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  • Olena Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-31 16:57:06

    The villa is so beautiful! We had a short stay, but we could enjoy every minute of it. Big swimming pool, panoramic windows, stylish details...I cannot wait to come back here with friends and stay for longer time. Vasiliy is a great host, highly recommend this place 🙂

  • Eric Peter Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-29 16:27:33

    Villa is awesome! It has unique waterfall and it was one of the reason why I booked it. I couldn't fine a villa like that in the DR before. I always buy smth special for me and that’s why I chose the villa. Vasiliy helped me to get to the place and gave me some advice on how to had the best vacation ever in Punta Cana. Gonna book that place again!

  • Avatar Oscar Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-29 13:21:27

    If i could rate more than 5 stars i would! They took care of everything i needed. On point for everything, quick response, very good tips for places, tours & such. Totally recommended!

  • Chris Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-27 14:58:16

    Best beach view. Perfect location.

  • Avatar Rafi Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-19 16:23:44

    ANNa was an amazing host. Even though we did not interact often( she likes to give guest their privacy) she is extremely nice. Her place is stunning as well, especially at sunrise ! We will definitely be booking again! Amazing villa.

  • Avatar Emmanuel Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-19 15:32:41

    Amazing , huge beautiful space in a private estate. Would recommend a million times.

  • Avatar Donna Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-19 13:04:06

    Best sunrises that I’ve ever seen. Place was in a great location directly on the beach. We spend most of our time on the balcony enjoying the views. Soles Bar and Grill is a great place to eat next door. Anna was great to set us up excursions and transportation. Small issue with the A/C that was taken care of right away. Overall great place to stay!

  • Avatar Brad Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-18 16:40:05

    Anna and and vasiliy provided great communication and help throughout the trip. Would reccomend using them.

  • Rafi Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-18 13:20:39

    This place is lovely , I loved it .. The host was very supportive and made me feel at home ..Best place to stay at in Punta Cana.. would book again in the future

  • Avatar Juan Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-15 16:28:35


  • Avatar Jacque Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-13 15:50:46

    I was skeptical some of the ocean view pics on this listing might be stock photos, but to my delight they were real! I don't believe you could find a property in Punta Cana in a better location. A lot of listings say "beach front" and "ocean view", only to let you down when you show up. Not so with this listing. It is 100% beach front and 100% ocean view, and the only thing between the front windows and the ocean are some thatch shade canopies and lounge chairs. Also, don't let the electricity fee worry you, we stayed for 3 days and only paid a little over $20 for electricity. We would definitely stay here again.

  • Avatar Oscar Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-11 16:58:15

    Excelente y Maravillosa Vista al Mar.!

  • Avatar Rafael Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-09 13:05:32

    Great place, the beach is down the stairs and 25 ft from the sand and then the water. Awesome, going back as soon as I can

  • Avatar Xenia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-04 16:37:50

    We really enjoyed our stay! Vasiliy was our coordinator leading up to the trip and Ana looked after us during our stay! Also Nikko checked in a bunch too! This team has amazing communication and they are so kind! Anytime we needed something, they showed up quickly with it! They are all super attractive people too (beautiful inside and out)! The house is right on the beach which is amazing! There are also restaurants within walking distance, even during COVID! We got a car and ventured further, but you can survive just fine without one. You can book excursions through Vasiliy and Ana. There are also guys on the beach that have them for sale as well. All the excursions pick you up from outside the apartments or the grocery store up the street, so you don’t need a car to go to them. We did ATV (with cenote, coffee and cigar class and indigenous dance class visits) and horseback riding (to the beach with an hour to swim) and we had a GREAT time! Electricity is not included but it was very very fair! We stayed for 5 days and we occupied all 3 bedrooms. We ran the AC half of the day (in all bedrooms throughout the night and in the living room during the day before we left and at night before bed) and turned off lights and AC in the rooms we were not using whenever we left. At the end of our stay it was $46 total. Make sure to bring bug spray with citronella or DEET! This is a mosquito heavy place and you will get bitten if you don’t wear it religiously! Also, curfew and masks are strictly enforced all through the Dominican Republic so plan your day during the early hours, bring your mask everywhere and be home on time to avoid any issues. We were fine! The AirBNB was beautiful and bright and great for creating content for our brands! There is 24 hour security as well so you always feel safe!

  • Avatar Yuri Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-10-01 16:49:01

    Muy buen servicio para la huésped, y precio asequible.

  • Avatar Willow Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-30 16:18:53

    Cool location! It's an ideal place to relax and take photos. Oceanview, the beach is so close to you, (Website hidden by Airbnb) amazing. I felt comfortable in the apartment. Small shops and cafes are near this apartment. I recommend this place!

  • Avatar Jorge Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-30 15:21:38

    Una ubicación excelente y muy buena atención.

  • Leo Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-30 13:54:41

    Todo perfecto

  • Yuri Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-30 13:06:08

    Alojamiento muy bueno, buena vista bellas playa precio acequible.

  • Anastasia Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-29 14:56:11

    The best of the best!!! Самый лучший вид на океан и самая большая крыша в округе. Потрясающее место, уникальное во всем.

  • Alfred Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-29 14:48:43

    This was my second stay at one of Vasiliy's properties and just like my first trip, this stay was amazing! I HIGHLY recommend at stay with Vasiliy for anybody looking for a great trip!!

  • Olga Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-29 13:56:19

    Perfect place in a perfect location. Everything that I needed within a few minutes of walking, especially the beach and cafes, big swimming pool near the apartment. Thanks again! I will come back!

  • Karyna Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-29 13:26:32

    The apartment is stylish and comfortable. We had a great time at the location. It is near good places to eat and right on the beautiful Bavaro beach. The host was also great and made check-in / check-out very easy!

  • Avatar Erik Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-28 14:13:17

    It was a short, but an amazing stay! Thanks to Vasiliy, Anna! The location was amazing, place is nice and clean. Excellent service. Hope to come back here again for a more long term. Punta Cana is so beautiful!

  • Avatar Romerial Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-28 13:41:51

    Great stay. Beautiful location. Anna and Niko were very responsive and prompt. Excellent value for such a prime location.

  • Eric Peter Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-28 13:32:56

    This experience was unique. The weather is so cool in autumn. The apartment was cleaned and this team followed all rules according to COVID-19. Disinfection is very important to me. Everything was at a high level. I will come back in winter to celebrate my birthday in lovely Punta Cana.

  • Avatar Ekaterina Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-27 15:22:02

    We loved the place, perfect location, and the amazing views. It has been my second stay at Vasiliy's place, and I definitely will come back next year

  • Wilber Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-27 14:18:45

    Good location

  • Avatar Randall Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-27 14:03:38

    What you see is what you get!

  • Avatar Randall Смотреть апартаменты
    2020-09-26 13:54:34

    Thank you Vasiliy, for such a wonderful vacation! 1. Location is really amazing. 2. Restaurants and markets are in walking distance. 3. Apart is nice & clean. 4. Very friendly staff. Thank you!!!


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