Cheapest Time to Go to Punta Cana

Cheapest Time to Go to Punta Cana

Macao Beach – one of the most amazing places in the Dominican Republic

Who doubts that the Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive vacation destinations in the world? Nobody. It is true that this Caribbean destination is gaining more popularity despite all mass media rumors about its resorts.

Just for your information: 7,937,942 passengers passed through the Dominican airports during the first six months of 2019 (view source). It means the 4,8% increase in comparison with 2018. People love the Dominican Republic and want to visit it throughout the year. However, nobody wants to spend much money on such trips.

Total of passengers arrival by air in the Dominican Republic, 2017-2019

Month 2017 Monthly 2017 Accumulated 2018 Monthly 2018 Accumulated 2019 Monthly 2019 Accumulated
January 618 313 618 313 644 561 644 561 678 169 678 169
February 573 550 1 191 863 594 850 1 239 411 641 168 1 319 337
March 624 271 1 816 134 707 114 1 946 525 714 085 2 033 422
April 606 325 2 422 459 602 291 2 548 816 637 263 2 670 685
May 520 978 2 943 437 553 661 3 102 477 574 462 3 245 147
June 592 789 3 536 226 632 854 3 735 331 636 105 3 881 252
July 702 855 4 239 081 731 822 4 467 153 660 763 4 542 015
August 593 636 4 832 717 608 474 5 075 627 576 085 5 118 100
September 360 458 5 193 175 422 153 5 497 780
October 449 234 5 642 409 469 228 5 967 008
November 507 429 6 149 838 539 571 6 506 579
December 682 045 6 831 883 713 755 7 220 334

Source: – Total passenger arrivals by air in the Dominican Republic

So, When is the Cheapest Time to Go to Punta Cana?

The answer seems obvious: the prices rise during the high season from November until April. Logically, the prices from May to October are expected to be lower. However, it is not always so. Let us first specify what kind of products and services we evaluate. If we speak about cost of lodging, indeed it is more economic from May to October. The cheapest hotel rooms can be booked for July. The same applies to vacation rentals.

If we speak about plane tickets, mind that the prices are more or less the same over the year and may even rise during the low season due to two factors. First, there are fewer flights during the low season. Second, tourists come to the Dominican Republic all year round and the demand is still high during the so-called low season. This means that the chance to buy cheap last-minute tickets is very low from May to October. It may be even hard to buy any tickets.

Nevertheless, imagine that you are already in Punta Cana, the most popular touristic area of the Dominican Republic. You came here during the low season to avoid spending too much. However, many service providers here are experiencing “hunger” during the low season and instead of reducing prices, increase them. For example, taxi drivers often charge more during the low season: tourists have no choice – they need transportation anyway. Restaurants and cafes may also increase prices to cover expenses due to a smaller number of visitors.

Oreuga Beach. Los Corales, Bávaro, Punta Cana

Oreuga Beach. Los Corales, Bávaro, Punta Cana. Photo created on 2019.06.04

A Cheap Trip is Not Only About Season

This means that a cheap trip is not only about season, but also about getting enough information on how to save money in the Caribbean paradise. Here are our basic tips:

  • Punta Cana is the place attracting world-famous performers and singers. Mind that on the eve of long-awaited concerts and performances, the prices go up tremendously. Check entertainment and concert listings before planning your trip. Thus, you will save significant sums on lodging, transportation and local services.
  • Try to investigate lodging prices on your own, not through touristic agencies. Surf such platforms as Airbnb and Booking a few months before your trip. You will always find some good deals! To make sure you choose the best place for stay, pay attention to websites of local hospitality managers. For example, on our website you can book apartments and villas directly from the owner, without paying extra fees.
  • Book your transportation beforehand instead of taking a taxi upon arrival. We offer comfortable transfers, and you can book them with us or other transportation providers and save up to 40% in comparison with the cost of local taxi.
  • Book your excursions directly from the excursion organization bureau, avoiding fees to intermediaries. Check our site for the best excursion offers! Our guides are available to answer any questions you might have.

Now you see that it is possible to have a budget-friendly trip to Punta Cana at any time of the year. It is just necessary to plan your trip beforehand and look for the best deals: rental prices, excursions, transportation and food. Even if now you see that you could have spent less during your last trip to Punta Cana, do not hesitate to visit the Caribbean paradise again! Our useful tips will help you have a great time for the most reasonable price!

Vasiliy Smetanin

Vasiliy Smetanin. Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic. Photo created on 2019.06.07

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