Cabritos National Park. The city of Barahona is very interesting for its colonial-style houses, the Central Park, the cathedral, the central sugar plantation, the plantations of cacti, vegetables, bananas, and the market. On Seafront Boulevard you can find many restaurants, night clubs, local craft stores. The nightlife here consists of a couple of pubs and clubs where mostly Latin or Dominican music plays. Maybe in hotels there will be some fun after sunset, but there are not many options in the city in this regard.

The conclusion

All the beaches of the Dominican Republic differ in length, width, number of vacationers, and the level of infrastructure development, however, there is one factor that unites them all – beauty and amazing comfort. Local beaches of the Dominican Republic meet the requirements of even the most demanding and spoiled tourists, that is why these places are often called paradise. It only remains to choose the best beaches available to feel like in the famous Bounty chocolate advert. However, there is one “but” regarding all the beaches … They cannot be described in words since even the most striking epithets will not be enough – you need to visit each coast and all the beaches of the Dominican Republic!

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