Cap Cana – Things to See and to Do in 2024

Cap Cana is a lush neighborhood in the Dominican Republic – an island nation in the Caribbean and offers amazing tourist destinations to anyone who wants to feel the tropical vibe on this side of the world.

Cap Cana, Eden Roc

Cap Cana, Eden Roc

Cap Cana is among the most beautiful destinations you can visit worldwide. This great place is found in the eastern part of the country and encompasses many thrilling and exciting things to see.

There are many exceptional things you can see and do in this paradise – swimming pools, amazing beaches, adventure parks, golf cources, dance lessons, live music, lots of sport activities such as tennis, fishing, and boating. You will also come across incredible souvenirs and local art galleries stores.

What to do and what to see at Cap Cana

1. Scape Park

One of the most exciting things you can do at Cap Cana is to visit the Scape Park. The park is so popular that almost every visitor to Cap Cana enters the park. It encompasses a thrilling zip-lining from a cliff; you can jump from the zip lines hovering above the water. Swimming below the caves is an unforgettable experience.

Scape Park at Cap Cana

Scape Park at Cap Cana

You can snorkel and cruise in the turquoise blue waters at an additional cost. Or maybe secure a 4×4 off-road buggy and explore the puddles, dirt trails, and muddy terrain found in this park. Other marvellous activities in this park include the Cultural Route. It is a journey where the visitors will learn more about the ancient Taino Indians, including their homes.

2. Punta Espada Golf Club

Punta Espada Golf Club at Cap Cana

Punta Espada Golf Club at Cap Cana

Golfers will enjoy quality time at the Punta Espada Golf Club. The Jack Nicklaus golf course opened in 2006 and has been the number one golf course in the area for about eight years. The course features eight holes and overlooks a beautiful background of the blue seawater.

3. Juanillo Beach

Cap Cana Juanillo Beach

Juanillo Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches of Cap Cana

If you are looking for pristine and gorgeous beaches, this is the beach to set foot on. Juanillo beach is a private beach meaning non-guests cannot access it. Unlike the other beaches that may be crowded, this beach is laid back with few individuals meaning you will have an easy time relaxing at this beautiful natural spot. Its crystal-clear waters are shallow, so anyone can swim here, even beginners.

The best hotels and resorts in Cap Cana

Below are some of the spectacular resorts and hotels you can stay at when visiting Cap Cana.

1. Eden Roc Cap Cana

It is a five-star hotel and one of the best you can stay in Cap Cana. Here you’ll have access to free WiFi and free parking. The resort has excellent services and mouth-watering cuisines that make you want to stay longer on the Caribbean Island.

Eden Roc

Eden Roc

2. Sanctuary Cap Cana

It is a prominent and one of the best Cap Cana resorts you will ever visit. The resort’s inspired design incorporates a Caribbean laid-back vibe and the Spanish colonial village with modern accents. The pathways are well-maintained and groomed to give you a relaxed and homely feeling.

Sanctuary Cap Cana resort

Sanctuary Cap Cana resort

You will find an exquisite casino, 5 bars, and five outstanding restaurants. It also has a private beach where visitors can enjoy the clean beach as they bask in the clear water. This resort also acts as a meeting place where you can hold business meetings or meetups at world-class recreational facilities.

3. Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa

The resort is strategically situated in the Cap Cana gated community to offer visitors an experience like no other. Experience the highest luxury levels in this resort and spa. From here, you will access the pristine blue waters of the sea and marvel at the beautiful beaches.

The resort encompasses 457 suites furnished with top-shelf spirits, gourmet dining, and articulate Caribbean furnishings. Just nearby, you can enjoy thrilling excursions, a renowned fishery, and the expansive Punta Espada golf course.

Vacation rentals in Cap Cana

  • There are villas and apartments for rent if you want to reserve one during your time in Cap Cana. The apartments and villas are quite spacious and exquisite. You will pay around $180 for the stylish studio apartments per night.
  • One-bedroom condos and apartments will cost you approximately $210 to $275 per night. Visitors who would love to rent exclusive villas will have to pay from $1700 to around $4500 depending on the state and luxury facilities you will receive.

Most of these high-end villas will have a chef, maid on site, and jacuzzi. The more expensive ones will have even better and more luxurious facilities such as a golf cart and access to exclusive resort offers.

Cap Cana is one of the perplexing tourist destinations you can visit in the Dominican Republic. Visit this place to enjoy all the itineraries mentioned above and things to do. It will offer you an unforgettable experience.


Frequently Asked Questions
about Cap Cana

1. How far is Cap Cana from Punta Cana?

From Punta Cana, you will cover some 9 km to get to Cap Cana. However, the road distance is about 12 km.

2. What is the difference between Punta Cana and Cap Cana?

Punta Cana is a resort town found in the Dominican Republic. It encompasses turquoise waters and pristine beaches.
Cap Cana is a neighborhood found in Punta Cana. The place has alluring golf courses, world-class resorts, and sensational shopping complexes.

3. How do you get into the Cap Cana?

The easiest way to get to this Dominican Republic getaway is via airplane. Fly to the Punta Cana International Airport, which is just 10 minutes from Cap Cana, and then take a taxi or a private shuttle service to your destination.

4. Is Cap Cana gated?

Yes, Cap Cana is a 30,000-acre gated community where you can enjoy lots of fun and exciting activities.

5. Is Cap Cana expensive?

Cap Cana is not a very expensive destination as other Caribbean destinations. Even though not as expensive, you are bound to find some four and five-star hotels here where you will have to pay more.

6. Is Cap Cana better than Bavaro?

If you are looking for stunning beach resorts, Bavaro should be the next place you stop. It is prominent because of the spectacular beach resorts found here. Bavaro beach is one of the most phenomenal beaches around the Caribbean. On the other hand, Cap Cana has lots of activities and stuff to do, seemingly livelier.

7. Is Cap Cana a nice beach?

Cap Cana beach is full of lively and fun things to do. You can bask, dine at serene places, and marvel at the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, as well as grab some snorkeling gear and enjoy the underwater Caribbean life.

8. What airport do you fly into for Cap Cana?

To get to Cap Cana, you will first fly into the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). From there you take a taxi or a private transportation service to Cap Cana.

9. Are masks required at Sanctuary Cap Cana?

All Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in the Dominican Republic, so no masks are required right now.

10. Is the Dominican Republic open to tourists?

Dominican Republic is open to receiving tourists who are eager to enjoy life and sun. However, travel restrictions vary so it’s better to check with your country’s guide for travelers.

11. Which country is Cap Cana?

Cap Cana is found in the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic, in one of the most breathtaking parts of the world.

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