Private Villas in Punta Cana – Benefits, Prices and Best Offers in 2024

Spend your holidays in a truly carefree and relaxing holiday in private villas in Punta Cana – one of the most visited and prestigious regions of the Dominican Republic. Villas here are located near the world’s golf courses, overlooking the ocean and private beach, with chefs and staff, pools, jacuzzis, event, and party facilities, etc.

We work directly with the villa owners, so we can share with you the most important nuances, select villas according to your criteria, as well as tell you the main things regarding holidays in private villas in Punta Cana.

Caleton Private Villa

Caleton Private Villa

What are the benefits of
a private villa?

1. Security and privacy

Villas are most often located on the territory of a 24/7 secured gated community, where you can enter or drive in only with a pass. Moreover, villas are often equipped with an alarm system. Security guards arrive within minutes.

2. All-inclusive villas with Chef

On the territory of the villa, you can organize all-inclusive holidays and even more. For example, by hiring a personal chef, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have food cooked to your liking.

Moreover, you will be sure that it is fresh and prepared from those products that were bought either by you or by a personal assistant. Likewise with cleaning. A personal maid will keep the villa clean and tidy all day long.

3. Extra luxury services

In the villa, you can organize almost anything: special events, weddin celebration, anniversary or birthday party, in house massage and SPA, personal chef and meal plan, and much more.

In hotels, you will often hear restrictions on this matter or even a refusal. There is no limitations with villas. You become the owner for the days of renting the villa and are free to order various services, notifying the landlord in advance.

4. Villa parties for many guests

When renting a private villa in Punta Cana, you hardly need to worry about additional space for your event. Everything can be arranged within the villa. A huge advantage is that no one else will get to your fiesta, as it can happen in a hotel.

By the way, not all hotels have separate rooms for this, which, if any, will cost you extra money. Villa is the ideal solution if you want to make your party perfect and in a big company of relatives and friends.

If you need assistance in organizing your event, we can help with everything from decorating to grocery shopping and a personal chef with individual meal plan.

5. Affordable prices for large groups

The price of renting a villa can be quite high at first glance. However, if you are coming in a large group, the rental price is divided equally among all the guests. As a result, you will receive an amount even less than for renting a room in a hotel or an apartment. As a bonus, you get a huge list of benefits listed in this article.

6. Villas are great for kids

Children will especially appreciate the rest in the villa: they will be able to play outdoors all day long, remaining under the supervision of their parents. Some villas have “paddling pools” – shallow pools that are sure to please the little guests of Punta Cana.

A family-friendly private villa Waterfall is an excellent choice for this purpose. It is worth noting that the villa is in the most secure gated Cocotal community, that is especially important when you are on vacation with children.

7. Pets can be allowed

Not in every villa, but most of the owners do not mind that guests bring their animals. In hotels and apartments, this is more prohibited than allowed. Another advantage, your pet will be less stressed in the villa due to the minimum number or absence of strangers at all, as well as no extraneous loud sounds.

8. Mosquitoes and insects protection

The villas additionally treat the premises from insects, as well as install protective nets on the windows at your request. This is especially true if the property is located near a body of water. Unfortunately, this is less monitored in hotels and there is a high probability that you will be bitten by mosquitoes.

9. Closeness to nature

Let the garden of the villa be not too big, but you will definitely have at your disposal a piece of lawn, a few flowering bushes, and if you’re lucky, even fruit trees. You can enjoy dipping your feet in soft grass, leaning against a tree trunk, sitting on a blanket with a book in your hands, and under a bush – and take a nap in the hot afternoon hour.

10. Silence and general isolation

Peace and the absence of prying eyes. Private villas are a perfect choice to disappear from office stress and set you in a peaceful mood because on vacation it is especially important that no one bothers you – neither a noisy family behind the wall nor some aristocratic esthete with a pair of eternally barking pugs from above.

11. Escape from the hustle and bustle

Our everyday life is an explosive cocktail of a million thoughts, worrying about loved ones, work tasks and deadlines, driving on noisy and gassed roads, communicating with pleasant and not so nice people, fast food, and trivial round.

12. Nobody is watching you

Your villa can be either with an ordinary fence or with trees, behind which no one will see you – therefore, after waking up, you can swim in the pool or even the ocean, and then have breakfast on the terrace or the beach.

An excellent option, located in a quiet location and surrounded by palm trees, is this wonderful villa for 10 people. It is located on the territory of the Puntacana Resort & Club, surrounded by the popular golf course La Cana Golf designed by P. B. Dye. The white sand is within easy reach – just a 5-7 minute walk and you are already diving into the warm ocean.

On the territory of the villa, there is a large swimming pool, sun loungers, a terrace, a billiard table, and ping-pong. By renting a villa, you also get access to the private La Cana Beach Club.

13. Incredibly huge choice of location

Your villa can be located either on the beach near the sea, or in a quiet cozy place, next to the lake, among the hills, mountains, forests of tropical trees with lots of unique birds and animals. Your villa can be located both in one of the communities, and away from everything, both close to active and lively cities and noisy life, and where it will be only you and no one else.

14. Villa-style selection

The style of villas ranges from classic to luxury. Private villas in Punta Cana are distinguished by their diversity. You can find a villa in a minimalist style, as well as in tropical, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Central European, Balinese, modern, luxury, and other styles. It’s possible in Punta Cana. There are thousands of villas with their own unique styles and zest.

15. Flexible payments

You can pay in cash, by card, in different international currencies at a cross-rate, and sometimes it is even possible to pay in parts by prior agreement with the landlord.

Our options of private villas
in Punta Cana

Our options of private villas are perfectly equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay – not only air conditioning and household appliances but also cozy benches in the garden and pools with revealing turquoise water.

As you know, it is always a pleasure to deal with the good, but in order not to waste time discovering unexpected details of the holiday, we offer a short review of private villas in the Dominican Republic.

Our oceanfront villas

Our luxury villas

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What should you look for
when renting a villa

Renting a private villa in Punta Cana has many benefits, however, as with any rental situation, there are some very important things to keep in mind to make sure your vacation is perfect.

1. Check all utilities and equipment

  • Check if there is water and electricity in the villa.
  • Do not forget about boilers for heating water, if installed, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
  • If something does not work or does not work properly, tell a landlord right away in order to avoid unpleasant moments during your stay.

2. Discuss all surcharges and fees

It is very important to discuss in advance the existence and amount of additional expenses, such as final and intermediate mandatory cleaning, electricity, or city taxes, so that their sudden appearance does not seem like a hoax.

Remember that electricity bills in the Dominican Republic are high, so it makes sense to find out if this service is paid separately. If so, we advise you to close windows if you use air conditioners, for example.

3. Find out how quiet or noisy it is

In the Dominican Republic, constructions of new real estate objects are actively underway. It is possible that in the neighborhood there will be just such an object or someone will do repairs. If peace and quiet are important to you, ask the owner about this in advance.

4. Specify the location of the villa

Find out in advance how far the beach is, entertainment and shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, golf courses, and more. Sometimes, ads may mistakenly contain incorrect, but important information for you.

5. Be ready you may not be alone

Among the not even cons – rather unusual features that you are likely to encounter when renting private villas in Punta Cana, you will not be alone, in the sense of a variety of living beings sharing the planet with us.

Don’t be surprised if you find that a spider has taken a fancy to the corner of the bedroom, lizards periodically slip through the kitchen, and geckos go hunting in the evening on the open terrace.

Property owners try to ensure maximum comfort for tenants (for example, cockroaches and ants can be systematically treated), but you can’t keep track of small inhabitants.

6. Make sure the villa has mosquito nets and fumigation

As mentioned earlier, Punta Cana has a lot of water bodies and therefore there are a lot of mosquitoes. If you regularly fumigate, there will be few or none at all. Also, mosquito nets are specially installed on some real estate objects. You can find many useful tips in our article about mosquito protection.

7. Check if your villa has any problems with the “sunny side”

Punta Cana has a rather hot climate. Sometimes air conditioners can’t keep the room cool. Find out in advance if the bedrooms are not on the sunny side and if the fans or air conditioners work well.

8. Supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping centers around

Some villas in Punta Cana are located quite far from the shops. You will most likely need to call a taxi or rent a car during your stay. If it is important for you that everything can be reached in a matter of minutes and on foot, pay attention to this information in the description of the villa.

9. Privacy and security in your area

All complexes and communities usually have security and entry into their territory is only possible with special passes. However, security does not work well everywhere. This is a human factor and the irresponsibility of the owners of the complexes, which also happens, albeit rarely. You can find out in advance from the landlord about your complex and the quality of its security.

10. Personal concierge at the villa

Some villas have a concierge who is available 24/7. This is especially important if you are planning to organize any activities in the villa. The concierge will help you with almost any question that concerns the villa.

11. Algae issues on the beaches near you

On most beaches, algae are regularly removed in the morning by public utilities. However, there are still places where alage can lie for several days.

12. Fake booking sites with tempting offers

If you find a site on the Internet with beautiful photos and a very good price, try to make sure that these objects really exist, otherwise, there is a risk of losing a large prepayment amounting to 30-50% of the total cost and ruining your vacation.

13. Outdated or irrelevant data

Fake and old information about the property on the Internet can unpleasantly disappoint tourists at the time of check-in and give the rest a negative connotation. Take the time to clarify the nuances that are important to you for living, and the moments that raise questions in the description of the villa.

14. Meeting with the owner

Villas do not have 24-hour check-in desks like hotels do, and it is necessary to arrange a meeting with the owner in advance to receive brief instructions and keys from them, which again brings us back to the first point of this paragraph, especially if the owner forgot about meeting you.

Private Punta Cana villas for
different occasions

You can rent a villa both for relaxing alone and for a family or celebrating some events. Based on our own experience, we can distinguish the following three categories of clients who have rented private villas in Punta Cana from us.

Villas for a big companies of friends or events

By renting a villa with 4-8 bedrooms, you can gather all your friends for a vacation and share the cost of accommodation for everyone. Resting in the company, you will not get bored for a minute, and share the responsibilities for the extraction and cooking or invite a cook or maid.

It is possible to arrange a birthday party or a corporate party on the territory adjacent to the villa, having previously specified, of course, whether the conditions for renting an object include such an opportunity.

For events is perfect this Scandinavian-style villa up to 16 people. There is a huge swimming pool, jacuzzi, rooftop terrace, a personal chef, and 2 maids. There is a golf club not far from the villa, pools for adults and children, playgrounds, bars and restaurants with international cuisine, paddle tennis courts, and much more. Bavaro beach is very close to this villa and you will also have privileged access to the Jellyfish Beach Club and Restaurant.

Villas for families with children

Often renting a house with 3-4-5 bedrooms is more profitable than 3-4-5 rooms in a hotel. As a rule, such villas are located on a large territory and include both a swimming pool and playgrounds. A nice bonus is the availability of free parking for your car next to the villa.

One of these properties is villa Waterfall. It is located on the territory of Cocotal (Bavaro). There is a swimming pool, a terrace with a BBQ, AC in every room, large and comfortable beds, and a landscaped area with palm trees around. The villa is 10 minutes from the Punta Cana center, and the entrance to the territory of Cocotal is only with passes. Dozens of reviews confirm the magic of this private villa.

Villas for couples in love

Being in love in a beautiful setting is a dream to strive for. In Punta Cana, we offer private villas exclusively for couples who want to maximize their vacation with a touch of luxury and calmness. Stunning private pools, jacuzzies, stylish bars, and a host of other luxurious amenities ensure a fantastic experience you will never forget.

The best vacations for couples are the ones that give you space and time to focus on each other. For some couples it means adventure, for others it means relaxation, but for most, it means solitude and peace.

We have one cozy private villa in tropical Balinese style for such a vacation of two. It has a wonderfully warm ambiance, beautiful wooden floors, and high vaulted ceilings. A spacious park-style garden, a one-of-a-kind swimming pool, and a separate deck with outdoor dining make the atmosphere even more romantic. The villa is located in Cocotal Golf & Country Club. Not so far there are lots of restaurants, bars, shops, etc. The price includes maid service. We can also help with an unforgettable romantic dinner.

Prices for renting private villas
in Punta Cana

Let’s say right away that the price for renting a villa depends on the location of the villa itself (right on the beach or far from the sea), area, number of bedrooms, furniture and equipment, availability of a gym, swimming pool, parking, shopping centers nearby, additional cleaning services, etc.

  • The cost of renting a private villa in the Punta Cana area in the low season averages from 400 to 2,500 US dollars. In high season – from 600 to 4,000.
  • In the high season (October to April) the rent is usually 20-40% higher than in the low season. On holidays, the price is generally double. With a long-term renting, the cost can decrease by 30-40%.
  • The most expensive villas are located on the territory of Puntacana Resort & Club, Cap Cana Resort, and Casa de Campo.
  • During the low season, the estimated minimum cost for 1 night in these communities is about 800-1000 USD and more.
  • The cost of renting villas for holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter can be 40-100% higher. They typically have a minimum number of nights for booking – from 2 to 10 nights.

As a conclusion

Villa Cap Cana

Villa Cap Cana

  • The bewitching beauty of nature, the hospitality of the locals, the gentle sea, endless sandy beaches, and the hot sun all year round – all these advantages have made the Dominican Republic, and especially the region of Punta Cana – one of the most popular holiday destinations.
  • Renting private villas in Punta Cana is not a luxurious dream. It is an affordable reality. Inflated prices for hotels and package tours today give one more reason to think that renting a comfortable villa that meets all your requirements can be even more profitable.

Contact us in the way that is convenient for you and we will help you organize your best vacation in Punta Cana!

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