I started working with Everything Punta Cana when it was needed to attract more guests, mainly from US and Canada. I talked with many companies and agencies, dealing with real estate, but only Everything Punta Cana offered the best variants and terms. They showed their convincing portfolio and I made up my mind. Until now I haven’t regretted it. The advantage of Everything Punta Cana is that they specialize in delivering clients from US and Canada. They know how to work with guests from these regions: what they are interested in, what amenities they pay special attention to, what they prefer and what don’t like. Vasiliy’s team knows how to highlight the special features of the property, that can grab the guest’s attention, and as a result he or she will choose to stay with us. And I see the result of their hard work. The number of guests has significantly increased, they are satisfied with everything and come back to us again and again. That is why I treat Everything Punta Cana as the best professionals in the Caribbean, focusing on attracting clients from US and Canada.