Buses Schedule: Santo Domingo – Punta Cana

Attention! We would like to clarify that our company does NOT deal with bus transportation. You should contact the companies listed below directly. In this article, we share information to make your search easier. Also, in the article, you will find the contact details of these companies, where you can contact them directly.

Bus transport in the Dominican Republic

How to get from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana? Where can you find the bus schedule? How long does it take, and how much does the ticket cost? What are buses like? We will discuss all this here.

The bus journey time between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana is around 2h 30m and covers a distance of around 183 km. The fastest bus normally takes 1h 44m. Operated by Expreso Bavaro and APTPRA, the Santo Domingo to Punta Cana bus service departs from Santo Domingo Estación 2 and arrives in Punta Cana Airport. Typically, 42 buses run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance.

Buses at Punta Cana Airport

Buses at Punta Cana Airport

It is best to take a bus stop on Juan Sanchez Ramirez Street (Santo Domingo), which is next to the Joaquin Balaguer metro station on the L1 line (blue). However, there is a peculiarity. The bus stops at Punta Cana Airport and hotels. Tell the driver your hotel, they will tell you whether they are staying nearby or not.

The cities are connected by the Oscar de la Renta motorway, also known as Autopista del Coral (Coral Road). Now it is a modern four-lane highway. The road between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana is named after fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. It is unlikely that anywhere else you can find a road that is named after the couturier. The renaming took place recently – in March 2019.

What companies run services between
Santo Domingo and Punta Cana?

1. APTPRA transport company

It is an excellent private transport company with first-class services that offers bus transportation all over the country. The ride on this comfortable bus will last 2h 30mins. Pricing starts at 193 or 400 Dominican pesos for a one-way ticket.

The schedule of APTPRA buses: Santo Domingo – Punta Cana

  • In the morning: 7:00am / 9:00am / 11:00am
  • In the evening: 1:00pm / 3:00pm / 4:00pm

How to contact APTPRA? First of all, you can find more information on its official website. There are also numbers you can call to contact the company directly. Here are main of them, Santo Domingo: +809 686 0637, Estación Bávaro: +809 552 1678.

2. Expreso Bavaro transport company

Expreso Bavaro operates a bus from Santo Domingo Estación 2 to Punta Cana Airport every 4-3 hours. Tickets cost 193 or 400 Dominican pesos for a one-way ticket. The journey takes 1h 44m.

The schedule of Express Bavaro buses: Santo Domingo – Punta Cana

  • In the morning: 7am / 9am / 11am
  • In the evening: 1pm / 3pm / 4pm

The Expreso Bávaro and APTPRA buses are comfortable and well cared for, with air conditioning and a bathroom. During the journey between Bávaro and Santo Domingo, you will be shown a movie of approximately 2 hours.

How to contact Expreso Bavaro? You can contact the company on the number: +809 682 9670. And you can also visit its official website.

Some important tips for your bus trip:

  • Buy a ticket at the bus station or from the driver.
  • When entering Santo Domingo or Bávaro Punta Cana, the driver is flexible in leaving passengers where you ask for it. There are also a series of scheduled stops.
  • If you are going to travel by bus, take the toilet paper with you. The bus has a bathroom, but tourists complain that there is no toilet paper
  • There is not much to do on the bus during the trip, the landscapes around you get bored in 10 minutes. Stock up on the Internet, read our blog about a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

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