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Vasiliy Smetanin

Vasiliy Smetanin – the founder of Everything Punta Cana

Breathtaking Story of Jason Caldwell & Latitude 35.

I am Vasiliy Smetanin – the founder of Everything Punta Cana. Early in my carrier, I fell in love with management. Alfred Soan was one of the most important influencers for me. I was reading and studying anything I could. I really became a huge fan of management.

During the event at Booking, I met Jason Caldwell. He is a President and Owner of Latitude 35. He is the one who set World Record 2017 – fastest four-person team to ever row across the Atlantic Ocean in 35 days, 14 hours, 3 min. Induction into the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records. It was the best management story I’ve ever heard before…

We are now in the middle of the ocean. Storm and utter frustration, 9-foot waves. Two rowers replacing each other in a boat where there should be four… My partner asked me: What do you want for breakfast? What a freaking breakfast he is talking about when the waves are 9-feet and we have been already rowing during 21 days stopping to rest for 2 hours every 2 hours. The entire body aches and you are totally fatigued. And you get stressed by not letting the boat turn over.

We sat down and started eating right in the middle of the storm. And we started talking. I began to talk about how a flying fish hit my head at night. We had stayed 21 days together before it happened. But for the first time, we found time to talk. And now, whatever else happens, we have breakfast at 8 a.m. Now we understand that the worst thing is that I cannot fail my fellow and he cannot fail me. Every time I row, I do it with all my might to make him happy how far we’ve gone. And when my mate’s turn comes, he does the same for me.

Everyone came to see the 2 persons who crossed the ocean. They came 11th. However, they did the impossible. The following year, they won, became champions. And they beat the world record. Since then, no matter what happens, they always have breakfast. They have mutual obligations to each other. And this is exactly what leads the great teams to victory.

What is This All About for Us and Hospitality Services?

Colleagues, friends. I’ve always been a champion. My children are growing up in a champion’s family. My family will always be imbued with this spirit. But this moment isn’t about me. Here we are talking about our team. About our company. We have one great common goal. And neither one nor two rowers can deal with the situation. We can make a miracle. But rowing together is much better. There is no “I”. There are “WE”. Only team effort.

We must understand that we are in the same boat. We are all rowing and we change the same way. Unfortunately, we cannot continue with people who do not give their all to the job. It is not possible. To come to the result it is necessary to give oneself completely.

  • I understood how important it is to have a rest. We all must have at least 1 day in a week for having a rest.
  • I understood that we’ll always have breakfast. We will always get together and talk. Share our experience.

We are a team – Everything Punta Cana. We’ve decided to become the best in the Hospitality Services of Dominican Republic. We’ve decided to be number one. We’ve decided to achieve this goal.

I ask everyone who is reading this to confirm this to me in a personal message. I ask to send a message to the group. – I’m with you. And to me personally. So I will know that we are a team. So I will know that we share the same goals. We are united by a common goal. And we are marching forward together towards the goal, replacing one another in the boat. We are heading to the mark. To become the best in the Hospitality Services of Dominican Republic and to be number one in Hospitality Industry of the whole Caribbean.

P.S. #IamWithYou! – became a hashtag for our team together with #EverythingPuntaCana

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