What is the most beautiful part
of The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a state located in the eastern part of Haiti Island and coastal islands. Some tourists wonder: “Where is it? Will I be swimming in the sea or in the ocean?” Actually, you may get both variants. The Dominican Republic Island is washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the north and by the Caribbean Sea from the south.

The Dominican Republic map

The Dominican Republic map

The northern coast excels of its immense waves and is highly recommended for experienced surfers. The Atlantic coast is less crowded and is suitable for those who prefer privacy and solitude. The Caribbean part provides paradisal hasteless holiday. The alongshore waters are relatively shallow and calm. That is the most suitable place for snorkeling and scuba diving newcomers.

What we get from our guests really often is a request – “What kind of country is the Dominican Republic”. So, guys, it is almost impossible to explain. It is so different! So unpredictable and inexpressible, that there is only way out – to see it with one’s own eyes. And what can be more illustrative and evident than well-organized excursions?!

We provide various kinds of fantastic extreme, relax, adventure, historical, eco excursions. Moreover we arrange parties and cruises, half day and full day experience. Besides that, we invite you to fishing and diving as well as offroad Punta Cana riding. But now let’s have a look at the most popular and favourite directions when travelling to the Dominican Republic.

1. Punta Cana

There is a special place where tourists can combine the Atlantic and Caribbean experience. And that place is Punta Cana! Actually, it is watered by Mona channel that is a peculiar kind of water-parting line between the sea and the ocean.

We find Punta Cana the most attractive destination in the Dominican Republic and offer the best family resorts and ocean view apartments as well as comfortable villas in this most exciting and fascinating place in the whole republic. Definitely, Punta Cana is one of the most beautiful part of The Dominican Republic.

2. Samana

Samana is a little town situated in the Samana peninsula in the north-east of the country. Heavy jungle and magnificent waterfalls inspire wonder and taste for adventure.  So, if you are eager to make great discoveries and unexcelled photos – this is a right choice for you.

Visit Bacardi Island and El Limon Waterfall or a legendary whale watching excursion and learn at first hand – Samana is worth seeing. Besides, if you choose Samana as your temporary residence and want to spend some time there, we can offer you an ocean view villas with a pool, 1 minute away from the beach. Fall in love with Samana, it deserves your love.

El Limon Waterfall, The Dominican Republic

El Limon Waterfall

3. Santiago

Santiago is a province in the north of the country. It is a cultural, historical and industrial center. Certainly it is worth visiting if you take interest in leather goods, shoes, genuine cigars and rum. Acquire a true taste of the Republic!

Read here for more historical excursions and very special local experience. To find out what to bring from the Dominican Republic read our tips. Obviously, souvenirs keep memories alive long after the trip is over.


What to bring from Punta Cana

4. Sosua

Sosua town excels of its peculiar coastline spreading along the cup-shaped bay. The town is famous for its active nightlife. This is a popular tourist area among young travelers. Sosua is a joyful and crowded place. Bars and discos let you forget your worries and dip you into the atmosphere of endless fiesta.

Actually, if you are an active nightclub-goer you may also be interested in party&fun excursions. Visit party at the cave or golden night in the style of Las Vegas disco during your stay in Punta Cana. Book VIP table or get premium access to Imagine Night Club. Enjoy the natural carnival of emotions! So, are you ready for a long party?

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