Nightlife in Punta Cana

Everyone knows that Punta Cana is famous for its perfectly white beaches and ideal weather from January until December. There’s no windy and frosty weather here, nature flourishes all year round. The question how is Punta Cana for vacation is simply odd – summer all the time.

Speaking about nightlife in Punta Cana you can use for advice such websites as TripAdvisor or other travelers’ forums, but in our blog, you will find 100% truly and worth reading information about popular night clubs here.

Of course, Dominican nightlife can hardly be compared with Ibiza, but here is a list of some interesting places to visit while having vacation. Spend a night out in Mangu disco club listening to pop music or techno-house, drink some cocktails and relax with your friends.

If you travel with a nice friendly company, it won’t be boring at all: entertainment places, pubs, and bars are more than enough in here. Besides practically, all-inclusive resorts have its own party places with free entrance for hotels residents, but regular tourist can have some fun too paying a 5-10$ entrance fee. Most of our apartments have a within reach location to such places.

1. ORO Nightclub

ORO club is quite popular for being visited by worldwide known celebrities and fabulous shows. The location is not far from the Hard Rock Café. They provide one of the best shows on the island, but the prices are pretty relevant to the quality.

ORO Nightclub

ORO Nightclub

2. Imagine Disco

Local nightlife should be mentioning by having an exclusive cave look Imagine Punta Cana Disco. The most outstanding feature is that the club is really situated in 3 big caves which are connected with different corridors. The place is totally secure and you’ll have nothing to worry about, it can hold up to 3000 guests.

Imagine Disco Club

Imagine Disco Club

3. Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo is recently opened, but it becomes the hottest nightlife spot. The club is located in 15 minutes stroll from the Bavaro beach. It is a combination of Cirque du Soleil, a concert, theater and a disco. Nice place for a friendly night out.

Coco Bongo Club

Coco Bongo Club

4. Pacha Bavaro

Pacha Bavaro should be your next check in places. First of all, it’s a new club, but with a good reputation. This club is an international franchise, so each detail meets the strict requirements, not only in the sense of music but in the means of service too.


The conclusion

Mentioning the clubs’ security, you can be sure that each party place in Punta Cana has its own security guards and planning to chill out in a night club take a sum you’re intended to spend, not all the money that you’ve brought with.

You can always ask us to help you with planning your fantastic pastime, especially day excursions like snorkeling, boating, buggy ride or zip line adventures.

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