Long-term rentals in Punta Cana – Weekly & Monthly deals

Vacation rentals and long-term rentals in Punta Cana are the two main priority areas of our company. We offer the widest range of rental offers tailored to the individual requirements of clients. We provide apartments in the DR for the period necessary for a client, and the cost of renting is determined by the level of equipment and the location of the object.

Oreuga Sea - apartment for a long term in Punta Cana

Oreuga Sea – apartment for a long term in Bávaro, Punta Cana

Today, renting in the Dominican Republic is a fairly profitable business with a high level of competition, so tourists can be sure that their rented property meets the highest comfort requirements. With Everything Punta Cana LLC, long-term rentals are convenient and easy:

  • Selection of property on request;
  • Flexible rental conditions: 1 or 2 monthly deposits usually requested;
  • Flexible terms: no strict term restrictions;
  • Simple requirements: only passport or ID, no other solvency proof is required;
  • Wide geographical coverage: properties in any popular areas of the Dominican Republic – Punta Cana, Bavaro, Cap Cana, Casa de Campo, La Romana, Cocotal, Jacabacoa, etc.

How much is monthly rent in Punta Cana?

A wide choice of properties offered by Everything Punta Cana LLC is unique of its kind in the Dominican Republic and meets any budget. The offer includes always private, individual lodging of the following budget categories:

  • Economic: from US $500/month
  • Family: from US $800/month
  • Penthouses: from US $1000/month
  • Villas: from US $2500/month
  • VIP-properties: from US $5000/month

Although we feature rental options throughout the country, our focus is on Bavaro and Punta Cana areas, as, in our opinion, these are the most dynamically developing places in the Dominican Republic. The largest tourist area, the best beaches, extensive infrastructure and big airport – all these make the Punta Cana area the most attractive for both recreation and investment.

Main areas for long-term rentals in Punta Cana & Bavaro

  • Punta Cana: the area “for rich” – clean, calm, but expensive. Far from the main civilization, close to the airport.
  • Veron – mostly Dominicans live, far from the sea, apartments from $250.
  • Pueblo Bavaro – a little closer, guarded residence, large. Not expensive.
  • IFA – a large cottage community, different houses, prices from $650 for a 2-room apartment. By the sea, with security.
  • Cortecito and El Dorado – beach area, different villas and residences.
  • Cocotal – a golf club, prestigious, the best security, prices from $700 for a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • White Sands – good and spacious apartments, from $850 on the second line. Golf course view.
  • Friusa – the district of locals and with some poor areas, with some apartments from $350. Noisy. Far from the beach.
  • El Ejecutivo – large area, lots of people from Europe, 3rd line, 2-bedroom apartments. From $450 per month. The security is not very well. Many Dominicans and Haitians.

Long-term vs. short-term rentals: what you need to know

Contrary to popular belief, renting an apartment in Punta Cana for a long time is a good deal. Despite the fact that the daily rent of different types of properties in Punta Cana varies from several hundred to several thousand dollars per day – with a long-term lease, the same objects can be rented at half price or less.

Each owner of the apartment has their own terms of renting and making a deposit. But in most cases – you pay for the first month, and also leave 1 or 2 deposits equal to the amount of one-month rental fee – damage deposit. Upon expiration of the rental agreement, the owner or administrator looks over the property and returns the deposit back.

The owner can also indicate whether it is allowed to live in the apartment with animals and if so, with which ones. If, for example, especially big dogs live with you, then you may be asked for additional documents – a certificate from work, a Dominican guarantor, or to prescribe separate conditions in the contract. Also, the residences where the apartments and villas are located have their own rules. For example, there may be a ban on noisy events after 11 p.m.

As in other countries, the better the view of the ocean or the sea is, the more expensive the property is. There are also, for example, villas and apartments with a private beach. Their price will be much higher than even of the most luxurious ones.

Main advantages of booking for a long time from Us

  • We work directly with the best residences in the country and villas, we have a developed network of partners.
  • We offer our guests properties that best meet their expectations.
  • Our team is constantly expanding its base. Therefore, we often visit the properties and have our own portfolio – up-to-date photos and videos.
  • We know the advantages of each area and will be able to answer all your questions.
  • We provide additional services: car rental for a long and short term (sedans, jeeps, convertibles), concierge service, organization of rest, yacht charter, excursions, organization of private flights by airplanes and helicopters and much more


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a rent in Punta Cana?

The number of rooms in the Dominican Republic is counted by bedrooms. Rent of apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms practically does not differ in price. Therefore, 2-bedroom apartment is generally in high demand.

The cost of long-term rentals in Punta Cana for a 2-bedroom apartment in a simple but comfortable enough area is from $700 per month if you know how to search, since the prices for the renting apartments have jumped up recently. In such an inexpensive, but still decent enough apartment, there will be a minimum set of dishes, pillows, a coffee maker, and a washing machine.

How much is it to rent a house in the Dominican Republic?

An inexpensive apartment in the Dominican Republic can be rented from $500 per month. More expensive – from $1000 for the same period. Prices are higher for daily rentals. The cost of renting villas in the Dominican Republic starts from $400 per day.

Previously, small apartments were rented out faster at low prices. More expensive properties with two or three bedrooms and good views are in demand now. For short periods, apartments are rented faster near the beach and well-developed infrastructure in Punta Cana, Sosua and Cabarete.

Inexpensive apartments can cost $30-50 per day for a short period and from $500 per month for a long term. Apartments in complexes on the 1st line cost $150-250 per day and from $1,500 per month – for long periods. A villa in the Dominican Republic near the beach starts from $700 per day and more, but it also depends on its equipment.

The most expensive season is holidays and vacations, when numerous tourists from all over the world go to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the New Year or Christmas under a palm tree, as well as Catholic Easter and surfing season, when lovers of high waves flock here from mid-December to late January.

What is the richest city in the Dominican Republic?

On the southwestern coast of the country is the famous “Coconut Coast”, widely known for the resorts of Punta Cana and Bavaro, which are considered the best in the Dominican Republic. The city of Punta Cana has developed into a prestigious holiday destination over the past 25 years. Bavaro, famous for its beaches, is the most popular resort in the Dominican Republic. It is located 25 kilometers from Punta Cana Airport and is connected to the main cities of the country by a well-developed road network. This is a great place for outdoor and diving enthusiasts.

And, of course, the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. According to the Expatisan, the cost of living there is 6 points lower (72) than in Bavaro (78). You can compare different prices in Bavaro and Santo Domingo here.

But the most expensive city in the Dominican Republic is Baní in the Peravia Province near Palmar de Ocoa. Prices there are a third higher than in the capital!

Is it safe to buy property in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, as long as you purchase property in accordance with the law. Due to the peculiarities of the Dominican law, a potential buyer is advised to hire a lawyer before signing any agreement, making a payment or making a deposit. Depending on the wishes of both parties to the contract, an authorized lawyer will take over all the procedures and collect all the information that is necessary in order to guarantee the buyer’s rights, before signing the preliminary sales contract. Also, your lawyer must get a certificate from the title registry confirming a legal status of the property you want to buy.

A lawyer should check if the seller owns the property and if there are tenants or improvements owned by third parties. This is especially important if the property is not fenced in and is located outside of known residential areas and complexes. It is recommended to fence the property before entering into a transaction in order to find out in advance about any third-party claims. If there are tenants on the property, the buyer needs to be advised that Dominican law protects their rights and, therefore, their eviction can be difficult and costly.

The lawyer in charge of the transaction or the client must make sure that the seller does not have debts in payments for water, electricity, telephone, cable TV services and so on.

How long can a US citizen stay in the Dominican Republic?

The maximum time that a US citizen can stay in the Dominican Republic as a tourist is 30 days. If you decide to stay for a longer period, you will be charged an extended stay rate at the airport, proportional to the amount of time; RD $2,500 (approximately US $50) for an additional month.

How much is $100 US in Dominican pesos?

The Dominican peso (ISO code: DOP), is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. US $100 is approximately 5,848.75 DOP.

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