How can I go to Caribbean for cheap? Punta Cana vacation deals 2024

Most people are convinced that only wealthy people can afford a vacation in the Caribbean. We will try to expose this myth, as we do know how to get a cheap and affordable vacation in the Caribbean. The only thing you need to know is when and where you can pay less. In this article, we are going to tell you when it is a more profitable time to travel to the Caribbean, and which destination it is better to choose to make your trip cheaper.

Cheap Caribbean vacation

Make your vacation cheap, but as enjoyable as an all-inclusive tour

What is the cheapest month to go to the Caribbean?

The cheapest season to travel to the Caribbean is summer, to be more precise – from May to September. And this has its own reasons:

  • Summer season in the Caribbean is more humid and rainy, and this scares many tourists. But there is no reason to be afraid of the rains here. As a rule, they are short-term and more often go at night rather than during the day.
  • Also, it is common that it is raining only on one part of the island, therefor if you will rent a car, you can easily travel to another part and enjoy a peaceful and serene beach without rain on another part of the island.

What's the cheapest Caribbean vacation?

The most affordable and the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean are the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. Among all of them, the Dominican Republic is the most popular among tourists.

The DR is a fairly large country in comparison with others in the Caribbean. It has diverse landscapes, rich culture, and insanely beautiful beaches. Besides this, it is more convenient and safe for tourists among the countries listed above.

Most tourists choose to spend a vacation in the resort area of Punta Cana, but areas of La Romana, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica, Puerto Plata and Samana are also popular.

Where to stay in the Dominican Republic for reasonable money?

There are many nice places to stay in the Dominican Republic, and in every area, it is possible to find a budget place for an affordable holiday. If to talk about the most popular destination in the Dominican Republic, which is good not only for your wallet, but also for your eye, it definitely would be Punta Cana.

This area is full of luxurious resorts, which might be not a very cheap option, but the good thing, this area is also full of all-inclusive apartments and villas for rent, which is more affordable if you are planning a vacation with whole your family. Besides this, Punta Cana is a place that gets the least amount of rains in the whole DR.

How to save on food while traveling?

The best way to save on food is to cook it by yourself, that is why renting an apartment with a kitchen is also a good choice. You can buy food in small shops away from tourist places (they are called “Mercado”) the price for basic products is usually lower than in tourist places. If you love seafood it is cheap to buy it from fishermen on the beach. You can catch them on the beach when they are coming back from fishing in the evening.

If you are not a big friend of cooking, then you can eat in cheap local cafes, where you can find popular Dominican dishes. But if you are traveling with friends or family, it would be a good option to hire a maid who can cook for you three meals per day for the whole company. How to organize it in advance? Just write to us and we will help you with it!

How to save on transportation when you travel?

As for transportation, the same as in all countries, the cheapest transportation option is public transport. But if you are traveling with friends it would be reasonable to rent a car or use the taxi services.

However, if you are going to explore local attractions, keep in mind that it is more profitable to purchase an excursion at the agency, as its price includes not only transportation, but also services of a guide, lunch, and drinks.

More tips to fit your vacation budget

One more tip, for those who are traveling to Punta Cana and want to stay at a luxury place, but want to fit his budget. Before arriving in Punta Cana, it is better to gather your friends and come here in a large company. In this way,  you can get a cheap and wonderful vacation. As we already mentioned, instead of a hotel, you can rent an all-inclusive apartment or a luxurious villa.

This will be much cheaper than a vacation in a hotel, plus you will have more privacy and a more authentic and unique place to stay. In addition, you can consider that purchasing a tour in Punta Cana will be also cheaper, as travel agencies often offer good discounts for groups of tourists.

What is the cheapest vacation site?

You can check the various and cheap offers of places to stay in Punta Cana on Here you can find all types of apartments and villas. From small studios for 1-2 people to big villas for companies of 10-15 people.


As a Conclusion

We hope that after reading this article, you will not have any doubts that going on vacation to the Caribbean can be cheap. You can fly to the Caribbeans cheaply in different ways: choose a low season, share a villa or apartment with a big company, choose an uncomfortable flight, book a cheap hotel or buy a ticket several months in advance. There are many options. Besides all, gentle ocean, great climate, fine white sand, and the generous Caribbean sun will be totally free for you, which is the most important!

You can check the various offers of places to stay in Punta Cana on our site. Here you can find all types of apartments and villas. From small studios for 1-2 people to big and luxurious villas for companies of 10-15 people. Let us know your budget and travel plans, and we will help you to organize the best vacation of your life!

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