Villa Management for Short Term Rentals: Villa management services in Bavaro, Punta Cana, Cap Cana

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    Our company offers unique offer for villas costing $700,000 and more. You'll get a full villa management package only for 10% from the revenue. What does it mean? Math is quite simple, you make money = we make money. Therefore, we need to make sales, generate income and manage the properties up to the highest expectations. We must make profits and deliver results.

    Unique offer for luxury villas. You'll get from us:

    Airbnb Management Guest communication, reservations, descriptions and photos optimization, availability updates, pricing strategy

    Essential Airbnb Superhost Status We will place your listing on our long-standing and successful account with over 1500 reviews and superhost status

    Communication with Guests Manage inquiries and quick replies, coordinate check-ins, proactive problem-solving, and reviews management

    Unique Distribution on 35+ OTA Channels We used famous Rentals United software to distribute listings on first-class OTA channels

    Unique Placement on Our Direct Booking Website We will place your listing on our vacation rentals website with the ability to book directly, with no commission to OTA channels

    Marketing & Social Media We will post information about your listing on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

    Check-in Procedure Our trained manager meets the guests, does check-in, answers all the questions and does a tour of the apartment

    Check-out Procedure Our manager will check out the guests according to the rules, and review the property for any damage

    Reports of any damage Reports of any damage/repair works needed to the owner to ensure guests always experience a well-maintained stay

    Cleaning & Maintenance Our cleaning and maintenance professionals do their best to ensure that your property is always ready to welcome guests

    Resolving Issues With the Clients Our team makes sure guests always leave with a smile, and cares about the owner's peace of mind

    25% Off a Photo Shoot if Needed Enhance your listing with our professional photo shoot, highlighting your property's top features to attract more visitors

    Want to Get the Best Results? Follow this Checklist

    The Chances of Success 0%

    Do you have professional photos?

    High-quality photos can greatly enhance your listing's appeal, making your rental stand out and attract more guests. Elevate your listing's visual appeal and increase bookings with professional photos.

    Prices are: $150 for a studio or 1-bdr apartment, $350 for a 2-3 bdr apartment/home, $500 for a 4+ bdr home/villa. You can read more about a professional photo shoot from us here →

    I need professional photos

    Do you have a video of your property?

    A video tour offers potential guests an immersive experience, significantly increasing chances of bookings. Enhance your listing's engagement by showcasing your property in motion, offering guests a virtual walkthrough.

    Prices start at $199, depending on the length of the video - view an example. You can read more about videography from us here →

    I need real estate video

    Do you have a professional listing description?

    Detailed, compelling descriptions can be the deciding factor in securing more bookings. Set the right expectations and reduce misunderstandings with a clear, professional property description.

    Price is $149 per listing and incudes: competitor analysis, keypoints/keywords research and SEO-optimized and OTA-enhanced text for your property.

    I need listing description

    Do you need a professional Airbnb setup?

    An optimized Airbnb setup maximizes your property's visibility, leading to higher occupancy rates. Stand out in a saturated market with a professional Airbnb profile that appeals to your target audience.

    Price: $499. You can read more about Airbnb setup from us here →

    I need Airbnb setup

    Do you have a property landing page or website?

    A dedicated website establishes credibility, allowing you to showcase your property comprehensively and attract direct bookings. Stand out from the competition with a personal touch, offering guests detailed information and direct communication channels Bypass booking platform fees and build guest loyalty with your own professional website.

    Prices: from $999 depending on the complexity of the project. You can read more about landing page or website for your property by following these links above.

    I need Landing Page or Website

    Have you added your listing on rental platforms?

    Gain access to a wider audience and increase your booking rates by listing on our vacation rental platform. Benefit from our platform's user-friendly interface and extensive marketing reach to grow your rental business.

    Prices are: from $10 per month + $59 setup fee, depending on the subscription period. You can read more about this offer here →

    I want to add listing to EPC platform

    Do you need a Google Ads setup?

    Drive targeted traffic to your listing and increase bookings with expertly crafted Google Ad campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of Google Ads to reach potential guests actively searching for rentals.

    Price: $500 per campaign setup. You can find out all the details about Google Ads setup here →

    I need Google Ads setup

    Do you have social accounts for you property?

    Expand your property's online presence and engage with a larger audience through popular social platforms. Utilize the power of social media to showcase guest reviews, special offers, and highlight property features.

    Price: $39 per account setup. You can read more about social accounts setup here →

    I need social accounts setup

    Do you have Google My Business?

    Improve local search visibility and let potential guests find you easily with a Google My Business listing. Show up in Google Maps searches, display guest reviews, and provide essential details with a GMB listing.

    Price: $99 per profile setup. You can read more about Google My Business setup here →

    I need Google My Business setup

    Do you have sales-boosting property photos?

    Enhance your Airbnb listing with our set of 5 sales-boosting property photos, carefully selected and edited to spotlight your space's unique features and draw in more potential guests.

    Price: $49 per 5 photos. The service includes the selection and processing of your photos, as well as adding infographics to them. It does not include a photo shoot. View an example

    I need sales-boosting photos

    Do you have Airbnb chat templates?

    Our Airbnb chat templates can greatly enhance your conversations by providing quick, professional, and efficient responses that impress potential renters and drive bookings. You will save a lot of time and elevate your guest communication.

    Price: $99. You can read more about Airbnb templates here →

    I need Airbnb templates

    Do you need a personal consultation?

    Receive tailored advice and strategies to maximize your property's potential and increase bookings. Get answers to all your vacation rental queries and make informed decisions to ensure success in the market.

    Price: $75.25 per hour. You can read more about consultation options here →

    I need personal consultation

    Our Achievements

    Our Team’s Certifications

    8+ Years of OTA Experience

    Short Term Villa Management Services in Bavaro, Punta Cana, Cap Cana

    Envision a scenario where your villa is impeccably maintained, enjoys high occupancy rates, and where you have complete financial oversight, ensuring both a robust return on investment and peace of mind. Does it seem unrealistic?

    If your response is negative, consider collaborating with us. By adhering to our guidelines and strategies, you can achieve consistent bookings for your villa. Our approach is distinctively unique in this sector.

    To ensure your villa remains occupied, trust in our advanced technological solutions and comprehensive industry expertise.

    Our team possesses extensive expertise in management, marketing, negotiation, and sales. With countless hours dedicated to working with luxury villas, apartments, and both small and mid-sized hotels, our experience is both vast and verifiable.

    We can work and bring sales and success to you. Just contact Us: +1 973 317 8181 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, iMessage). Or get a free consultation on this page below.

    While you may already have a consistent income from your property rentals, optimizing the following key factors can further enhance your property’s booking potential:

    • Instant booking. When clients fall in love with your place, they want to secure it on the spot. So, why wait? Turn on instant booking, otherwise, you might miss out as they reconsider during the waiting game!
    • Truth and only truth. When listing, be genuine and clear in your photos and descriptions. After all, exceeding guest expectations feels much better than falling short.
    • 24/7 communication. Stay available and responsive; your guests might have questions at any time!

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    Our Clients' Reviews

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    Review us on Trustpilot

    Our Unique Approach

    75% of saved time
    30% more efficiency
    Quality control
    Positive feedbacks

    Video About Our Villa Management
    Onboarding Process

    Video About Our Villa Management Onboarding Process

    What Does Our Typical
    Onboarding Process Look Like?

    Agreement Signing the initial agreement
    of cooperation (3 days)
    Meeting Outlining everything what is going
    to be accomplished and how (1 day)
    Texts & Settings Property descriptions, settings
    and amenities (2 days)
    Photos & Video Setup property photos, photo
    descriptions and video (3 days)
    Prices & Promo Property prices, specials and
    promo setup (3 days)
    Calendars Calendars setup, synchronization
    settings (1 day)
    OTA Profiles OTA profiles development
    and setup (4 days)
    Connectivity Response templates setup
    (1 day)

    Sales start !

    Typical Problems of Online
    Travel Agencies (OTA)

    Typical Problems of Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

    Villa Management Common Issues

    Poor management Owners either don’t have the time
    or don’t want to invest the time
    Complexity Complexity of the entire booking process Lack of funds Lack of funds to maintain properties Lack of procedures Lack of comprehensive procedures
    and check lists
    Absence of vision Absence of vision regarding
    how a property should look in 2020
    Ineffective maintenance Maintenance is generally very costly, yet still ineffective,
    and this can lead to heavy financial losses
    Lack of knowledge Lack of knowledge about the hotel sector
    and its main hospitality standards
    Lack of support staff Lack of responsible and/or reliable support staff
    capable of keeping the property in the peak condition
    It is an ongoing challenge not only to rent out a property,
    but to sell it on time and for a competitive, market price if so desired.

    Get More Money for Your Villa

    Luxury Villa, Punta CanaLuxury Villa, Punta Cana

    Tired of Property Headaches?
    Let’s Fix That!

    Ever daydreamed about doubling what you earn from your property? Or maybe upping its sell-on price by a cool 32%? What if you could even hand-pick who rents or buys from you?

    Guess what? There’s a bunch of folks out there just waiting for a place like yours. Some want a comfy spot they can just move into, while others are keen on properties that can add some cha-ching to their bank accounts.

    Let’s get your property working harder and raking in 30-40% more!

    Why Choose Us to Manage your Villa?

    • Folks with villas in Punta Cana often tell us we’re their top pick. Why? Our knack for standout rental marketing and treating guests like gold.
    • We’re not just acquainted with vacation rentals; we’re deep in the game. Our diverse marketing strategies make sure your listing shines, even in the hottest spots.
    • Between our solid experience in property management and a pulse on real estate trends, it’s no wonder we’ve got some of the highest occupancy rates in the Dominican Republic under our belt.
    • We roll up our sleeves to find just the right guests for your space, nail the perfect rental rate, and manage all the guest chit-chat for you.
    • Ditch the solo stress of managing your property. We promise a boost in your rental income without a scary price tag attached.
    Villa Vaterfall, Bavaro - under our managementVilla Vaterfall, Bavaro - under our management

    We Work With

    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana
    • 10% Villa Management - Everything Punta Cana

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