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Brief notes and summary

Our team is always studying and attending all events connected to the Hospitality industry. Click Event by – it was an amazing experience. As a company, we are looking for a way how to deliver the best services in Punta Cana.

There was  lot of new information about tech and trends. We clearly see that you need to have all the knowledge and information about key trends:

  • Everything goes to video. People more and more want to see video of the hotel/property and they want to see the property in details and maybe have some guided tour.
  • Packages and experiences – people want to have not just a hotel or an apartment. They think about the experience. So is going to experience and services markets.
  • Automation, automation and automation. It’s clear that everybody is trying to use chatbots or some similarities. has already adopted this feature.

Two speakers were really special:

  • Sally Hogshead the author of FASCINATE it is a New York Times Bestseller! She was insanely Great! Her speech, posture, entertainment… It was truly Fascinating. She was insanely great with her slogan “Different is better than better”.
  • Another breathtaking speaker was Jason Caldwell that was super impressive. But I’ll make a separate post about him and his mesmerizing story.

Everything was mixed with new tech and deep understanding of new generation customers, packaging, services and experience. This is why all our industry – Hospitality Management exists. Everything Punta Cana is aimed to be Number One in the hospitality industry at the Caribbean market.

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