Jet Lag – How to Avoid? Tips to Feel Great after a Long Flight

You planned your trip for a long time, and you looked forward to it. But how sad it is when you cannot fully enjoy your vacation because of tiredness. You want to sleep when everybody wants to hang out, and you still are not awake when everybody goes to the beach in the morning.

We call this jet lag. It happens when your sleep pattern is disturbed because of a long flight. In addition, due to the fact you are not adapted to the new time zone. At this point, if you want to know how to avoid jet lag you should read our tips. But first, let’s look at what the symptoms of it are.

Jet Lag Airport

Jet Lag – How to Avoid

Jet Lag symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of appetite
  • Concentration problems
  • Headache

Undoubtedly, you agree that having some of these symptoms badly affects your mood and can ruin your vacation. In general, adaptation depends on many factors, of which physical fitness and the state of the body. Also, before your journey, we recommend you try getting up and going to bed earlier or later than you always do. Now we are going to tell you how to overcome jet lag.

Things to do during your flight
to avoid Jet Lag

1. Put on compression socks

Not a lot of people use this tip, but you should know it can help you. When you have a long flight, it is impossible to move much, and it is difficult for veins to circulate blood back up to your heart. So that is why your legs and feet are swollen. And compression socks prevent post-flight swelling.

2. Drink a lot of water

It is one of the main points because dehydration can worsen the effects of jet lag. But do not drink too much alcohol or coffee. It is better to limit yourself to water. Because you can drink whatever you want during your stay in a new country after.

3. Do not eat before the flight

It is also one of the cabin crew’s secrets how to avoid jet lag. So, we recommend you eat a couple of hours before getting on the plane. The reason is that at superhigh altitude, your digestive system kind of shuts down. At this point, when you get off the plane, your digestive system restarts and has a lot of work to do. And this what makes you feel more tired. But if you cannot stand and want something to eat, then it is better to eat some vegetables or fruits.

4. Dampen your mask

During a long flight, the mucous membrane in the nose and skin on the face dries out. If you have a rag face mask, dampen it a little, and you will get the perfect moisture level for you.

Jet Lag preventing measures
after arriving

1. Date & time update

Do not forget to change to local time on all your devices. It will help you adjust and get into the local rhythm.

2. Drink plenty of water

We have already mentioned it, but it is equally important after you arrive. So, be sure that proper hydration can help you to manage jet lag symptoms and travel fatigue. Also, you have to eat a lot of fiber to get over it. In addition, your stomach may not be ready for a lot of food when you arrive. So, you should not overeat.

3. Take a shower

It is good for you to take a shower or swim in the pool after your flight if you can. It will help you freshen up and to be awake during your first day.

4. Do not sleep when it is a daytime

Try not to sleep during the daytime because it can make it difficult to sleep later. It is a must to be active when it is still light as much as you can. You can go to bed when it is already dark or at least at 8 p.m. It is necessary to establish your sleep pattern and to get over jet lag.

As can be seen, we cannot prevent jet lag if we travel across several time zones. But of course, your body will eventually adjust to its new time zone. Usually, it takes several days to used to it. Instead of being like a zombie, you should know how to avoid jet lag. Use the above tips and reduce your adaptation time to a minimum. It will help you to enjoy your time in a new country.

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