The Dominican Republic Reopening – Covid-19 Restrictions 2021

Excellent recent news! Our team is incredibly pleased to inform you that from August 9, 2021 there will be no more curfew for some main tourist areas of the Dominican Republic! You can find more relevant and detailed information in our recent article about the curfew and restrictions in August 2021 →

Barceló Bávaro Beach Reopening

Barceló Bávaro Beach in July 2021 – The DR Reopening

Is it safe to travel to the DR in July 2021?

In May of 2021, the US Embassy announced that a Covid-19 outbreak had been reported in the Dominican Republic. The level 4 of danger was declared, and many tourists were wary of a trip to this country. Fortunately, today in July 2021, level 4 is canceled and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the reopening of the Dominican Republic to tourists.

Despite the fact that even during the period of 4 levels of danger, the Dominican Republic was quite a safe country to travel to, now we can say with confidence that a vacation in the Dominican Republic is a great idea for a summer trip in 2021. Feel free to travel there, swim in the turquoise ocean, sunbathe, walk along on the coast with no masks, take excursions and chill out on the best tropical island on Earth!

But what to expect from the vacation to the Dominican Republic in 2021? Are there still any covid restrictions in the DR? What medical advice do the authorities give to tourists? Let’s discuss all the points.

Covid-19 Restrictions in July 2021

What rules should you follow during your trip to the DR? Despite the fact that the country is safe for tourists, the government of the country does not completely cancel Covid-19 restrictions in the Dominican Republic after its reopening. This is not due to the high incidence in the country. These measures can be called preventive:

  • Residents and visitors of the country must maintain physical and social distance in public places
  • Wearing masks in public places is mandatory (except for beaches and pools)
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages in the country is prohibited after 3 pm and until 5 am
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, and other establishments can work only with a load of no more than 50%
  • No more than 6 people can sit at one table in a cafe or restaurant
  • Parks, embankments, and other outdoor recreation areas are open
  • Holding mass events is prohibited


Frequently Asked Questions
about curfew restrictions the DR in Summer 2021

1. Is there a curfew in the Dominican Republic?

Yes. Even though Level 4 has been canceled, there is still a curfew in the DR. At the moment, the curfew hours last:

  • Monday to Friday: Curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. A grace period for transit is until 12 pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Curfew from 7 pm to 5 am, with a grace period for transit until 9 pm every day.

2. Do you need to do tests for Covid-19 in the DR?

You do not need a coronavirus test to visit the Dominican Republic. But travelers with symptoms of coronavirus may be offered a free quick test right at the airport. However, if you are flying with changes, please check if you need a coronavirus test to travel in transit through the countries you’ve chosen.

3. Do you need any travel insurance to travel to the DR?

Insurance is optional but recommended. To travel to the Dominican Republic, take out insurance with coronavirus coverage. Now almost all insurances cover the risk of COVID-19. That’s why it is worth choosing good insurance so you are sure that you’ll be received medical assistance in an emergency. For insurance in the DR, we recommend the presence of the following risks: Coronavirus; Sunburn; Allergies; Accident; Cancellation of the trip.


What to do in the DR during the post-quarantine period?

Despite the opening of the Dominican Republic for tourism, restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and many other tourist sites are not fully operational. If you still want an unforgettable trip, but your plans for a hectic nightclub life have collapsed, we offer you an incredibly large selection of excursions in the Dominican Republic! This country has all kinds of entertainment that you want!

It is not surprising that the locals admire the diversity and versatility of their land. There are several climatic zones here. There are also boat trips, excursions to waterfalls and lakes in the middle of the jungle, extreme tours, tours for the whole family, cultural excursions. Book your favorite tour on our website at the best price, this is a win-win option to entertain yourself in the Dominican Republic during covid-19 restrictions.

El Cortecito Beach in Punta Cana

El Cortecito Beach in Punta Cana in Summer 2021

Why it is the best time to travel to the DR in summer 2021?

Now is the best moment to travel to the Dominican Republic! Why? Due to the fact that travel agencies intimidate people about the dangers of being in the Dominican Republic, there are few tourists during this period, which is unusual for popular tropical resorts. From here, you can enjoy absolutely safe luxurious beaches and resorts without the crowds. Isn’t it perfect?

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