Unforgettable Private Hummer Adventure



See unforgettable places with historical significance.

Chill out on the beach

Chill out on the beach

See the authentic Dominican ranch

See the authentic Dominican ranch

See the delights of a genuine Dominican ranch where you may try horseback riding and see how local people live, visit sugar cane plantations, tobacco and chocolate factories.

Dominican Traditional Lunch

Dominican Traditional Lunch

You will be served Dominican Traditional Lunch, cold drinks and fresh fruit.

Buy souvenirs

At the end of the trip, you may buy souvenirs at a gift shop.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 

Approximate pickup time from your hotel or Pick up point: 8 a.m.

Duration – half a day

What to bring: Comfortable clothing and shoes, swimming suit, good mood.

What’s included in Hummer Adventure? 

+ Comfortable transportation, food and drinks.

+ Unique Hummer Adventure experience.


  • Authentic Dominican ranch
  • The best wild beach in the area
  • Opportunity to get eco products at the ranch


  • It may be very sunny and hot at the ranch, so take a hat and sun protection cream with you.
  • If you want to ride a horse, don’t forget long jeans or pants to protect your legs.

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Reviews: 5
Exceptional! 5/5

  • Dominic M.
    2018-10-16 11:34:50

    Nice experience. We enjoyed the comfort and adrenaline rush during the road! And I loved each of the stages including the traditional stop with a lunch:)

  • Carla Arman
    2018-05-03 09:34:27

    We spent our day seeing the lands and the beautiful spread of flowers and the ranch. We really didn’t expect to have such beautiful experience but we did. Awesome. Just Awesome. It was a great addition to the trip.

  • Fraank Gallegos
    2018-04-21 07:02:53

    We decided to go on the tour to see the Dominican Republic in a beautiful way. It was marvelous. Cheap and really comfortable. We are a group of four, my girlfriend, her sister with her boyfriend and me. Our tour guide was actually nice and communicative. We found ourselves laughing really hard.

  • Angela Bartlety
    2018-04-21 06:39:52

    Absolutely enticing trip in the luxury Hummer. We could not afford to buy one, and our Dominican break just went awesome with the private tour. Who would have known that such beautiful places existed? My family had a great time.

  • Perery Lamb
    2018-04-11 10:52:19

    Our company decided to see the local Dominicans’ life and enjoy the beauty of the island with its stunning views. That’s why we chose a hummer adventure. We had much fun during our trip and for the first time in our life we visited tobacco and sugar cane plantations, and even tasted it. And surely then we enjoyed the sun and sea baths on the beach. That was a perfect experience!

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