Casa de Campo – Best Area of La Romana in 2024, the Dominican Republic – FAQ

Casa de Campo is a 7000-acre resort in the Caribbean that hosts the most exclusive hotels, resorts and residential places. It offers a range of rooms that give comfort and style to all individuals visiting the Dominican Republic. Casa de Campo is a favorite destination for many people and has been a popular location for travel and vacation.

Casa de Campo beach

Casa de Campo – Best Area of La Romana

Casa de Campo advantages

  • It has well-equipped and trained staff who cater to the various facilities present in the resort.
  • It has grown in popularity for its vast selection of accommodation covering suites in hotels and also private villas, which can be a suitable option for many visitors.
  • It provides the needed privacy, freedom, and safety when traveling, especially to a new location.
  • While staying in Casa de Campo, you will have an easier time accessing other attraction sites and places since it located in a convenient position. The location is quite close to other attractions.
  • It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, like Minitas beach

Visiting Casa de Campo allows you to explore and engage in different activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddle boating. The water sports at Casa de Campo will make your stay here one the most memorable experiences in your life.

Casa de Campo snorkeling

Casa de Campo – one of the best spots to snorkel

Top places to stay in Casa de Campo

If you are looking into coming to Casa de Campo, there are enough places for you, and you are assured of the best service and amenities, which will be worth it. You are welcome to contact us to have a choice of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Casa de Campo

1. Why is Casa de Campo famous?

Casa de Campo has been known as a luxurious place for well-known individuals. Famous individuals from various fields like entertainment and politics have frequented the location over the years, gaining popularity and attracting more people.

Facilities offered in Casa de Campo provide the luxurious feel of a home away from home, which can come in handy significantly when changing the scenery.

The fun and thrilling experience give the best opportunity for more people to attract investment and other developments that continue to grow the resorts. One aspect is the celebrity sightings which draw more people to the resorts. You are likely to believe a place is good when a celebrity is sighted or has good reviews from people you know.

2. Is Casa de Campo expensive?

We have no doubt that visiting Casa de Campo is a very pricey place when considering a vacation. This spans the rooms, hotels, villas, and the general service they offer. This particularly applies to oceanfront villas and other strategically located rooms.

Part of this comes from the luxurious comfort they provide in the suites and the upholding of privacy. Places rarely crowded can have a more significant attraction, thus the high spike in prices. The presence of facilities like spas, private villas, golf courses, the beach, and snorkeling contribute to the high prices.

3. How much are the Casa de Campo villas?

Average prices in the resort and villas are offered through a nightly fee. The prices include the stay at the rooms or villas without having any other service. Different packages start at $549 to $800 per night.

Again, this will depend on the estates and their services or facilities, the closeness to the beach, Jacuzzi, pools, and golf course, among other considerations.

Prices are high, and you may need good planning to enjoy and budget wisely. However, there are various booking sites that can help improve interaction with the villas’ owners and get you the best offers on the market.

4. What celebrities live in Casa de Campo?

Most U.S. celebrities have once stayed in Casa de Campo, offering it the renowned popularity and fame it has. Various properties in the Dominican Republic have been said to be owned by celebrities from the U.S. and European countries.

Thus, during your stay at Casa de Campo, it is perfectly normal to have names such as Beyoncé, Pitbull, Eric Decker, and other celebrities pop up. Celebrity sightings are also common; through these investments many people made by them, more people have the opportunity to have a better experience here.

5. Is Casa de Campo safe?

Security is paramount in Casa de Campo, and it is common to find all entrances to the resorts heavily guarded; through advanced technology, monitoring is effectively done.

This is an essential part as it attracts more people to the resort. Extensive security is necessary, and protocols are prevalent to provide reliable protection to the various facilities.

Also, having high-end individuals coming to the resort, it becomes essential for security to be highly maintained, and constant security inspections are done to prevent any breaches. The area also hosts multinational individuals who hold respect for each other. The resort also has strong security policies, which are upheld.

6. How far is Casa de Campo from the beach?

The beach is within driving distance of the resort. The closest hotel is located 3 kilometers from the beach, which will involve a little drive to the beach. However, it is still convenient to access it at any time as there are available and ready means to take you to and from the place.

Depending on your location, the distance will vary depending on the location you are from. The car services, especially the fees, may differ according to the distance needed to be covered. However, private villas are found in the middle, making it easier for you to access the beach anytime.

7. Who is the owner of Casa de Campo?

The resort is said to be first introduced by Charles Bluhdorn, who saw it as a place for his retreat. He then invested in property, attracting more multimillionaire business-minded individuals who have seen the growth of the resorts and created a world-class representation of the various facilities. The Fanjul Family from Florida owns the Casa de Campo resort; they control the exclusive resort.

8. How much does it cost to live in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic?

Property at Casa de Campo varies around U.S. $1.5 million, especially the average price. However, as stated before, it will depend on the type of property you choose because of its different aspects.

Other fees are also included, such as maintenance fees providing the various ranges you will likely experience. The budget for purchasing and living in Casa de Campo is costly, and the prices will probably change and vary at different times.

9. How many villas are in Casa de Campo?

Casa de Campo leads in the number of large estates having over 70% properties in real estate. It has over 2.300 private villas and hotels which boost the Dominican Republic and also building on its reputation among other individuals and people.

The price of the villas ranges from U.S.$500,000, which makes them the most expensive property in the world. They harbor the best exclusive resorts, which help boost the popularity and economy of the Dominican Republic.

10. What airport is closest to Casa de Campo?

The La Romana International Airport is the nearest airport to Casa de Campo. It is a 10-15-minute drive to the resort’s entrance and has the easiest and most convenient way to access the resort.

The airport services chartered flights from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and other destinations, making it practical for visiting individuals covering international flights.

11. What does campo mean in the Dominican Republic?

Campo means the countryside in Spanish, which is used to describe the community where people live together. The traditional view of home or community in the Dominican Republic is characterized by independent communities that enjoy helping out and having a good time while at it. The community offers the aspect of togetherness, offering great reception and community, which guarantees safety and a good time.

12. Is Casa de Campo a good investment?

Casa de Campo is an excellent choice whether you want to pursue a business investment or a place to call home. It is a comfortable space to provide much-needed privacy in real estate and economic benefits.

An advantage is that there is no foreign restriction to property ownership around real estate, thus giving you the freedom to choose the type of place you like. The residential community is also reputable, allowing you to have a smooth interaction with others.

13. Is golf included at Casa de Campo?

There are various golf courses in Casa de Campo. Different villas offer golf facilities which even improve the experience for you. The golf course pricing is commonly included in the villas, or alternative golf packages and facilities are set according to the different backgrounds.

14. Where did the Kardashians stay in the Dominican Republic?

The Kardashian stayed at Casa de Campo during season 7 of the world-famous TV show KUWTK. They are among other celebrities who have vacationed in the area, making it a strategic and good destination for people to enjoy their vacation.

The attractive sites and shores are popular, and the Kardashian took advantage of the amenities in the villa, from the beach to the golf course. The villa they stayed at was also visited by other major celebrities like Drake, Justin Bieber and Beyonce.

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