Safety in Punta Cana – Security Checklist 2024

You are going on vacation and want to have some unique local experience and to be safe at the same time? So where and how can you rent a great apartment in a safe gated community? With great food, beach access and a great variety of activities around. What should we do to get it all? How to make sure that the area you are going to is safe? What areas are centric and what is nearby?

Imagine you are going with your family on vacation in the Dominican Republic. You selected Punta Cana as your destination. You want to have privacy and ocean view. And a walking distance to the beach, because otherwise you need to rent a car, which in this particular case can be a headache. You want to rent some really unique place with lovely turquoise ocean, palms, sand and paradise.

Imagine yourself observing all these stunning pictures with those who you really love. You found the apartment of your dreams but now you are most likely worried about security. Let’s think about it together. What are the most important key factors of safety? What do you think?

Vasiliy Smetanin

Vasiliy Smetanin. Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.

This is Our Security Checklist 2024

  • Secured gated community
  • Security on the beach
  • Management team
  • The neighborhood!
  • Cleaning and sanitary
  • Water safety
  • Food safety
  • Legal services
  • Transportation

A Closer Look at these Safety Factors

1. Secured gated community

Secured gated community is a huge advantage. Nobody can go inside without special pass or admittance. You can also check if there is a security guard patrolling around in the community.

2. Security on the beach

Security on the beach will help you to protect your belongings. Though why don’t you leave your super modern laptop at your vacation home?

3. Management team

You may ask if this is really important. But answer yourself the following questions. Who is really managing the residence? Who are you going to call in case of emergency? Who can you ask? Rent from the good host or hosting company this is an additional advantage in case your host have the ability to support and help you.

4. The neighborhood

You need to rent in a good and safe neighborhood. You can go with the cheapest options and if you are renting the apartment for less then 50-70 USD you are probably not in a safe area. Take into consideration that your host has to spend at least 25 USD for cleaning and other house chores.

Too much money… But how about bed bugs? Consider at least $300-$500 medical bills if you have any infection. Allergic to anything? You should pay even more attention to the neighborhood factor.
You need to make sure that you have at least some basics knowledge about the area you want to live in

5. Cleaning and sanitary

This topic is huge. I still cannot get it how people can rent some apartments for 20 USD if cleaning services cost around 25 USD for the one-bedroom unit. Of course, if you really spend money and efforts to clean. Detergents and cleaning materials are not cheap in the Dominican republic.
Think twice before going cheap. Good host will never save on these things hence guests’ health it is his economy health

6. Water safety

You need to make sure that you have drinking water in the apartment. You cannot drink water from the faucet. You can only brush your teeth and take a shower. You definitely need to use purified water to drink. You should drink a lot of water if you are in the tropical environment to provide your body with healthy hydration level.

7. Food safety

If you are buying your groceries in the supermarket you need to wash your fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to this, because it is very important, especially in a tropical climate.

Going to a restaurant? Make sure that it is a big place and that they have a warehouse to store products. Most small restaurants at the beach don’t have proper space for a warehouse and I would buy there some bottled beverages but that’s it. Play smart and be safe – I guess it applies to any place you are going to.

Alcohol. This is something. Even the best alcoholic beverages without smart consumption could make a lot of damage to your health. I won’t even mention the episodes when people mix alcohol with drugs or medicine.

Drugs… Stay away from this. Be smart. I would definitely leave smoking cannabis to the countries where it’s legal – the Netherlands, Some states in the US. Do not buy that kind of trash experience. It’s illegal in the DR.

8. Legal services

Illegal services – this is the biggest pain and a huge risk. Stay away from all cheap and illegal services: transportation, excursions, trips etc. If you book anything, make sure that they have a license to do this service. It’s rather easy math: you can save $10 on excursion and then spend a whole day at the police department filling out the papers. And worst-case scenario: you go to an excursion and something happens. If they don’t have touristic insurance – you are on your own.

One more reason. Let’s say there is a storm warning for today. All legal operators are canceling all trips, sending your money back! They are not going to put you at risk, they have responsibility. Why? They have a lot at stake. To get a touristic license is not an easy task in the DR. Whereas all illegal operators steer out to sea and go ahead with their excursions no matter what. They need money now, they don’t have long term strategy.

And please don’t buy anything at the beach, but of course, it’s up to you to decide. Fake cigars, unlicensed excursions etc. – you can find plenty of these things.

9. Transportation

It is rather easy to save 5-7 USD and go with illegal transportation (transport facilities). What does illegal mean? – No license, no transportation check. Cheap propane equipment. Are you sure you want to have this kind of a risk for 5-7 USD? I would never put my family in such transportation.

Safe Areas in Bavaro, Punta Cana

Now let’s evaluate some specific areas in Bavaro. I am just taking some of them to bring the idea of proper safety check. In such way, you can evaluate any residence in Bavaro or Cap Cana. The most popular area for vacation rentals are Los Corales, Cocotal and Turquesa.

The Dominican Republic beach

The Dominican Republic’s Beaches. Los corales, Bávaro.

Los Corales Area

Positive in Los Corales:

  • Security 24/7
  • The best beach in the area looks like paradise, feels like paradise.
  • Security on the beach
  • In most cases beach chairs
  • Super centric – everything is within walking distance

Negative in Los Corales:

  • When it rains, water could have some specific odor. It’s not dangerous for your health but still unpleasant. Though you can use this water for shower and if your host is providing such bottled water you can use it to brush your teeth.
  • Street hustlers, unfortunately, they are everywhere. Just say no.

Cocotal Area

Positive in Cocotal:
  • Security 24/7
  • Amazing golf fields & central pool
Negative in Cocotal:
  • It’s a closed gated community far from the beach at least 5-7 min driving

Turquesa Area

Positive in Turquesa:
  • Super centric – everything is within walking distance
Negative in Turquesa:
  • This area is practically without drawbacks

Presidential Suits

Positive in Presidential Suits:
  • Great area & hotel-style amenities
  • Nearby to the beach
Negative in Presidential Suits:
  • You need to walk 5-7 minutes to the city center where all restaurants and activities are


Safe Apartments in Punta Cana

Here are some good examples of apartments in safe areas of Punta Cana

With this information in mind, you can plan everything properly. You can book a safe apartment with a breathtaking ocean view. You can get safe transportation and great excursions for your best memories and really unique emotions. Good luck!

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