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Why is La Romana so attractive for tourists?

La Romana is a municipality in the Dominican Republic and also it is a city is the center of the province La Romana. It is located between the capital of the DR Santo Domingo and the east coast resort of Punta Cana. La Romana is also one of the most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic for its white-sand beaches, warm ocean, tall palms, and luxury hotels.

There are excellent conditions for a beach holiday, a well-developed infrastructure, all types of water sports, and many pleasant entertainments for any taste. In other words, you will definitely find what to do here. If you want to visit the Dominican Republic and enjoy a relaxing holiday there, you should pay attention to La Romana, as it is one of the best places for families and romantic vacations.

La Romana resort stretches along the coastline and offers excellent service, infrastructure, food, and entertainment. The most popular local beach – Bayahibe – can be perceived as a revived picture with an ideal exotic landscape – the contrast of white sand, azure ocean, and clear blue sky create an incredibly beautiful sight. In addition to this, there is a picturesque fishing village located nearby, consisting of small multi-colored wooden houses.

The property of La Romana area is worth attention as well. It corresponds to the standards of a perfect tropical apartment. On our website, you’ll find plenty of luxury villas of different sizes and styles in this area.

Top places to visit in La Romana in 2023

1. Beaches of Bayahibe, Dominicus, Minitas

Within walking distance, there is a stunning beach area: the paradise beaches of Bayahibe, Dominicus, Minitas. The resort is located very close to the city, so shopping centers, supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and restaurants, nightclubs, hospitals are almost always available to you. La Romana has its own international airport. There is no public transport from the airport. But you have the opportunity to order transportation, and we will be happy to help you.

With no doubt, La Romana is an interesting place with many attractions and good resorts, but tourists go to the Dominican Republic mainly to enjoy a beach holiday. Can the beaches of La Romana offer what tourists expect from Dominican beaches? Sure they do! Light sand, clear turquoise water, and tall coconut trees? Yes, all of them are here!

2. Casa de Campo resort complex

Casa de Campo is the most famous resort complex on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic, which offers its guests everything so that they do not have to leave its territory. There are 3 golf courses, a private harbor, a luxury spa, and other facilities.

The Casa de Campo Marina was built on the spot where the Chavon River and the Caribbean Sea meet. It is located next to the Casa de Campo complex. There are many luxury vessels in the marina, you have the opportunity to rent boats, yachts, or boats if you wish!

3. Altos de Chavon Mediterranean village

One of the main attractions of this area is the town of Altos de Chavon, created in the style of a 16th-century Mediterranean village. Here you will find cobbled paths, art galleries, shops, restaurants, pottery workshops, and more. The Chavon River runs past La Romana and it is home to many species of the Dominican fauna. Without a doubt, the Chavon River is a great place to go by boat or kayak.

4. The Eastern National Park

The Eastern National Park is a huge nature reserve that is home to rare plants, birds, and marine animals. Its area is over 310 square kilometers (192 miles). The famous island of Saona is considered part of this national park.

La Romana is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, formerly known for its sugarcane plantations. Now this place is known for its paradise beaches on the Caribbean coast, many unique attractions reflecting local culture.

Why villa is the best choice for a vacation in La Romana?

Are you looking for a luxury vacation and the most comfortable living conditions in La Romana? Then we recommend paying attention to the villas. This is a great option for living, where there is absolutely everything for the convenience of guests. First of all, renting a villa provides:

  • Complete privacy and freedom of action
  • Private area with swimming pool
  • Close to the sea
  • Your own sunbathing area
  • Services of the maid and personal chief
  • Space for up to 16 guests

Renting a villa you get a spacious and full of light house, fully furnished and equipped. You are provided with your own private luxury area, including a swimming pool and sunbathing area. Real palaces are available for rent, offering every luxury imaginable. The size and content of the villas are very diverse, so you can choose the perfect option for yourself.

Villas in La Romana are a reasonable choice for a group of friends and family. On our site, there are options in a wide price range that will please your preferences. You will definitely find a suitable option for yourself, and in case of difficulty, we will make for you a selection of the villas for your perfect tropical holiday in La Romana.

How much is it to rent a villa in la Romana?

The price starts at $765. The most expensive one is the Villa Hermosa I for $2104 per night. As you can see the price range is big and you can choose the one that corresponds to your financial capabilities. What does the price depend on? Of course, the price depends on the size of the villa, the number of bedrooms, its equipment, proximity to the sea, and the season.
How to rent a villa ar apartment cheaper? We offer you some vacation deals if you travel to La Romana. You can grab an amazing discount if you:

  • Book an apartment directly on our website. This way you get a 35% Off immediately!
  • Choose a long-term rent. It’s much cheaper than a vacation rental.

Assistance in renting apartments and villas is our main activity. We will make a selection of villas according to your preferences and budget so that you can find your dream villa as soon as possible. To get more information about prices and special offers contact us and check out our website!

What special hospitality services do we provide?

  • Maid service all day long. Maid service is included in a villa rental. A maid will maintain order and cleanliness in the house almost 24/7. Also, the maid will provide the laundry for your belongings. You can contact her with additional requests for cleaning.
  • Personal chef in your villa. The additional services of a private chef are suitable for both a couple and a large company. The chef can prepare meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a special occasion like a birthday. The menu will be made according to your taste. All dishes are prepared exclusively from the freshest ingredients purchased from local markets. A good opportunity to forget about household duties and completely immerse yourself in the tropical flow.
  • In-home Massage & SPA. To fully relax and feel the tropical chill, we suggest you use the services of massage specialists. Various massage techniques from good specialists are available to you. This additional service is available right in your villa.
  • Arrangement for the transportation. You do not need to think about how you will get your suitcases from the airport. If you are going to lunch, go shopping, and you need driver assistance or other means of transport, we can arrange this for you.

Why is it so easy and simple to work with Us? We make a selection of apartments especially for you. We have the simplest and most comfortable conditions and flexible rental terms.


Frequently Asked Questions
about La Romana

1. Is La Romana Open?

Yes. The resort is open for tourists, though there are still some covid-19 restrictions as social distancing, wearing masks, and PCR tests made before your arrival in the Dominican Republic.

2. What is La Romana known for?

La Romana is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, formerly known for its sugarcane plantations. Now it is a world-known resort for its paradise beaches on the Caribbean coast and many unique attractions reflecting local culture.

3. Does La Romana have nice beaches?

Yes, it does! La Romana is famous for its wonderful beaches. The beaches of La Romana combine everything you need: tall palm trees, wide white sand coasts, and turquoise waves of the Caribbean Sea. On some beaches, you can also observe the life of the local inhabitants.

4. What is better La Romana or Punta Cana?

La Romana is a serious contender for Punta Cana. In terms of the variety of hotels, Punta Cana is ahead of La Romana, though prices for a hotel or apartment in Punta Cana are noticeably higher.

Punta Cana is on the Atlantic coast, while La Romana is on the Caribbean coast. That’s why Punta Cana has cooler waters (1-2 degrees colder than La Romana), higher waves, and seaweed on the beach. La Romana offers calmer and warmer waters with less seaweed. The set of excursions in both resorts is almost the same.

5. How far is La Romana from Punta Cana?

The distance between La Romana and Punta Cana is approximately 73 km. The best way to get from one city to another is by car, taxi or bus. Travel by bus takes an hour and a half on average, and less than an hour by car.

6. How do you get to La Romana?

La Romana has its own international airport, so you have the opportunity to arrive right there. If you are arriving at Punta Cana Airport, you can take a bus or taxi and get to La Romana within 1,5 hours.

7. Is La Romana Dominican Republic Safe?

Tourism in the Dominican Republic is absolutely safe now. There are almost no cases of covid-19 here, infectious wards in hospitals are empty. In addition, the territories of the resorts are protected areas, so you can feel totally safe.

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