Curfew hours in Punta Cana – The Dominican Republic

Excellent recent news! Our team is incredibly pleased to inform you that from August 9, 2021 there will be no more curfew for some main tourist areas of the Dominican Republic! You can find more relevant and detailed information in our recent article about the curfew and restrictions in August 2021 →

The Dominican Republic government does everything to follow all the quarantine rules and take care of the well-being of its citizens and guests. However, following certain sanitary rules and restrictions won’t make your vacation any less enjoyable. On the contrary, you would be able to completely relax and let go of all of the pandemic thoughts. Despite the certain quarantine restrictions that need to be taken, the DR is always happy to welcome its guests.

When your airplane lands in the DR, the authorities will check your temperature. Moreover, a temperature check is implemented on arrival or departure in every airport or other ports of entry to the country. That helps to keep a check on people’s health. Although a test on arrival is not a requirement for entry, the authorities can ask randomly selected travelers to take a COVID-19 test. You are not required to quarantine or arriving at the DR unless you are tested positive. Also, it is important to remember about movement restrictions in the DR.

Curfew hours in the Dominican Republic
(July 2021)

Curfew hours during Monday through Friday:

Right now it’s from 10 pm – 5 am, you can drive and commute till 12 pm.

Curfew hours on Weekends:

Now it’s from 7 pm till 5 am. Although you can drive and commute till 9 pm by car.

The curfew restrictions are strictly followed in the DR. Although, if you have to travel during curfew hours for international travel, you will have to show your passport and ticket to the authorities. There are no restrictions for intercity or interstate travel. Additionally, it is important to remember that all kinds of public gatherings are not allowed as well. The good news is that Dominican ocean-blue skies and crystal clear ocean is always open for everyone to enjoy!

Quarantine Measures in the DR

  • Always wear a medical mask in public places
  • Remember about social distancing
  • You can take a COVID-19 test through the National Public Health Laboratory and private laboratories
  • There is a national hotline for questions relating to COVID-19. Call *462 if you are experiencing symptoms.

Many quarantine measures became a routine for the whole world, so it will not spoil your vacation in any way. We can help you to organize your vacation and take care of all the details. Renting a villa will make your vacation exceptional and unforgettable. Staying on the villa close to the ocean, you will be able to fully enjoy your rest and forget about the pandemic trouble.

We will take care of your comfort. We will help you to choose a perfect villa for you and your family and friends. Considering your expectations, budget and desires, we will do our best to make your vacation in the Dominican Republic unforgettable!

If you still have any questions, Our Team will gladly answer them and help you to organize the best vacation for you. Write to us on WhatsApp, on our email (, or online chat on the website (in the lower right corner).

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