How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Dominican Republic?

When you ask people from the Dominican Republic “What budget do you need to live comfortably?”, it is always hard to tell. Why? Because it all depends. Despite this, in our opinion, you need about US$ 2000 for a couple to feel more or less comfortable in this country.

With this in mind, we plan to consider how much money and why you need it. That is why, let’s take a look at the main points people spend their money on daily.

Food in the Dominican Republic

Food in the Dominican Republic

How much does food cost in the Dominican Republic?

Well, usually, people buy groceries every week. But buying groceries for two people for a month will cost you about US$ 250. But, as always, it all depends on how much you eat and what you eat.

Also, we have to mention that the Dominican Republic imports plenty of goods from other countries, mostly the U.S. So this is one of the reasons why products are not cheap here, but keep in mind that their quality is better too.

Even though salaries in the Dominican Republic are much lower than in the United States, food prices are not that different in both countries. Anything locally produced is cheaper. Let’s look at this little table below, where we can see the approximate prices of regular products.

Food prices in the DR in 2024

Product Quantity Price
Milk 1 l US$ 1
Eggs 12 pieces US$ 1.4
Potatoes 1 kg US$ 1.12
Tomatoes 1 kg US$ 1.26
Apples 1 kg US$ 1.98
Chicken breast 500 gr US$ 2


At this point, we told you about the supermarket. But there are also a lot of small restaurants that are called “comedores”. They offer a buffet with a good variety of local food. At lunchtime, there are dishes from US$ 3. It is a popular place where Dominicans go for lunch. And we understand them, because all the meals usually consist of meat, rice, soup, etc.

The cost of daily needs in the Dominican Republic

1. Transportation costs

The Dominican Republic has a bus system in big cities. We should say that most of these public transportation vehicles are comfortable enough. The fare is generally inexpensive. Usually, it depends on the city and distance, but in general, a ride will cost you less than US$ 1. The metro in Santo Domingo, the capital, is especially good and comfortable. Taxis are popular too, but do not forget to negotiate fares before sitting in the car. In addition, 1 liter of gas will cost you US$ 1.07.

2. Housing costs

Well, basic utilities such as heating, water, gas, electricity will cost you about US$ 73 for a month. The cable television with the internet will cost you about US$ 27 for a month.

3. Entertainment costs

Here is the situation. For example, 2 tickets to the movie will cost you about US$ 9, or a basic dinner out for two in the neighborhood pub will cost you about US$ 11.3. In general, about US$ 175 is spent on entertainment per month.

We should also mention that in some regions of the country everything can be different. Naturally, in the less popular areas of the Dominican Republic and small towns, the cost of living can be much lower.

How much does it cost to stay in Punta Cana?

When we talk about the cost of living in any country, we need to mention house rentals. One of the most popular types of properties in the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, is the villa. And it is for a reason. Privacy and complete freedom, what can be better?

Villa in Bavaro, Punta Cana

One of our villas to stay in Punta Cana

Our company has the best options of properties in Punta Cana. All of them are located only in secure and private areas. Therefore, you can safely enjoy your stay in your beautiful place. And it is because features such as lovely views and the beautiful nature of the country will be visible from any place you decide to stay.

In general, the average price for a villa is US$ 750 per night, and an apartment will cost you about US$ 150 per night. But, the good thing is that our company can offer you almost half of the price for long-term rentals. So, it means that you can rent the same villa, but long-term rentals allow you to save up to 35%.

To sum up

As you can see, now you understand how much money you need to live comfortably in the Dominican Republic. For a more or less comfortable life here, you will need about US$ 2000 per month. So, we cannot say that life here is expensive, but of course, it all depends. In any case, if you decide to move or live here for a certain period – we are always glad to see you.

Contact us if you want to book a villa or an apartment. Our team will help you with the choice and offer you the best options. The tropical climate and ocean will make your stay here unforgettable!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good salary in the Dominican Republic?

In general, a working person in the Dominican Republic typically earns about US$ 350 per month (50% of the population earn more and the other 50% less than this).

2. How much does a bottle of water cost in the Dominican Republic?

Usually, 1.5 liter of water will cost you less than US$ 1.

3. Is food cheap in the Dominican Republic?

Well, it depends on what kind of food you are talking about. It also depends on the region you shop in and the country of origin of the product. If the goods are locally produced, they are usually cheaper.

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