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  • Avatar Karyna Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-29 16:22:36

    Expect the best - that is what you will get when you stay with Vasiliy. Our apartment was exactly as stated and as shown in pictures. The area is great, with lots of restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies nearby. The beach is 30 seconds away and the staff treats you fantastically! The apartment itself is squeaky clean upon arrival and has all the needed amenities. Vasiliy is an outstanding host; always quick to respond but never obtrusive. We will stay with him again!

  • Ilvera Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-28 14:29:14

    Vasiliy gave me a hand in a complicated situation caused by corona outbreak in DR. He is absolutely responsive and quick to help. The place is fine and tranquil.

  • Eric Peter Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-27 15:21:35

    It was the best time. Vasiliy is so helpful when everything is going crazy. Thank you for your help! Even with the quarantine they prepared the apartment. It was clean

  • Konstantin Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-25 16:50:29

    Great place and amazing support from Vasiliy. Vasiliy, thank you for your support and a great hospitality in such a difficult period. I will be very glad to stay with you again.

  • Anastasia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-25 14:02:39

    Василий сделал исключение и согласился разместить гостей со скидкой в связи с безвыходным положением из-за пандемии. Квартира была идеально чистой, как больничная палата, все готовое к приезду гостей. Помощница Василия встретила нас в маске и перчатках. Объяснила какие меры нужно соблюдать в связи с карантином. Спасибо большое за ответственное отношение.

  • Avatar Eric Peter Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-25 13:39:25

    I would recommend that place to everyone. Cool view and nice jacuzzi. The ideal apartment for family and couples. It’s private and nobody but guests can come in

  • Avatar Donatella Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-24 14:37:25

    We had a fantastic stay at Vasiliy's place in Punta Cana. That apartment was in a private estate. The place is huge! Two great sized bedrooms which worked perfectly for our 2 year old to have his own room. There was everythign you could need. There is a small pool right outside the apartment but there is also a bug pool with a bar / restaurant on site also. We would highly recomed this place!!!

  • Avatar Helen Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-23 13:35:00

    Vasiliy is very helpful. He helped me to organise my time and take some minutes out of the coronavirus. Even with coronavirus this team prepared the apartment so good. It was clean. The beauty is awesome here. Go here and take your time to relax.

  • Avatar Monse Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-21 13:32:33

    Lovely place! If we ever come back to Punta Cana we will be happy to stay here again. Thank you guys for help with transfer to the airport, it was urgent situation, and I am happy you were so responsive! 5 out 5 for your services!

  • Avatar Sylvia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-20 16:48:48

    Beautiful place right on the private beach! Nice security. Beach is beautiful for walking. Pool was also nice. Accommodations were great as well! Awesome views !

  • Avatar Christian Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-19 14:27:38

    Awesome place. Awesome host. Overall awesome stay!

  • Anastasia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-18 15:22:24

    Уютный пентхаус, находится в тени, поэтому никогда не жарко. Много растительности вокруг и пара уютных кафе в 2 шагах. Милый интерьер и гостеприимный хозяин. Мне немного не понравилось подниматься по лестнице, но зато бассейн у дома просто шикарен. Новый и большой.

  • Avatar Anastasia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-17 15:35:54

    Василий очень помог в сложной ситуации, сложившейся из-за коронавируса. Его команда была готова к этому вызову. Василий очень гостеприимный хозяин и отвечает на все вопросы моментально. Спасибо!

  • Avatar Olena Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-13 14:29:46

    Thank you Vasiliy and Anna for your hospitality and really quick answers. My friends and I really loved this place. It has incredible view. I wasn't sure if we need such a big place for 4-5 people, but I didn't regret that I booked it. I would recommend this place even for small groups. You will definitely enjoy it!

  • Avatar Roxanne Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-13 13:27:50

    Nice studio right on the beach! Anna was a great host (Nadia’s cousin) and she helped us book all our tours at good prices! Might get a little flooded if it rains, but they provide a mop so not that big of a deal. Walking distance to everything!

  • Avatar Becky Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-10 14:51:38

    The location of the apartment is second to none and right on the beach however the place is a little tired, with the showers and bathrooms in general really needing an uplift and did not provide hot water, which in a hot country is not as bad as it sounds. The windows leaked in rain quite a lot which is interesting when the wind is howling outside and the rain horizontal. The host was very responsive to issues being raised and always quick to reply. We didn't really use the kitchen much as it really does need a refit, so we only used the hob, toaster and coffee maker. The apartment is spacious and airy however definitely needs some TLC... I wrote a really honest review listing all our observations and issues including some suggestions to improve things to the host; who has since advised some of these have been looked into since we checked out on Tuesday 11th March. I can't fault the team looking after us they were amazing, I just wish the apartment had been in a better condition.

  • Anna Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-09 15:54:01

    Vasily and Anna were able to accommodate all our requests and made our vacations and family reunion simply perfect. They were able to provided a crib and a baby chair for my 17 months old daughter. We have booked this house for 2 nights. The house is located 5 minutes from the beach in a very green area. The only main issue we had was with mosquitoes. There are mosquitos nets in the windows but somehow they were everywhere in the house. I realize that this problem is hard to control but since we were staying with a baby I wish to know that when we were booking this house. Thanks, Anna

  • Avatar Kenza Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-07 14:05:58

    The apartment is perfect for your stay in Punta Cana!! The hosts are very sweet, always available for anything. The terrasse is amazing with very beautiful views!! I highly recommend this apartment.

  • Avatar Eric Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-07 13:48:40

    Having a safe supply of drinking water in the suite is a great asset. We enjoyed the location for its quiet solitude, enjoyed Walking around the golf course and the facilities. The cleaning crew was fantastic, beautifully clean unit, modern furnishings and high ceilings, the outdoor space is fantastic

  • Avatar Anna Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-03-07 13:05:50

    Vasily and Anna were able to accommodate all our requests. We have booked this house for 12 nights. Vasily was able to answer all my questions right away and able to accommodate 2 separate groups of people from different parts of the world to make our vacations and family reunion simply perfect. My family has arrived from Europe 5 days earlier than our group from USA. There was no issue with a very late check in and it was quick. The house is located in the best possible location with a butiful views. We have encountered some little issues but Vasily and team were able to fix the problems right away. In addition, they provided a crib and a baby chair for my 17 months old daughter. Thank you! Anna

  • Avatar Joshua Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-28 16:00:05

    Excellent location! It is crazy close to the beach as described. The noise was annoying as it is directly adjacent to a resort that puts on shows 7 times a week. Fortunately the music didn’t run too late most nights. Electricity was cheap as the breezes cooled down the apartment enough so we didn’t have to use the AC. We booked a day trip to Isla Sanoa and that was worth it. What a beautiful place! Thanks for everything.

  • Avatar Raihan Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-25 13:52:05

    Vasilly and his host Anna were great they were very responsive and provided a lot of information to us when we needed it. The location was great and there were beds and towels for us to use.

  • Avatar Jerry Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-23 13:26:44

    Amazing place, high quality, best location, highly recommended, easy check out, very responsive

  • Avatar Natalia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-22 16:29:32

    Василий - очень гостеприимный хозяин. Было приятно остановиться у него в квартире. Потрясающий сервис. В следующий раз попробую снять квартиру побольше. Спасибо

  • Avatar Rhiannon Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-21 15:40:50

    FABULOUS! As others have mentioned, you are literally on the beach! Step from your building INTO THE SAND! Gorgeous wrap around views of the turquoise water and beach activities. Grocery stores, restaurants and cafes are within a 5-7 minute walk. The apartment is incredibly spacious. Bedrooms and bathrooms are big, each with king size beds and full showers. (Note, lots of bath towels and beach towels are provided, but not washcloths. If you use washcloths for anything, be sure to bring your own.) The kitchen has essentials, a huge refrigerator and water cooler with as much bottled water as you will need. Anna was a lovely host/activities coordinator. Ask for recommendations, and they have it all. We booked a couple excursions last minute with absolutely no problem and our family made some unforgettable memories in Punta Cana! This apartment really is a great spot!

  • Avatar Karoline Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-18 15:24:54

    Nice hotel, friendly staff, water dispenseres in the hotel. Good breakfast!

  • Avatar Nicole Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-16 15:56:08

    Great location! The people who work there are very helpful and nice 🙂

  • Avatar Kevin Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-16 15:17:38

    Really enjoyed the stay.communication was always quick to respond.Host always met my demands,Pictures don’t do justice for this beautiful place.Will defenitely recommend for anyone looking for a nice beach view with a tremendous apartment to fit in,this is the one.

  • Avatar Elvin Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-16 14:08:37

    Es un lugar muy cómodo y elegante Vasiliy y su familia sin muy amables y Vasiliy estuvo muy pendiente a todas mis preguntas igual su prima Ana me ayudó en todo lo que me faltaba sin ningún problema, recomendaría ampliamente este lugar.

  • Avatar Keenan Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-02-15 14:54:33

    Lovely place, great view, & nice location! The Host Anna was beyond helpful and very sweet!!


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