Vasiliy Smetanin – Exclusive representative of Giggster in the Dominican Republic!

A professional speaker and trainer for corporations, Barbara Rubel, said that some people dream of success, while others wake up and work at it. These words could be the credo of Vasiliy Smetanin, who is the founder and CEO of “Complete Hospitality Management” and “Everything Punta Cana” companies.

The new Giggster representative in the DR

Vasiliy Smetanin

Vasiliy Smetanin

Vasiliy Smetanin is the inspired and the ideological mastermind of various prosperous projects on managing luxury properties. With more than 6 years of work experience in the hospitality industry, he has proven that he is a proficient manager with the talent for realizing effective projects. Moreover, Vasiliy has recently become an exclusive representative and country manager of Giggster in the Dominican Republic. This platform is an Airbnb-esque marketplace for moviemakers, photographers and location scouts to seek out a space suitable for their professional activities.

That is a top piece of news, isn’t it? No doubt, it is a result of the diligent work and a constant soaking up information and new tendencies of making business.


A dream team for big results in hospitality

Needless to say, Vasiliy’s team is a group of highly effective professionals who do love management and provide the best service possible. They keep staying focused on inner projects enhancement and the company’s development. They work closely and cohesively for the greater good of their common cause. The team members aim to improve their skills to arrange your perfect luxury vacation! The crucial concept of Vasiliy’s team is to provide the first-class service and maintain villas and apartments sold out.

Mr. Smetanin moulds his team professionally and spiritually and gives the sense of confidence to each member. At the same time, Vasiliy establishes the firm requirements to get the job done effectively and well elaborated. He personally tunes into each project that boldly reflects on the job outcome.

It is a well-known fact that the aptitude for a particular job among managers depends on attitude to the leader. Obviously, Vasiliy gets on well with his team and his beneficial impact is extremely incentive for the managers to be highly effective. It is natural that if the executive manager gives his enthusiasm and optimism to the team and lights a spark of inquisitiveness then he can be called a real art of the leader!

Vasiliy puts the team’s professional needs as the main aim that leads to an execution in the marketplace and the increase in fortunate projects every day. Undoubtedly Vasiliy Smetanin is a high-skilled leader you can confide in and the reviews of property owners prove it.

The main advantages to work with us

The rewarding projects and multiple favourable opinions of our counterparts might articulate all the advantages to collaborate with us. We can offer a full package of services for all tastes: unique apartments and villas for rent, best excursions, personal meal plans and chef service and even more! We have made great progress to achieve a high position in vacation rentals in the Dominican Republic and we will continue improvements in that regard.

We do our best to be highly valued in the hospitality industry and offer the first-rate variants and terms to our clients! Our great team knows that there are no limits to professional advancement and it makes us concentrate on our self-improvement daily. Feel free to contact with us!

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