Best Slingshot Punta Cana Tours 2024

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Why Extreme Slingshot Rides Are
Punta Cana's Hot Ticket

Ever dream of cruising the Caribbean in a unique ride? Punta Cana's extreme slingshot tours offer an unforgettable experience with excitement,
scenic exploration, and Dominican flavor. Here's why you should try this adventure:

Thrill of the RideFeel the wind in your hair as you drive a sleek, open-air Slingshot. These three-wheeled vehicles combine the power of a motorcycle with the comfort of a car, providing a thrilling journey.

Punta Cana in StyleSkip the tour bus and explore the Dominican Republic from a new perspective. Slingshots allow you to enjoy the island's beauty – lush landscapes, tropical beaches, and vibrant towns – while feeling like a local celebrity.

Perfect for Couples and AdventurersSlingshot tours are great for both couples and solo travelers. They offer a fun way to bond with your partner or create memories with new friends.

Beyond the RideThese tours include stops at Macao Beach for a swim, shopping malls for unique souvenirs, and local restaurants to enjoy authentic Dominican cuisine.

How much the tour will cost?

Daytime tours generally cost less, around $200, while the VIP tour is about $349 per person. Some tours include extras such as lunch, drinks, and shopping stops, which affect the price. Prices are typically per Slingshot, which seats one or two people. Tours require drivers to be comfortable with manual transmission.

Choose Your Best Slingshot
Punta Cana Tour

1. Extreme Slingshots Ride

Experience the thrill of Punta Cana with a unique tour that lets you explore the vibrant coastal city from the seat of an open-air Slingshot. This exciting three-hour adventure promises an adrenaline rush as you navigate the streets with the wind in your hair. Start your day with a refreshing swim at the stunning Macao Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and soft sands. After soaking up the sun, you can browse various souvenirs and local crafts at Bella Mare Shopping Mall, perfect for picking up unique gifts and souvenirs.

  • Good for: Adults and families with teenagers (at least 18 to drive, 5+ to ride), couples seeking adventure or a unique experience, and anyone who enjoys exploring in a fun way.
  • Why it's a good fit: It is an affordable, exciting way to see Punta Cana and includes beach time, shopping, and lunch.

To make the most of this experience, bring your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and some cash for shopping and lunch. If you're comfortable driving a stick shift, you're set for a memorable day in Punta Cana.


  • An exciting way to explore Punta Cana.
  • Diverse tour with beach, shopping, and dining experiences.
  • Efficient use of vacation time (3 hours).
  • Affordable price ($200 per Slingshot, seats 1-2 people).


  • It requires driving a manual transmission Slingshot (which may limit participation).

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2. VIP Slingshot Ride

Experience an unforgettable VIP night tour of Cap Cana, featuring a thrilling drive in a manual transmission Slingshot. As night falls, you'll soak in stunning views of the luxurious Cap Cana Marina, adorned with spectacular yachts, and the breathtaking panoramic scenery of the area. The adventure continues at a tropical-style disco bar, offering a distinctive nightlife experience.

  • Good for: Adults seeking an exclusive nightlife adventure, couples looking for a romantic and memorable experience, and people who enjoy nightlife and luxurious destinations.
  • Why it's a good fit: It's a unique VIP tour focused on Cap Cana's nightlife, a scenic night drive with beautiful views, and includes drinks and transportation.

For a more comfortable experience, wear suitable attire for a night out and consider bringing extra cash for food, drinks, souvenirs, and tips.


  • Unique VIP tour focused on Cap Cana nightlife.
  • It is a scenic night drive with beautiful views.
  • Includes complimentary drinks (water and champagne).
  • Roundtrip transportation from your hotel.


  • It requires driving a manual transmission Slingshot (which may limit participation).
  • More expensive than the daytime tour ($349 per person).
  • Food and souvenirs are not included (additional cost).

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10 Key Benefits of Slingshots Tours

Unique Exploration Mode Explore Punta Cana in a stylish open-air Slingshot, offering a thrilling driving experience and stunning views.

Beautiful Beach VisitRelax and soak up the sun at Macao Beach, renowned for its white sand and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and capturing breathtaking photos.

Shopping SpreeBrowse through the shops at Bella Mare Shopping Mall, where you can find souvenirs, local crafts, and luxury brands to commemorate your trip.

Local FlavorSavor a delicious Dominican lunch at Casita de Yeya Restaurant, featuring fresh, local ingredients and traditional specialties.

Efficient Time ManagementThis perfectly-timed 3-hour tour allows you to experience Punta Cana's highlights without sacrificing valuable vacation time.

Inclusive ExperienceThe tour price covers round-trip transfers, beach stops, shopping opportunities, and a delightful lunch, offering great value for your money.

Memorable for AllThis excursion caters to a wide range of interests, perfect for adrenaline seekers, couples seeking romance, families with older children, and shopping enthusiasts.

Multiple Tour OptionsChoose between the standard Slingshot Ride for a daytime adventure or the VIP Slingshot Ride for a captivating evening exploration of Cap Cana.

VIP Touches (for VIP Ride)Enjoy complimentary water and a bottle of champagne with glasses on the VIP tour, adding a touch of luxury to your evening.

Breathtaking Night Views (for VIP Ride)Witness the mesmerizing nighttime cityscape of Cap Cana on the VIP tour, creating an unforgettable memory.

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Comparison table for the Slingshot
Rides in Punta Cana

Feature Extreme Ride VIP Ride
Price From $200 per vehicle (1-2 people) $349 per passenger
Tour Duration 3 hours 4 hours
Is Family Friendly Yes Yes
Is Kids Friendly Co-pilots should be at least 5 years old Co-pilots should be at least 5 years old
Pros Thrilling experience, varied stops, efficient duration Unique expertise, beautiful sights, opportunity to buy local souvenirs
Cons Manual transmission requirements may limit participant eligibility Manual transmission requirements may limit participant eligibility


Frequently Asked Questions about
Slingshots in Punta Cana

What is the Slingshots Ride in Punta Cana?

It is an adrenaline-pumping ride that launches you into the air at high speeds.

How much does the Extreme Slingshots Ride cost?

The cost varies depending on the package chosen. Expect to pay between $200 and $349 per ride.

Are there any health restrictions for participating?

The ride is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions, back or neck problems, or pregnant women.

What should I wear or bring for the Slingshots Ride?

Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. No loose items are allowed during the ride.

Is transportation to and from the ride location included?

Yes, transportation is included from most hotels in Punta Cana. Check your booking for details.

Can I bring a passenger on the Slingshot Ride?

Yes, the tour price is per vehicle (seating 1 or 2 people).

Are there any restrictions on who can be a passenger?

Yes, the minimum age for co-pilots is 5 years old.

Is lunch included in the tour price?

Yes, both the regular and VIP tours include a Dominican lunch.

Can I consume alcohol before or during the tour?

No, being under the influence of alcohol is grounds for refusal of service.

Is manual transmission required for all Slingshot tours?

Yes, all drivers must be proficient in operating vehicles with manual transmissions.

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