Is it safe to travel to the Dominican Republic in December & January 2024?

The year 2020, shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, is coming to an end, and the high season in the most popular Caribbean destination starts. The Dominican high touristic season falls on the period from November to March, when tourists are ready to pay higher prices only to find a sunny getaway in the Dominican Republic from the cold winter in their native land.

Moreover, in winter, the Dominican Republic boasts the most comfortable weather, even for elderly people and small babies who hardly tolerate humidity and high temperatures characteristic of the Dominican summer months. From November to March, the air temperature is just ideal, the ocean breeze takes the heat away, and the ocean water is crystal clean. Finally, from January to March, thousands of tourists gather in the Dominican Republic for whale watching – a unique spectacular natural phenomenon.

But is it safe to travel to the Dominican Republic in 2020-2021 high season? Because of COVID-19, many tourists cancelled their vacations in 2020, still feeling unsure about when it becomes safe to travel abroad. Good news: the Dominican Republic is one of the safest and the most attractive destinations for travelling in winter 2020-2021. Let us check why.

COVID-19 under Control in the DR

COVID-19 strict Government control

COVID-19 strict Government control

Although in summer of 2020 the Dominican Republic was experiencing a drastic increase of COVID-19 cases, the strict preventive measures and restrictions of the government produced a desired effect and helped prevent the spread of the virus and take the situation under control. The gradual reopening of tourism, hotels and beaches keeps the statistical data stable and does not leave any chance for a new wave of epidemic.

The spread of the virus is under strict government control: social distancing rules are in force; hygiene and health safety protocols are practiced in all hotels, restaurants and public places. That is why most visitors of the country who came to the Dominican resorts in October 2020 highlighted that they felt very safe and came back home healthy.

All Dominican Beaches are Open Right Now

Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana

Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana

Why is it important for my safety, you will ask. Just imagine if there were only a few beaches open, it would have caused conglomeration of many people on these beaches and it would have been extremely difficult to maintain social distance. But all Dominican beaches are open since July 2020 and according to President Luis Abinader, they will not be closed and the access to them will not be restricted in any way. It means that the Dominican Republic has space for all: enough beaches to follow social distancing rules, feel secure and private in the Caribbean paradise.

Cheap Hotels in the Dominican Republic

There has never been so much value for money in Dominican hotels! Although the prices usually get much higher in winter, this season is going to be really unique. To boost tourism and attract guests, Dominican hotels offer unprecedented deals, exclusive discounts and cheap packages even in the high season!

If you could not permit travelling in the high season before and celebrating the New Year at one of the all-inclusive resorts, this is the right time to pamper yourself without wasting much money! Moreover, despite the curfew, at hotels you can have fun and party all day and all night: the curfew restrictions do not apply to all-inclusive resorts!

Staying at all-inclusive Dominican hotels is safe despite COVID-19: under the auspices of the government, the Dominican Hotel Association ASONAHORES and the Dominican Ministry of Health, all hotels must follow hygiene and health security protocols, guarantee compliance with social distancing rules, deep cleaning and sanitation. So, during this high season, you get more for less!

No COVID Tests at Dominican Airports

Punta Cana Airport

Punta Cana Airport

Although the Dominican anti-COVID measures are strict, the government also makes sure tourists enjoy their vacation experience and are not bothered with any extra requirements when crossing the Dominican border. There is no requirement for a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival to the Dominican Republic. COVID-19 rapid tests are randomly performed at Dominican airports. Even if the medical staff picks you for a quick test, it will not take more than 10 minutes.

Apart from these main determinant factors during the COVID-19 times, the Dominican Republic has for you all its always-present attractions: the best beaches, the cleanest ocean water, the tastiest Caribbean food, and the happiest local people who welcome all guests with all their heart and soul, as if they were waiting for you all their life. Make sure you take this chance and enjoy the Dominican hospitality in 2020-2021 high season, when your Dominican vacation will cost much less than before.

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