Pool Tropic Las Iguanas – the new concept of Cap Cana resorts 2024

Needless to say that there is a wide range of luxury resorts at Cap Cana, the most developed residential area in the east of the Dominican Republic. What are the pros of choosing this particular area for your best vacation this high season?

We are going to dedicate today’s piece of the blog to an ambiguous project of urban development of Cap Cana – Pool Tropic Las Iguanas to answer this question. Let us delve deeper into the matter and pick up all the advantages of one of the brand new exclusive residences!

New luxury residential project at Cap Cana

Pool Tropic Las Iguanas is a unique residential project located in Cap Cana, which is the area considered to be the best of the whole Caribbean. Spectacular views of the ocean, crystal blue water, ideal tropical climate throughout the year, rich native culture, and endless landscapes – these were the reasons to choose Cap Cana for this luxury complex.

This immense residential complex at Cap Cana consists of 40 private apartments with individual pool each one. The apartments are allocated in 3 level dwellings of a penthouse type. The complex also has its private garages and service areas. The common areas are designed as green and shady areas, and at the same time open for proper ventilation in these challenging times when we try to avoid closed spaces.

Pool Tropic Las Iguanas - new Cap Cana resort

Pool Tropic Las Iguanas – new Cap Cana resort project

What is the new concept of Pool Tropic Las Iguanas
as a residential space?

Its spacious area itself is divided into four constituent parts:

  • 1 basement with garages and service areas (Level 0)
  • 4 building levels (Level +1 to +4)
  • 2 access levels (Level +1 and +4)
  • Solarium

The outstanding concept of exclusively new penthouse type residence was successfully implemented in the unique apartments of Pool Tropic Las Iguanas. The project has been considered to provide high-quality service according to the quality and comfort criteria. This is a residential solution harmonizing privacy and tranquillity with eco-friendly interiors for your perfect stay.

Most apartments of Pool Tropic Las Iguanas consist of a panoramic kitchen, dining, and living rooms with direct access to a panoramic swimming pool, guest toilet. From level 4 you can go up to the barbecue terrace, from which you will have panoramic views of nature views, golf courses, and beaches. This level is communicated with the others through 2 elevators.

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Staying in Pool Tropic Las Iguanas, your family and guests can enjoy the amenities and activities that Cap Cana offers.  Also, individual communities can also provide their own different meeting places and services. In fact, Pool Tropic Las Iguanas offers to its guests a wide range of services for them to feel like home and stay secure:

  • A safe community
  • Riding center
  • Bilingual school
  • Access to ecological parks
  • Las Iguanas Golf Club
  • Access to Beach Club
  • Emergency center with a qualified team of doctors
  • Tree-lined sidewalks

It is worthless saying that Cap Cana is gaining more and more popularity among travelers from all over the globe. It is also an exciting golf destination. Pool Tropic Las Iguanas is a welcoming space at Cap Cana that meets the requirements of the most demanding clients!

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