Best Punta Cana Helicopter Tours 2024

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Reasons to choose Helicopter Tours in Punta Cana

Enjoy the beauty of the island from a bird's eye view! While traveling in a small VIP helicopter along the coastline of Bavaro – Punta Cana, you will be able to photograph amazing tropical landscapes and panoramas of the coast as a souvenir and even ask the pilot to hover over the apartment where you are vacationing.
The best way to get to know your vacation destination is to get a glimpse of it from up high, or better yet, from the window of a helicopter that will take you to the most interesting places in the tourist area of Bavaro Punta Cana. During your flight you will have the opportunity to see your hotel from above, enjoy the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, see a sunken barge, wild white sand beaches and multi-million dollar golf projects.

1. The helicopter tour will be an unforgettable adventure for your family

You will have a fantastic view of the tropical paradise, turquoise waters, sandy beaches. From a bird's eye view you will see the junction of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. We have several programs for you to choose from. Depending on the chosen program, you will fly over the beach of Macao over the beaches of Bavaro from 10 to 40 minutes.

2. Exclusive access to remote and inaccessible areas of the DR

Helicopters can reach areas that are difficult to access by traditional means, allowing you to explore hidden gems and remote locations that might be inaccessible by road or on foot. Traverse landscapes and discover remote locations that remain beyond the reach of roads or hiking trails, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic from a privileged and secluded vantage point.

3. Romantic experience of traveling by helicopter

Indulge in the ultimate romantic experience with a helicopter tour—a perfect choice for couples seeking a unique, intimate adventure. Soaring above picturesque landscapes, you and your loved one will share an unforgettable journey, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The breathtaking views and the thrill of flying together create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere, making a helicopter tour an exceptional and memorable experience for couples.

The best helicopter tours in Punta Cana

1. La Jalda Waterfall and Esmeralda Beach

A great time in the Dominican Republic will be a tour to La Jalda Waterfall and Esmeralda Beach by helicopter. By purchasing this tour, you can enjoy the views of the Dominican Republic from above and see many beautiful places that can only be reached by helicopter.

  • It will take 50 minutes to fly to La Jalda Waterfall, which is lost in the dense jungle of the Dominican Republic. It is the highest waterfall not only in the Dominican Republic but also in the entire Caribbean -120 meters.
  • The helicopter will fly over the wild jungle and the Caribbean Sea during the flight. Flying over the waterfall, the helicopter will hover briefly in the air, allowing you to take stunning pictures for your photo collection.
  • After flying over the waterfall, you will head towards Esmeralda Beach. Once the pilot lands the aircraft on the ground, you will have about 1 hour of free time.
  • Esmeralda Beach is famous for being huge and wild, allowing you to relax in solitude with nature. Lunch will be organized at Esmeralda Beach, which is included in the price of this tour. You will also have time to freshen up and sunbathe on the white sandy coast of Esmeralda Beach.
  • When the tour time at Esmeralda Beach ends, you will board a helicopter and soar into the sky above the sea. The pilot will take you to the helipad in no time, from where you will take our comfortable transfer to your hotel.

Buying our helicopter excursion to La Jalda Waterfall and Esmeralda Beach guarantees a fabulous vacation, leaving you with the best memories of the Dominican Republic for a long time.

2. Luxury tour to Saona paradise by helicopter

Dreaming of traveling to the most tropical island? Dreams come true! An unforgettable flight from the Atlantic to the Caribbean awaits you and landing on the private beach of the Bounty Island – the incredible Saona. Saona will welcome you with a warm Caribbean sea, white sand beach and take cold drinks and have an amazing lunch.

  • Travel time to Saona by helicopter will take about half an hour. You will fly over beautiful Caribbean landscapes, tropical jungles, and more during this time.
  • During the flight, you will have an excellent opportunity to take pictures of the views you can capture right from the top. You can look at the pictures taken on a flight with interest and share them with your loved ones.
  • Once you land on Saona Island, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the island and its white sandy beach with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Upon arrival on the beach, you will be offered drinks. At lunchtime, you will be offered delicious paella with chicken meat, various fish and seafood, salads of fresh vegetables, side dishes of potatoes, and delicious local fruits. There will also be a bar with soft and alcoholic drinks on the beach.

To summarize, we can say only one thing: by taking a helicopter tour to Saona Island, you will be able to relax your body and soul.

3. Full of adventures Punta Cana helicopter tour

Experience an incredible helicopter journey, dominating the sky and encountering intense sensations on the Buggy Tour and Zip Line ride. Following this action-packed day, unwind by the pool with a waterfall and relish a delightful lunch at the park. Rest assured, this day will become a memorable story to share enthusiastically upon your return, given the overwhelming emotions you'll encounter!

  • Helicopter tours are a popular way to get a bird's-eye view of the beautiful landscapes in destinations like Punta Cana. These tours often provide stunning panoramic views of the coastline, beaches, and other natural landmarks.
  • Buggy tours are a fun way to explore the off-road terrain of Punta Cana. Participants usually drive their own off-road buggies through scenic routes, including jungle paths and rural areas. It's an exciting and adventurous way to experience the local environment.
  • Zip-lining is a thrilling adventure activity where participants traverse between platforms along a cable. In the context of Punta Cana, zip lining might take place in a lush tropical setting, providing an adrenaline rush and spectacular views.

Combining these activities into a full-day extreme adventure could create a comprehensive and exciting experience for participants. Participants might start with a helicopter ride to enjoy an aerial perspective of the region, followed by a buggy adventure to explore the natural surroundings and conclude with a zip line experience for an adrenaline-filled finale.

4. A helicopter ride over Punta Cana.

This is the best gift you can give yourself on your Dominican vacation – a helicopter flight over Punta Cana. You will experience the incredible feeling of flying while admiring the stunning views. This experience happens perhaps once in a lifetime, don't miss the chance to make your vacation unforgettable. There are 4 options:

  • A brief yet exhilarating journey, this 10-minute helicopter flight offers a taste of the stunning landscapes of Punta Cana. Experience the thrill of soaring above pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and iconic landmarks, capturing the essence of this tropical paradise in a short and memorable ride.
  • The 15-minute helicopter flight extends the adventure and allows for a more comprehensive exploration of Punta Cana's and Arena Gorda’s beaches. Enjoy additional aerial views, including the coastline, resorts, and lush greenery, providing an extended and immersive experience high above the region's scenic wonders.
  • This 20-minute helicopter flight takes you on an extended journey, offering an even more in-depth perspective of Punta Cana's diverse landscapes. Marvel at the intricate details of the coastline, witness the interplay between land and sea, and capture breathtaking moments during this extended skyward adventure.
  • For those seeking a more leisurely exploration, the 30-minute helicopter flight provides ample time to absorb the panoramic views of the Bavaro area, ecological Cabeza de Toro, and Uvero Alto. Soar over picturesque beaches, discover hidden coves, and witness the natural beauty of Punta Cana from a unique vantage point. This extended flight allows for a more relaxed and immersive experience.
  • The 40-minute helicopter flight offers the ultimate aerial tour, allowing you to delve deep into the heart of Punta Cana's landscapes. From the azure coastline to the lush interiors, this extended journey provides an extensive and captivating overview, ensuring you don't miss any of the region's breathtaking features.

Helicopter tours in Punta Cana offer a unique and breathtaking perspective of the region's stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters. These tours provide an opportunity to see the beauty of Punta Cana from the air, offering a different dimension to the usual ground-based experiences.

As a conclusion

All the beauty of the breathtaking Dominican beaches can be appreciated from the air on a helicopter ride. Kilometers of palm groves, crystal clear azure waters, at the bottom of which you can see corals, shipwrecks, and the endless horizon of the ocean. Enjoy an incredible helicopter flight over Punta Cana!

Frequently asked questions about
helicopter tours in Punta Cana

1. What time of day is best for a helicopter tour?

The best time of day for a helicopter tour depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for and the specific views you want to enjoy. Here are some considerations:

  • Early morning flights often provide calm and clear conditions, with soft lighting that can enhance the beauty of the landscape. It’s a great time for photography.
  • Mhe sunlight can be more direct around midday, creating vibrant colors and sharp contrasts. This is a good time if you want well-lit, vivid views.
  • Afternoon flights can offer a different perspective as the sun starts to cast longer shadows. It’s also a good time to enjoy the changing colors of the scenery.
  • Sunset flights are famous for the magical golden hour lighting. The landscape takes on a warm glow, and the long shadows can add drama to the scenery.

Consider the specific views you want to see and the lighting that appeals to you. In Punta Cana, any time of day can be spectacular, with the coastal beauty and vibrant landscapes. When are you thinking of taking your helicopter tour?

2. What do you wear on a helicopter tour?

Choosing the right clothing for a helicopter tour is important for comfort and practicality. Here are some tips:

  • Comfortable clothing: Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. You might experience some wind, so consider layers you can easily adjust.
  • Closed-toe shoes: Opt for closed-toe shoes, preferably sneakers or hiking boots. It’s safer and more comfortable than sandals or open-toe shoes.
  • Secure accessories: If you have long hair, consider tying it back. Secure any loose accessories like scarves or hats to prevent them from flying off during the flight.
  • Sunglasses: The sun can be intense, especially when flying at higher altitudes. Sunglasses with UV protection are a good idea.
  • Camera or smartphone: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone for capturing those incredible aerial views!

If you’re taking a doors-off helicopter tour, the wind can make it cooler, so bring a light jacket just in case. Many operators provide headsets to protect your ears from the noise. Punta Cana’s weather is usually warm, so dress accordingly, but it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast on the day of your tour. Ready to suit up for your sky-high adventure?

3. What are the best seats on a helicopter tour?

When it comes to the best seats on a helicopter tour, it often depends on personal preference and the type of experience you’re looking for. Here are a few considerations:

  • Front seats: If you want the best panoramic views and the closest look at the pilot’s actions, the front seats next to the pilot (often referred to as the “co-pilot” seats) are ideal. However, keep in mind that not all tours allow passengers in the front.
  • Window seats: For excellent photo opportunities and a clear view of the scenery below, window seats are a solid choice. These seats are typically along the sides of the helicopter.
  • Middle seats: If you’re less concerned about taking photos and more focused on the overall experience, the middle seats might offer a more stable ride.
  • Doors-off experience: If available, choosing a doors-off tour can enhance the experience, providing unobstructed views and a more immersive feeling.

Remember that the seating arrangements can vary depending on the helicopter model and the tour operator’s policies. If you have specific preferences, it’s a good idea to communicate them with the tour provider when booking.

4. Are helicopter tours worth it?

Absolutely! Helicopter tours are often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and many people find them worth the investment. The unique vantage point, the ability to hover and get close to stunning landscapes, and the thrill of flying in a helicopter make it a memorable adventure.

In a place like Punta Cana, where you can enjoy breathtaking coastal views and explore hidden gems from the air, a helicopter tour can provide a perspective that’s hard to beat. It’s a fantastic way to capture incredible photos, create lasting memories, and appreciate the beauty of the destination in a way that ground-based tours simply can’t match.

If you’re a fan of adventure and want to see Punta Cana from a whole new angle, a helicopter tour is worth considering. Ready to take to the skies?

5. What is the cost of riding in a helicopter?

The cost of a helicopter ride can vary widely depending on various factors, including the location, tour duration, type of helicopter, and any additional services or amenities provided. In Punta Cana, helicopter tours for tourists might range from around $150 to $500 or more per person, depending on the specifics of the tour.

Check with local tour operators for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing. Remember that some operators might offer different packages, like doors-off experiences or private tours, which could affect the cost. While it might seem a bit pricey, the unique perspective and unforgettable memories from a helicopter tour are often considered worth the investment.

6. Are helicopter tours bumpy?

Helicopter rides can sometimes be bumpy, but it’s usually not too intense. You might experience some turbulence, especially if you’re flying in areas with changing weather conditions or over diverse terrain. The sensation differs from flying in a fixed-wing aircraft, as helicopters are more agile and can make sudden movements.

Pilots of tourist helicopters are trained to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride for passengers. Consider factors like weather conditions and aim to minimize turbulence. The slower speed and ability to hover give helicopters more flexibility to navigate and avoid rough patches.

If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s always a good idea to let the pilot know before the flight. They can often make adjustments to ensure a more comfortable experience. The slight bumps are usually a small trade-off for the incredible views you’ll get during a helicopter tour in Punta Cana! Ready for a smooth but thrilling ride?

7. How fast do tourist helicopters go?

Tourist helicopters typically cruise from 185 to 269 km/h. The speed can vary depending on the type and model of the helicopter. These speeds provide a good balance for sightseeing purposes—fast enough to cover a reasonable distance during a tour but slow enough to allow passengers to take in the breathtaking views.

In Punta Cana, the helicopter tours are designed to offer a comfortable and scenic experience, showcasing the beauty of the coastal landscapes at a leisurely pace.

8. Is a doors off helicopter tour better?

Ah, the classic doors-off dilemma! Opting for a doors-off helicopter tour can provide a more immersive and exhilarating experience. Without doors, you get an unobstructed view, feel the wind in your hair, and capture amazing photos without pesky reflections.

However, it’s not for everyone. It can get windy and noisy, and it might be intense if you’re not a fan of heights or strong gusts. Safety-wise, doors-off tours are well-regulated to ensure proper harnesses and precautions. So, it depends on your preference for a more raw, thrilling adventure or a slightly more controlled and comfortable ride.

9. Can a helicopter fly a mile high?

Absolutely! Helicopters are pretty versatile and can reach altitudes well beyond a mile. A helicopter’s maximum altitude depends on its type, design, and engine capabilities. In general, many helicopters can fly comfortably at altitudes of about 3 to 4.5 kilometers, and some specialized models can go even higher.

For scenic tours or transportation purposes, flying a mile high is well within the capabilities of most helicopters. It would provide you with a fantastic view of the landscape in Punta Cana.

10. What are the pros and cons of a helicopter?

Helicopters come with their own set of pros and cons. Among the pros we can highlight:

  • Versatility: helicopters can access remote or difficult-to-reach areas, making them ideal for search and rescue, medical transport, and tourism.
  • Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL): helicopters don’t need a runway; they can take off and land vertically, allowing them to operate in confined spaces.
  • Maneuverability: helicopters can hover, fly backward, and make tight turns, providing maneuverability that fixed-wing aircraft can’t match.
  • Speed: while not as fast as some airplanes, helicopters can still cover short distances quickly.

Regarding the cons, there’re some of them:

  • Cost: helicopters are more expensive to purchase and operate than fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Fuel efficiency: they generally have higher fuel consumption per mile than airplanes.
  • Limited range: helicopters are best suited for short to medium-range flights. Long-distance travel might not be as practical.
  • Noise: helicopters can be noisy, both for those inside and people on the ground. This can be a drawback in residential or quiet areas.
  • Weather sensitivity: helicopters are more affected by adverse weather conditions than fixed-wing aircraft. Low visibility, strong winds, and storms can limit them.

Regarding a scenic tour in Punta Cana, the pros, like the ability to hover for breathtaking views and access to more secluded spots, likely outweigh the cons.

11. What can I expect from my first helicopter ride?

It’s exciting, a unique perspective, and maybe a bit of an adrenaline rush! Helicopter rides offer a thrilling experience as you soar above landscapes, and in Punta Cana, you’re in for a treat with stunning coastal views. Hovering above the ground and taking in the beauty from above is quite special. Just remember to bring your camera for some epic aerial shots!

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