Passenger Car or Minibus Up to 4 People

Do you want to book airport transportation?

Have a car waiting for you when you arrive to take you straight to your accommodation! (The driver will even call ahead to let the property manager know you are on your way).

We highly recommend you to book your transfer with us to save both time and money.

Reviews: 2
Exceptional! 5/5

  • MaliaRegin
    2018-10-15 09:50:48

    Special thanks to the experienced driver who drove us to the property quickly and comfortably. The car is comfortable, with air conditioning; the price is rather good for this type of vehicles. Great for a small company or family with much luggage.

  • Tia Eleano
    2018-04-21 06:59:26

    We traveled this time with our children, and you know, traveling with children is a big deal. We decided to book a minivan for us so that we did not need to waste time searching for a safe and comfortable taxi at the airport. The vehicle arrived at the appointed time, clean, serviceable. The driver was polite and spoke English. He drove us to our reserved apartment, and we did not have to explain to the driver where we need to go.

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People Also Ask

How can I book on this site?

You can book without any commission fee - just use our booking form or mail/call us directly.

What if I have any problems?

We provide personalized service in Punta Cana. If you have a problem or question, do not hesitate to contact us.

How is Punta Cana for vacation?

Punta Cana is the main vacation destination in the Dominican Republic, famous for beautiful tropical nature and entertainment facilities. We recommend you to visit Saona island, El Limon waterfall, Scape Park, golf courses and enjoy seadiving.

When to visit Punta Cana?

The peak season or high season in Punta Cana falls on the period from December to March. Although the weather is pleasant during the year, these months are the coldest months in the nothern countries and tourists are looking for a warm and pleasant weather that the Dominican Republic provides. Be aware to book your Punta Cana vacation rental much in advance for this period.

Can I travel with US dollars to Punta Cana?

Here are many restaurants and shops where the US dollar is accepted in Punta Cana. However, we would recommend you to exchange something to be sure. The Dominican peso (RD$) is the official currency of the Dominican Republic.

What is the official language in Punta Cana?

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic. But English is spoken in most tourist areas, so that you will feel free to communicate.

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