Are All-Inclusive Worth It?

So, what do travelers basically expect from a great vacation? Obviously, emotions. Positive emotions. Generally, we all look for comfort and a lack of troubles while travelling abroad. And what do you think is the most common mistake tourists make visiting the Dominican Republic or any other popular direction?

I’ll answer. They have too high hopes for all inclusive and the whole all inclusive system! Some of them truly believe that all inclusive packages can guarantee that their holiday becomes wonderful. Unfortunately, even top  Punta Cana hotels, not to speak of cheap ones, can spoil your mood and naturally destroy your vacation.

Punta Cana all-inclusive

Are all-inclusive worth it?

So, expectations. Expectations aren’t satisfied if only because each tourist has his own ones. It seems like the best hotels can realize all your dreams regarding a perfect holiday even if it costs a lot. But in reality you feel scammed. You paid through the nose for an absolutely mediocre vacation. It didn’t even what you had imagined.

So, why? Why looking so attractive all inclusive hotels in Punta Cana appear to be a cunning scheme of travel agencies for those all tourists are as like as two peas. Well, let’s find out why cheap packages on level with the best ones can’t provide the high quality of service you reckon on.

All inclusive and the restriction of freedom

Many travelers truly hate all inclusive system for is a schedule. Some of them can’t stand to wake at cock-crow not to miss breakfast. Have you ever dealt with the situation when you came to the hotel restaurant to find out empty plates and trays, because nimbler guests had already devastated all the food supplies? Certainly, most of us had such experience.

Another example, when you have to break your surroundings exploring to come back to the hotel for lunch. It might be much more authentic to wander along the streets and come by little restaurants with the inimitable local cuisine. And then go on strolling. But you have a pre-paid lunch in the hotel and have to cut short your walk at the most exciting part.

All inclusive lunch

All inclusive and restrictions

Besides, having settled for the Dominican Republic in a hotel you deprive yourself of a pleasure to stock up at the local markets/stores. It seems to be almost impossible to study the country, get to know its culture, particulars and mentality sitting at the hotel on their system.

Above all, you miss out on the very special experience, emotions which another kind of travelers has, living independently, in apartments or a villa. And it appears to be not very reasonable to change all these bonuses on the buffet lunch slavery. Not to mention that such a system commonly leads to overeating. Along with cheap low-quality alcohol it certainly results in intestinal issues.

What else all inclusive packages are fraught with

What personally I loathe such packages for are swarms of people around. We have to move over in the pool, on the patio, at the bar. We’re obliged to wait for tardies in a bus whether we are going to an excursion or have a transfer from/to the airport. We depend on others all the time. It deprives us of not only a particular level of comfort, but also valuable holiday time.

All-inclusive hotel

All-inclusive and freedom

To save time, money and get more qualitative service it might be rational to book one of the private accommodation variants as well as transfer, any of various kinds of excursions and any of additional services you may need. So, it seems to be not so hard to be an active independent traveler and not to stick to all inclusive hotel system.

We let you get everything you may need while visiting Punta Cana simultaneously as if it were the best all inclusive hotel. But at the same time it makes your vacation unique, comfortable and beneficial. Save time and money — enjoy our services!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean all inclusive?

It means that your stay, unlimited food, drinks, activities and entertainment – all are included in the price of your resort.

Is it cheaper to go all inclusive?

No. Self-catering vacations are understandably cheaper than those that include breakfast, full-board and so on.

Is all inclusive worth it if you don't drink?

No, if you don’t drink, you may not get your money’s worth.

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